Selling these fine, leather jackets...

| ...lined with Class III bullet resistant and stab resistant "salamander" polyweave, so you got a little bit of fire retardant up in there, too. The imitation leather's a little better and no longer flakes off like a bad rash.

For all you razorboys out there, remember, there's no such thing as perfect protection, so you better not come back to me complaining about how you lost a lung because some crazy mofo shot you at point blank with an AMR. Not that I... would know anything about that...

Anyway, starting at 2500 nuyen.


| ........... what sizes these things available in????


| >>717505

Gots S, M, L, and XL, 'MERICUN sizes. They're supposedly overstock from a short lived Ares Macrotech promotion or something.

-Corporal Heart Attack

| >>717507
they true to size/got accurate fit or they run large/small???


| >>717519

Lol I have *no* idea chummer. Tell you what, i'll give you a second one half off and you can use the other one as additional armor or something.

-Corporal Heart Attack

| ballsy chummer tryna barter w an osakan wwwwww.......

ill take it,, 1 M 1 L 1 XL


| >>717533

SOLD! Meet me outside that "Clarity" coffee place or whatnot at G.C.U. (Glitch City University) and we'll make the trade. Look for a chummer that looks like my handle.

-Corporal Heart Attack

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