(NEWS) 103.9 THE MEME!

| HEYYYYY CHUMMERS, you're listening to ONE OH THREE POINT NINE the MEME, coming to you HOT from the recently renamed... CN tower! Hyah! Get it!?

Yeah i'm sure they got it Jace, anyway here's the news-

Hol' up, what kind of transition is that!? I haven't even finished my sphiel-

Property values in FD-2 skyrocket dramatically as Henrey & Deby & Sons corporation posts plans to build a brand new integrated shopping center / condominium super complex!

>A prerecorded sound clip plays.

"We're of course eternally grateful to the GCPD for helping to clean up this historically downtrodden and disreputable location in preparation for new job opportunities."

"Our SUPERMALL will encourage job growth, increase consumer spending, and positively effect the economy as well as drive tourism and repopulation!"

>A feminine voice plays afterward. It sounds... vaguelly familiar? Do you know any journalists...?

"Sir, can you answer concerns that some viewers may have about the effect this mall's creation will have on the surrounding small businesses as well as further concerns that the economic 'redevelopment' of this area will further push out middle to lower income households in favor of the rich?"

>An awkward pause.

"No." >The representative responds.

"...and please strike that from the record, I do not consent to being loaded like that-"

>The voice snaps back,

"No. No, I don't think I will, sir-"

>The sounds of a scuffle follows soon after, before the recording cuts off entirely!

...and that's the news!

Some things just never change, eh omae?

Chip truth...

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