Investigating Fire Reports in FD

| >The feed goes live. The camera seems to be mounted on the front of some kind of vehicle. It's pointed at the street and moving pretty quickly. A voice can barely be heard over the sound of the engine.

"Hey you cyber friends! Just got an alert that some kind of fire started near the flooded district. Apparently human made..."

>The vehicle swerves a bit to avoid a collision.

"I took some additional means of defense in case things go bad... Please stay out of the FD-12 area, don't try to go see what's there. I'll be reporting the whole event anyway."

>The vehicle now makes a very sharp turn. It's probably a motorcycle of some kind.

"Nearly there... Don't forget I have some experience with those kind of scenarios, please don't approach the general area."

>Some more time passes and finally, the smoke is visible in the distance as it rises up like an ominous, dark tower.

"Oh God... The fire has spread so much..."

>The bike comes to a stop a 100 or so meters away from the burning mass of buildings. It seems to be a shanty town on the outskirts of the flooded district. A ring of B.C.D. "cops" have formed a perimeter around the shanty town. Past the cordoned off area are a couple of individuals using flamethrowers to spread the fire. They're all wearing similar, flame-retardant suits. There are currently 4 officers guarding the perimeter at this point, and 2 officers inside with the flamethrowers.

"Now... Time to put on my reporter's uniform."

>After a minute or so, Eva appears on camera, though not entirely centered. She's in some sort of power armor, not entirely unlike what the White Knights use. Actually, it's very similar...

"Suits me well don't you think?"

>She vaguely smiles to the camera, before losing the little humor she had left when witnessing the horrors in front of her

"... No time to waste."

>She attaches the camera to some kind of mount on the front of her armor.

"Now last thing I need is something to interview those pigs with..."

>From within the metallic case, she produces a pair of arms that clearly aren't destined for civilians. They look like raw but advanced prototype weaponry, still somewhat coherent with the whole WK aesthetic. The arms look bigger, but most importantly riddled with high end servos, probably used to expand the hand and arm.

"Now let's give them a piece of our mind..."

>She puts her civilian arms inside the case, locks it, and hides it inside a compartment on the side of her elongated bike. She begins sprinting toward the officers guarding the perimeter!

>Before long, one of the guards notices the woman's approach and within moments, all four of the officers guarding this section of the perimeter raise their weapons. One of them yells out

"Freeze! This is official B.C.D. business. We are cleansing the area of a dangerous biohazard and if you continue decide to interfere, we will open fire!"

>As they say this, the panicked cries of trapped civilians can be heard. Eva just starts running even faster now...

"Don't worry... I'm only here to report on your... Face!"

>She jumps up high into the air, probably boosted by her thrusters on her suit or something. Her arms starts deploying as sparks emanate from the servos. It even looks like her hands are electrified

"Eat this you monster!"

>This completely catches the group by surprise and Eva is able to immediately knock one of the guards out. The sparks firing off of her fists stun the other guards, leaving them open for attack. She immediately takes this opportunity to knock out another guard with a powerful kick. The two men left standing finally get their weapons trained on Eva and begin to fire with their SMGs.

>Eva immediately turns to them and holds her hands out. Steam starts to emit from her heavily augmented arms as her hands open up wider and begin to emit some kind of EM field that blocks the shots. She lowers herself close to the ground and charges in, quickly grabbing ahold of their weapons before knocking the two out.

>The camera turns towards, revealing that the two equipped with flamethrowers have finally noticed the commotion. They move towards Eva but before they can do anything, a canister arcs from behind Eva and lands at their feet. It immediately explodes into a burst of riot foam and traps the men.

"Aviatrix, what the hell!?"

>It isn't Eva's voice. The camera turns with Eva and a girl in a hooded cloak can be seen. Eva immediately moves towards her, putting her face in clear view of the camera.

"Ame! Glad to see you! It's been so long! Here to give me a hand?"

>The girl lowers her head a bit as her mouth twists into a small frown.

"What are you doing here?"

>There's a flash of realization as the girl notices the camera pointed at her and she immediately puts on the respirator hanging around her neck to cover her face, though it's already too late.

"Calm down, I'm just trying to do my part and save some lives. People are burning inside the building, want to help me out here?"

>The camera turns back towards the burning buildings.


>The camera starts moving towards the building again when suddenly, the other girl yells out.

"There's more! I'll leave the big on to you. At your 9!"

"W-what? W-why--... No matter."

>The camera turns towards the left, where a large, heavily armored figure with a minigun approaches. Eva sprints into the alley and begins jumping from wall to wall to avoid the hail of fire that follows her. Eventually, she's able to close the gap and delivers a devastating punch which knocks down the figure.

>Unfortunately, another figure can be seen standing behind the larger one. They have their weapon aimed at Eva and immediately begin opening fire.

"Son of a--"

>The camera pans sideways as Eva dodges. She reflexively holds a hand out in front of her and it shifts a bit as it fires something out with a loud bang that reverberates through the alley. Sparks fly as bullets graze her arms and a loud grunt can be heard as something presumably hits Eva's body. Across from her, the man is knocked out on the floor. There aren't any signs of blood.

>Eva checks herself and then the bodies briefly before jogging back to where the other girl, Ame, is. She picks up some kind of... metal ball off the ground before turning to the camera.

"You can... go ahead and rescue the civilians. I'll clear the area of hostiles and rendezvous with you afterwards. Turn your transponder on so I can find you."

>There's a hint of hesitation in her voice, as if she isn't used to giving orders.

"Wow... Okay captain, be right back..."

>The camera turns again towards the burning buildings. Eva sprints into the fire. Thanks to her power armor and presumably, very expensive camera, she's able to livestream the rest of the rescue attempt.

>There are... a lot of dead bodies. But after lifting burning rubble out of the way and punching through partially collapsed walls, she's able to lead a couple of dozen people out to safety. As they crowd around her in thanks and others move to the side to mourn their losses, she briefly pulls the camera off of her chest plate and turns it towards herself.

"Rough day... Take care everyone, stay safe, protect your loved ones. See you all soon."

>She gives a tired, force smile and the stream ends.

| Woah woah woah, yall looking at this?
Dreks insane!
What are the Hazzies doing?

Anyone got any info to share?

| >>717623

Looks like someone didn't pay their taxes in time...

...nahh, no idea. Meanwhile, who're these goodie two shoes? They don't seem like your average netrunners.


| >>717666
Some kind of vigilente group maybe?
Heck id be willing to cash in a conspiracy:

They the wardrobe without their masks? How's that for crazy talk?

| >>717834

Pheh, another superhero group- where are all these kids crawling out of?

More importantly, where da hell are they getting the gear?

They *gotta* be ex military... or something.


| >>717842
Ex-mil, you mean like those PMC guys that made a mess in DT a few months back or something?

| >>717884
Fellas, fellas, y'all gotta stop mixing it up. That was in Glitz. Holy shit like, the amount of people that are saying it's DT is astounding. If I wasn't born here I would think that y'all are just a part of some drek hivemind.

| >>717887
For some reason my brain fails to register Glitz as a real district.

Another conspiracy?

| >>717906

No, its real... no idea why i thought the two were the same.


| We're definitely not a superhero or vigilante group. I just like doing field reports and won't stand idle when people are in danger that's all. Not really ex-mil either if you really wanna know.
- V

| >>718215

Oh we wanna know alright. You edgerunners have pissed in the WRONG kiddie pool, and when we're done with you, your deck's gonna be the *most* recognizable part of that stolen gear after you're dragged to the HIGH-MAX. Think about that the next time you try to interfere in official GCPD business, chummer.

You're marked.


| >>718220

Ohhhh shit.

Here's mister bigshot law abiding joker-turned-blue balls now.


| >>718220
Lmao, this guy, dude the GCPD cant even catch a fat guy and his army of kids lmao!

| >>718220
If "official GCPD business" includes torching a shanty town and burning its residents alive, then you'd better get ready for more "interference".

-Spring Rain

| >>718265

What, the cops were doing their jobs for once and cleaning out the refugees?

Good riddance. And here I thought they were letting the city fall to these anti aug, anti lilim luddites...


| >>718268
People were slaughtered. Civilians. Not militant extremist groups. Civilians.

-Spring Rain

| >>718269
Lmao, this guy thinks the cops can actually kill people outside of shopped spree footage and faked trids.

Get saged, wwww

| >>718228
Wait that actually happens? -CN

| >>718270
I mean if you want to stay ignorant, feel free. I just hope you don't have the misfortune as being labeled as "infected" by them.

-Spring Rain

| >>718454

What, chummers getting tired of the dark and trying to go "legit?"

Yeah, all the time.


| >>718492
It's one thing to go legit, it's another when it's an obvious corrupt corporate body. -CN

| >>719151

Corporate? I guess- insofar as the GCPD is corporate.


| >>719197
GCPD Merch when.
I need something to feed my addiction to cheap crap. You think they can sell those flamethrowers like that business guy from the early 20's?????

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