I'm going live in an hour - Eva

| Hey you cyber friends, Eva here! I've heard from some of my following that y'all hang out in here so, just to inform you... I'm going live in an hour!
I was thinking we could practise some of my new songs since the (hopefully) final recording session for my album is a week from now.

Unrelated news: I've also managed to salvage my footage from the recent attack downtown. Expect a video soon!

And if another event like this happens tonight... You know I'll be first on the scene!
- V

| Hello!! This is Vee! This is my first time meeting you but I want to hear your songs! -Vee

| Then make sure to tune in! I'd love to meet some new people! If you want to know what my songs are like, you could always give my album "Heartfed" a listen. It's a bit on the melancholic/chill side compared to my new album but it gives a good indication on what I like to create.

I'm also not surprised, I'm still an emerging artist but thankfully people seem to start noticing the effort I put in my work, which has been really cool!
I hope you end up joining the live!
- V

| Downtown? Like during the blackouts??? -CN

| Yes! Field journalism at it's finest. Can't let the voice of the people go unheard. I usually do this kind of things live, but since they emped the area, no signal could go through and it corrupted parts of my recordings too...
But I've still got some impactful footage of it. It's not for the faint of heart might I add...
- V

| >>716947
Trust me I know, I was in there for some time myself. It was not pretty. I-Im not seeing where field journalism and music connects though. -CN

| >>e44b90
It doesn't! I'm just trying to use the bit of influence I have to keep people woke. Hopefully rising popularity means I can make a stronger impact and inspire people to care and protect one another.
- V

| >>716950
That's a noble goal actually. We need more people in the city sharing the real news instead of what goes on in the trideo. -CN

| >>716933
I will try! My work is busy but I will listen to your music. I like new music! -Vee

| Tch.
-Spring Rain

| >>d2acc4
... HAIU? Div I?

| - V

| >>716968
Glad you remember.
-Spring Rain

| Ame! What are you doing here?! And how are you doing!
- V

| >>716971
... Why didn't you show up?
-Spring Rain

| Oh... I did, just not when everyone was here... I'm not really sure that we can still do good by keeping on working for them. I'd love to see you again though!
- V

| ...


... you lot. -G.G.

| >>716973
... Have fun with... whatever this is.
-Spring Rain

| >>d2acc4
I hope the team is doing well, please tell everyone I wish them only the best! I hope I'll see you soon.
- V

| Hm.


| Music livers huh
Haven't seen anyone like that in a while.
I'll be around.

| Hey guys, what a lovely live that was! If you're a newcomer, I hope you like the songs, the new album is coming soon.
In the end, the evening was pretty calm, there wasn't anything to go report on that I was aware of, but we managed to get a good practice in!
I was thinking, maybe for next live I try finding a café that'll let me play there? It'd be cozier and some of you could actually join me irl if you're in GC. What do you all think?
- V

| >>717121
I'm up for it! I'm eager to talk with you about some of the stuff you first mentioned. -CN

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