| The shadows call...

| Loose lips say that some previously unknown clandestine (heh) organization has popped up, seemingly overnight, and are moving discreetly in the streets and on the Matrix.

Mr. Johnson is vexed. Not because of the secrecy, mind you... but because of how they operate.

They offer 10k nuyen flat for solid information. 30k for any gear...

200k for a body. Dead or alive.

Get to it, chummers! Winter is coming!


| lil bird with a broken wing might know something. she no sing no more since The Funny One started eating her darling fujoshis.

i may be spitballing, i may not. credsticks in my handle. pay up, chummer. -OrganDonator

| >>717024

Tch. Whatever, not my problem if the client wants to be vague. Enjoy your tenner, OD.

Who else?


| >>717026

Depserate for that commission, "Vent?" And here I thought they put you on a steady payroll. -Edge

| >>717027

Rich coming from you. And it's spelled "desperate." You're losing your... "edge," oldfag.


| >>717029

That wasn't a "no." -Edge

| Hey mom, come pick me up. You're like 3 hours late.

| Again

| >>717031 >>717032

Funny thing happened on the way to the grocery- -Stacy

| >>717034
Something funny always happens.

| Huhum... Do you have some more information about this organization? A name? A clue? Where do they operate?
- V

| >>717044

Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Its almost like they just crawles out of the woodwork, to hear Mr. Johnson tell it. But that's why they're paying for the paydata. -Vent

| I'll keep my eyes peeled, assuming you and Johnson have no info you don't know how many of em' there are either?

| >>717072

No dice. Might be around a dozen minimum.


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