CIRC-A Discussion Thread #2

| Are you done arguing? I started the thread migration script. -Neue


We're in /u/ now. -Neue

Oh. Whatever then. Welcome to Classified Information Research Club - A. -Soca

The /discussion/ thread for said club anyway. -Soca

Sorry, she is in a bad mood. she had to argue with an anon in @channel. Over an obtuse topic to boot. -Neue

They were disrespecting RAW. -Soca

| What do we have today? -Neue

Aliens. Illegal aliens. Aliens with three heads. Aliens with tentacles. -Soca

Are there anything more important? We just passed Helloweird. -Neue

How about the Uptown Murder Case? -Soca

There's an Uptown Murder Case? -Neue

I made up the name. Look up our thread in @chan. -Soca

..... Isn't this just a regular murder case? -Neue

Wow. Girls, you hear that? Neue is jaded. -Soca

| So, what exactly makes this Uptown Murder Case special then? -engle

| >>715630
Oh, a reply five minutes in. Fast. -Neue

Ahem, I'm answering the question, am I? Whatever. Well, let me reiterate what I'm seeing in the @chan thread. -Soca

It's a string of loosely connected murder cases that happened recently. Give or take a few weeks prior. -Soca

The perpetrator..s.. target a specific groups of people. It's.. Ann.. Annwfyn... -Soca

Wales. They target immigrants from Wales. -Neue

Isn't this just a racist? -Neue

This /is/ @chan. -Neue

| >>715658
Wait are those the ritual murders or I am remembering wrong?

| >>715687
I wouldn't discount that. -Neue

This is this, that is that. -Soca

How do /you/ know? -Neue

We already filed those ritual murders in a separate cabinet. -Soca

That doesn't make sense. This can be the same murderer. You can't really, really can't trust anons. -Neue

That's rich coming from one!! -Soca

I am literally sitting next to you. -Neue

Point is, in my opinion this is a different murder case. Capiche? -Soca

| Do we have any details on the murders other than the fact that the victims were welsh?

| >>715784
Let me scroll down. We have had some replies in the thread. -Neue

What do they even have against the Welsh? -Soca

If I know I won't be staring at this thread. -Neue

Oh. The mods haven't closed it. That's a relief. -Neue

It's not our fault the thread looks like a toxic pit. -Soca

Let's see.. 1) all of them are female 2) Welsh 3) age between 20-30 4) all victims have no past records.. they don't exist? No SIN? -Neue

| Maybe the records were erased. -Soca

Good suggestion. -Neue

Ugh. I'm going to vomit. -Soca

Why did you click on the pictures... -Neue

That's brutal. -Soca

It's clean. The murderer aimed for the heart or the neck. These are made by slashing and stabbing. -Neue

You have an uncanny perception.. -Soca

I watch true crime shows. These are the basics, 101. -Neue

They don't teach this in class though. -Soca

It's called a "hobby". I have one. -Neue

| If they were clean I'd assume they weren't related to the ritualistic murders. Didn't they say their bones were powderized or something? -engle

| >>c07aea
Not sure about the bones but the blood was drained so they can write some shit on the walls

| >>716078
I didn't know about that. -Neue

Figures. You never pay attention to our past cases! -Soca

They're written in cursive. -Neue


Anyway. What do you make of this? I'll say this is a different case altogether. Not that cult cases were ever that unique. -Neue

This? -Soca

Uptown Murder Case vs. Ritualistic Murder. -Neue

They're different. -Soca

On what basis? -Neue

Target? I dunno. -Soca

| The ritualistic murders we know the culprits, it was the Savior Cult, or what's left of it. There's some in-fighting going on from what we know.

Piss off, stop bloody leaking the intel, you cunt.

| >>716419
Intel? -Soca

PMC guys. -Neue

Eh? How do you know them? -Soca

This is another "hobby" I have. -Neue

Can't you have a normal hobby for once? -Soca

Says the girl in a conspiracy club wearing a wizard hat. -Neue

Ghh... Whatever. -Soca

What's infighting being said here? -Neue

Doesn't that mean they split up but still do the same murder hobo game? -Soca

I don't know. -Neue

I'm asking the "PMC guys". -Soca

| >>716505
The cult was split into two separate cults. Which is good and bad, because now they are fighting each other but they are doing it in the middle of Downtown. I would recommend staying away from there if you can help it. Most of our group are there and setting up security, keeping the peace, all that jazz.

Which is what we are busy doing, and it would be better if you >didn't tell them that most of our lads are there.

| >>716520
No real thread from our part. We're just two high schoolers. -Neue

I feel so degraded by that. -Soca

Of course you will. -Neue

Downtown... Didn't they have an issue with EMPs there? -Neue

You are either updated or you aren't. You're really, really selective with your newsfeed! -Soca

Mmh. -Neue

What are they doing in Downtown? -Neue

Maybe Uptown is a bit busier for cults. -Soca

That doesn't explain everything. -Neue

| >>716549
See, you're mixing it up, EMP was in Glitz, plus I blame that shit on Dale or whoever it was that fucked it up.

Alright, what are you gonna tell them next, our dick size?

Good idea, lemme tell ya, I believe Golem's schlong is bigger than whoever that decker was. CM? BN?

I was joking you fucking moron, and his name's CN.

| >>716551
That's a real conversation piece. -Neue

Yeah, who is this CN anyway? Didn't they come to our thread before? -Soca

The @chan one? -Neue

No, the /u/ one we made last month. -Soca

Oh. Are they even the same CN? -Neue

You can't go around asking men their dick size! -Soca

It's not like I will. I'm not interested in that. -Neue

I know @chan anons mention his schlong a lot. -Neue

Are we going to go back to our topic? -Neue

| >>716551 >>716586
I heard my name. -CN

| >>716946
So the rumours were true. -Neue

What rumours? -Soca

Men will come if you talk about their junk. -Neue

Where did you /hear/ that?!! -Soca

The Garlic. -Neue

They fabricate news though?! -Soca

Touche. -Neue

What's up with the claims? I did an archive search for CN and it's all 80% size comparison. -Neue

These people aren't even men and they are comparing their size with CN's. -Neue

How do /you/ know they aren't men? -Soca

There's only girls here. -Neue

| >>716960
I... really dont understand the obsession with it either. -CN

| >>716967
Kind of makes you think. -Neue

About what?? -Soca

People's obsession. Consumerism. Cravings. -Neue

Do you crave dicks that much? -Soca

People do? What I'm saying is, it's easy in this world to sensationalize something to that extent and corps will follow where they go. -Neue

I don't follow. -Soca

There are 9 inch dildo based off of his junk. -Neue

EWW -Soca

From the people, for the people. -Neue

| >>716967
See? I knew he would show up. CN, send me your dick size, let's end this debate once and for all.

Blue, you need to shut your bloody mouth befor-

Someone was talking about me?

Speaking of the bloody devil.

Just in time! Schmidt! What'a your dick size?

Both of you, get the hell back to work. Blue, you're lucky you are the only one that knows how to use the suits or I would've fired your ass ten times over.

| >>717154
You wont be the first to ask and you wont be the last. Either way the answer is no. Not sure what model those corps are basing those dildos on but it ain't mine. -CN

| >>717145
Great philosophizing but were talking about dicks here. -CN

| I heard there was dick discussion and -came- as fast as I could.


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