Police Activity downtown

| Just reporting for you lot still running (lol) out there.

Saw a lot of police activity in downtown, rightside of the 20th street, some kind of sting operation from what I managed to gather on the networks.

Two bodies, four on the run.
Dangerously armed, probably jacked up on BTL or some other reality altering chips.

Apparently; They're sick.

I already can smell the smoke, i'm sure the Hazmats will be all over this one too.

Be safe Chummers.

| Can Downtown get a break, seriously. First all the cult and mass shooting shit. Then there's this.

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Ask the Tweakers to lay off the drugs, weapon and illegal drek and maybe the city as a whole could get a break.

See, we can both make demands, low chances of happening though Ahahah!

| dont joke about the hazzies OP.

still got nightmares after they torched Tommy's bar. With him in it.

Fucking hell

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I'd like to be joking omae.

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