(Setting/Bar)The Hazy Moonlighter

| >it open mic night and the moonlighter is open for business once again!
>However there seems to be some sort of event ongoing tonight! Scarlett and purple heart themed decorations lightly scattered around the tables marked with rose filler vases and cheesy but nice love songs play on the radio in a rather effective attempt at making a romantic atmosphere
>in the front of the door a standing sign with the words
"Couples night~♡
Now with specials~"
>written in pink chalk

| >unchanging However as inside the only remarkable sounds to be heard are the idle chatter of the same ol regulars, albeit with their special sparks and the squeaking sound Cassie cleaning some glasses under the counter while gem busses tables with that silly little maid outfir of hers
>its never going to really be the same as frank but the charm is still there where it matters!

>written in the same pink chalk above is the same menu, However with the addition of a new salmon dish!

| >as you walk in the doorchimes ring and the staff bow to greet you!
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"

| >Two men walks into the bar, both in combat gear and carrying a gun of some kind. One was a big, bearded man had a set of fatigue and a pair of shades. He seems proud and gives off a commanding vibes, although he is currently smiling and exchanging some words with his friend, a smaller man but still very athletic and fit. This one is a more casual clothing — a blue T-shirt, cargo pants, and a beanie — retaining a military look but without the expected intensity.

| "So this is the one your friend told you about, ja?"

>The first guy — the bearded one — says to his companion as they approaches the bar. He spoke with a light German accent, though you can't place exactly where it's from.

"Bloody oath, lieutenant. He would prolly love to be here right now, -"couples' night"."

>The second guy speaks with a very distinct Australian accent, slangs and all. His tone was cheerful, as expected, but also somewhat formal.

| "Actually, nevermind, the missus would defo ruin his fun."

>The Aussie speaks again as they sit down, before turning his attention towards Cassius.

"G'day! How ya doin? You have some beer 'round here for me and my mate here?"

>The Aussie slaps his friend on the shoulder.

| >>711724
>he smiles and nods
"Sure sure, just uh need some ID on your first time here.
Sorry sorry i know you two are clearly adults but we gotta go through the legal hoops and yadda yadda...
Last i heard some teens were running around getting booze at those Halloween parties.."
>he nods and preps two large pint glasses and moves to fill them with beer, stopping at the spout
"Oh wait, what kind? Lager? Maybe something heavier like an ale?"

| >>711728
>Both of them hands you their ID. One is for an Austrian national Adrian Schmidt, 40 years old. Another is for Owen Riley, an Australian 28 years of age.

"Yep, that's a disaster I suspect. Any Lager will do for me."

>The Australian replies with a grin.

"I'll have a Maerzen if you have it, if not I'll have a lager."

| >>711811
"Haha! Double aussie! Alrighty gimme just a sec"
>he then fills the pint glasses with the requested drinks

>filling to the brim and almost overflowing with foam!
"One lager~"
>he slides over one golden yellow pint glass to the jolly one!
"And fittingly one glass of maerzen for the Austrian"
>and one comfy looking golden brown brimmed pint to the large fellow!
"Please enjoy!"

>the bartender calls to the redhead by the counter
"Hey your both Austrian!
Got any beer tales?"

| >>711859
"Ey, cheers!"

>Riley shouts cheerfully as he catches the pint.

"Danke, frien- Ach, mist!"

>Some of the beer from Schmidt's pint spilled over, but he got out the way just in time so that it didn't make a stain his uniform. Schmidt yells out but regains his composure quickly, clearing his throat to make it somewhat less awkward.

"Anyways, no, I don't have any beer tales to tell."

| >>711877
"I Probably have a few then~"
>the redhead smiles and tilts his head to reminisce
"Ah! Yo cap remember that time in stuggart?"

"Stuggart...? Ohhh yeah, that was our first time trying out an actual german pub"
>the tender laughs
"I recall we started a row"

"Well imma start one again!"
>The redhead chuckles as a sly grin forms

"Lucas please no"

"Lucas please *yes*"

"Please no its couple's night"

>but then the redhead raises his drink and yells the word

| "Cheers!"
>the bar erupts as every patron raises their glass in cheer!
"Hier ist kein Mann~"
>the redhead starts a song!? And in german no less

"So überaus männlich.~
Redlich, solid, tadellos.~"
>and then gem starts singing too! Slowly vut steadily getting the other patrons to join in

"Frag nur nach, und man~
Sagt dir: Den kenn' ich,~
Und sein Kumpel zu sein,~
Finde ich ganz famos.~"
>the bar revels! In german...

>cassie just sighs and smiles
"Welcome to the moonlighter"

| >>711928 >>711927
"Is that the song from fucking... Die Schöne und das Biest?"

>Schmidt says, letting out a deep laugh.

"No idea what that is, but it seems cheerful enough, eh?"

| >>712012
"I swear they do it to spite me..."
>he nods and chuckles

"Niemand war wie Gaston!
Je so "in" wie Gaston!"
>the crowd cheers and some raise Finger?

>somehow the maid clad waitress understands and raises a hand symbol to the bartender who also nods?

"Keiner hat so ein Grübchen~
Im Kinn wie Gaston~"
>she sings as she picks up 12 beers all at once from the bar!?
>without spill and good posture she delivers them to the tables, placing them down with each thud of the beat

| "Ja, ich bin Prachtexemplar,
Ich bin furchterregend."
>the redhead cheers on the drunken choir he created before turning back to the large fellow and his jolly aussie companion
"So what brings you two on couples night?"

| >A teal haired lilim and a short pink haired girl(?) walk in with 2 large coolers in tow
"Sid, take these to the back and get the fish prepared. I'm make sure the spices and stuff are ready"
>Sid drags the coolers to the back and the lilim puts on an apron and hops the counter
"Heya Cassie. How are you?"

| >>712078
"Lovely now that i get to see you darling"
>he smiles a very warm smile, a rarity for a shy one like cassie but liz broke that shell a while ago now

"Now then, whats this about those coolers?"
>he heads over and offers to take one to lighten the load

>all the while everyone continues singing whatever german song is being sung
>of course its led by lil ol gem in her silly lil maid outfit
>she dosen't seem to notice the others yet However

| >>712085
"Oh it's nothing. The coolers have the salmon for the new menu item."
>Liz shrugs and pours herself a drink
"Figured we might as well get fresh salmon rather than store bought junk."

"I've got it. Don't worry."
>Sid says struggling with the coolers
"I have delivered much heavier things."

| >>712094
"Ah yes, ive been getting requests for those but i can't exactly make them"
>he chuckles as a patron calls out for some food
"Yeah yeah the cooks back now just hold on a sec.
Ya mind making like...4?
I swear these guys will take anything that pairs with the booze"

| >>712025
>Schmidt turns to the Austrian Redhead.

"We didn't realize that it's couples' night. This guy's old friend recommended this place."

>He says, slapping Riley on the back mid sip, which causes the Aussie to spill some of his drink. He coughs a bit before replying.

"Yep, that's right."

>>712078 >>712085
"Ah, so it's family-owned. Bloody lovely lass."

>Riley says, watching the pair talk. He waves at the newly-arrived lilim and waving at her.

"G'day, milady."

"Make that five!"

>Schimidt speaks up.

"Make that six, will ya? I'm actually a chips kinda guy myself. But some fishies can't hurt."

>Riley chimes in.

| >>712096
>Sid nods and disappears into the back

"I'm going to assume that's a yes."
>Liz says with a shrug. Do you need me to do anything Cass"

>Liz seeing Riley waving and waves back then walks up to him
"Heya. How are you?"

| >>712108
"Oh, brilliantly I would say, thank you. How about you?"

>Riley replies cheerfully but politely, and still with the same infectious grin on his face.

"I'm Sabre, and this hulk of a man is Golem."

>He says, putting his arm around Schmidt's wide shoulder and using the other hand to point at him. Schmidt is a large bearded man, with an aura that demands to be respected, the exact same aura that Riley readily ignotes with his laid-back personality.

| >>712113
"Nice to meet you. I'm Liz."
>She holds her hand out to shake theirs
"I don't think I've seen you guys here before. Can I get you anything?"

| >>712101 >>712108
"Sorry make that five for mister smitdt!"
>he adds another for the order
"Man its packed today, even for a couples night~
Haha! Anyway if you could man the bar darling i would appreciate it, i am more suited to work in the kitchen"

"Yo cassie! Grill me some nuts will ya?"
>a patron calls out

"Yeah right on it!
Thats my cue"
>and he too retreats to the kitchen.
>and by that i mean the side of the bar with all the cooking stuff

| >>712114
"Well, your boy had that covered, good lad, he is. Thanks anyways."

>Riley replies, holding up his pint.


>Riley shouts after Cassius.

| >>712125
"Can and will do"
>She begins mixing up drinks and distributing them

"Alrighty. If you guys need anything at all, I'll be over at the bar."
>She smiles and walks off. The second she gets to the bar, the pink haired cat boomer boy(?) re-emerges from the back with several plates in hand. They walk up to the table
"Seven Knock-Out Salmons"
>They say as they distribute the dishes. They then bow and back to the kitchen

| >>712137
"And some fried peanuts for table 8!"
>cassie calls out the the bubbly waitress

>she replies and with a happy face comes over to pick the food up, briefly making eye contact with liz and gaining a look of excitement before rushing off to quickly serve the salmon!
>singing to the row as she goes
"Das ist ein Kerl, der Gaston!
Ruft fünf "Hurras"!
Ruft zehn "Hipp Hipps"
>she sings, placing plate after place as she spins and twirls with every note

| >>712127
"Gaston ist der Beste,
Die andern ein Witz!"
>eventually arriving to the aussies
"Unt a plate of salmon for you!
Please enjoy!"

| >>712140
"Well, if you say so."

>Golem replies, laughing at the comment. He takes the plate of salmon.

"Danke, meine gute dame."

>Riley actually frowns for the first time since he had set foot into the bar. But the frown was short-lived. As he starts talking, the knowing smile returns to his face.

"Right, let's keep this in English, yeah? I get you all like jerries here, but I want in on getting them talks too, eh?"

| >>712144
>the people at the counter immediately stop and stare at riley
"Which English?"
>the question was asked in just about every accent of English possible
>ranging from default British and American english to Completely incomprehensible cockney and texan, all the way to deep slanged Australian and irish

>it was almost difficult to realize that some of that was English at all!

| https://i.imgur.com/U5qmHvf.jpg
> A (possibly) familiar young man who worked here at times nearly tripped coming through the door, but managed to catch himself.
"Miro Fox, reporting for duty," he said to no one in particular as he glanced around to see where help was needed most.

| >>712176
>the bar is currently in full swing!
>people are singing! People are merry! Its open mic night! its also couples night!
>as of the moment it seems like the waitress could use some help bussing tables However

"Man whats with all these guys and their fox masks"
>a redhead comments

"I honestly dont know"
>a girl with purple hair responds

| >>712185
>Miro admittedly wasn't the best at dealing with so many people in one place like this, and if a year of living in GC hadn't changed that nothing ever would. That said, he grabbed a waiter apron from wherever they were kept as well as some menus and a notepad, and got ready for work. He approached the waitress girl. Given how long Miro had been working here off and on they probably recognized each other, but couldn't for the life of him remember her name.

| >>712193
"Uh, looks like you could use a hand with all these people's orders?"

| >>712193
>actually this waitress is Completely new! Yet she carries herself as if she always worked here...?
>she greets miro with a smile!
>shes Definitely not a familiar face..or at least not someone you know...she has black and white hair and is wearing a maid outfit!

>you Definitely don't know her! Yet somehow something echos a ring of familiarity

| >>712198
> Miro smiled back, trying to be confident.
"Hi! I.. don't think I've actually seen you here before, but maybe we just have different shifts usually. I'm Miro."

| >>712201
"Well hiya there mister miro!
Oh no i just got back in town!"
>with an excited smile she twirls and does a cute little pose!
>right that really set off the familiarity alarms!
"Can ya help me serve the food? Leave the drinks to me! But i can't carry a lot of plates all too well"
>the girl puffs her cheeks

>wait hold on...hmmmm...that voice is familiar too..

| >>712202 "Of course! I can do that. Are there any orders that should be ready soon? I can go get them."
> His mind was racing, trying to remember where he could have seen or heard this person. He didn't get out much lately, but he'd been in town over a year now. He thought back to the other times he had worked here, even all the way back to a night at the Caramel Anne, where he'd picked up a driving job that lasted until he lost contact with his boss and got called back to Florida.

| >>712209
>...nah nothing! Must just be that cozy feel the girl gives out or something! She does seem quite friendly!
"Nope! i just got the last ba-"

"Onion rings for 5, 5 beers for 7
Pork chop sandwiches for 2 and a couples drink for 4"
>cassius calls out

"Oh nevermind then!
On it!""
>with a cheer she hefts the 5 beers and special couples night drink for their respective tables leaving miro the onion rings and pork chops!

| >>712213
>Miro nodded and picked up the meals, one set in each hand. As he made his way over to table 5 he felt a bit annoyed with himself. Names he forgot all the time, but faces were a different story. Maybe some people just make you feel at home, he thought, and I'm just to awkward to recognize that.

| >He dropped off the meals at the correct tables, making sure everyone's orders had been filled correctly before returning to his starting point and eyeing around for anyone who looked like they might need service.

| >>712148
>Sabre turns to all the people around him.

"Um, I was talking to my mate and the waitress lass, yeah? Let's not get all nosey now. I'm sure all of you cunts have nice stuff to say but keep that for later, aight? Cheers."

>He says dismissively before turning back to Liz.

"Alright, copy that, sweetie."

>Sabre gives Liz a cheerful salute, before turning around again to watch Golem eat his platter o' fish.

"Well, that one's a beauty, isn't it."


| >>712220
>seems like you are free to do as you like at the moment!
>theres some people around to talk to should the whim arise!

>the maid girl does a imitation military salute!
"Aye sir!"
>before trying to say something, but stopping just afore the words exit her mouth
"Sehr nett di- blergh ahehehe!
aw man its hard to talk in English after so long haha!"
>she giggles out
"Guess i stayed home for too long"

| >A girl enters the bar, wearing a black school uniform blazer along with a pleated skirt, she looks around, hoisting her regular issue bag over her shoulder.
>Her long brown hair is held in a bundle behind her head, and seems to have been tied in quite a hurry with mismatching pins.
>She approaches the counter, and sits down at the closest seat she can find.
>She flags the bartender with a raised hand

| >>712434
>as you walk in the doorchimes ring and the staff bow to greet you!
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>seeing to it that there are no orders and liz is busy with other patrons cassie tends to the girl
"Hellp there what can i get you?"

>he then notices the school attire
"Oh but should you ask for any alcohol i must first request you submit an ID.

My apologies but we need to go through the legal hurdles.
some kids were getting booze at a Halloween party.."

| >>712394
>Golem chuckles and continues eating his fish. Sabre also starts working on his salmon.

"Oh, yeah, she's a beaut alright."

>Sabre exclaims.

| >Suddenly, a phone starts ringing, it was Golem's. He looks at the caller picks it up.

"Schimidt speaking."

>He lets the caller talks for a couple while.

"We're meeting with them? Alright, you've got it."

>Golem hangs up.

| >Sabre looks inquisitively at Golem, who looks back.

"Is this about the cult thing?"

"Ja, got a hit. Weapon deals with the Sawtooth gang, tomorrow night. Pearce already put up a thing in the job board. We have to meet them."

"Alrighty then, better finish this fishy quick then, eh?"

>Sabre says, quickly eating his plate, Golem does the same.

| >>712480
"Right, hey, I'll take a virgin Shirley Temple"
>The girl asks with a smile, putting her bag down at her feet.
>She glances around
>A bar uh, she wasnt a fan, but most places were closed by now, and she needed to think.
>She nods her head, confirming her order

| >>713138
"Sure thing! Let me just find the grenadine~"
>the bartender dissapears into the backroom for a moment, reemerging with a bottle of red syrup in hand!
"Sorry sorry, Alrighty a shirley temple for the pretty little lady"

>and he gets too it! Taking out a mixing glass he pours in some ginger ale, a splash of grenadine and some citrus soda! Mixing together with some ice and then served in a pokal glass with a cherry on top!
>he slides it over!
"Please enjoy!"

| >>713147
>The girl takes a tentative sip, and nods her head.
"Yeah, thanks, that works"
>She smiles a bit, not too much.
"You guys uh, get a lot of traffic or something?"
>She says, gingerly looking around the bar.
"Or is this many people just normal?"

| >>713208
"No this is just normal"
>he says with a visibility proud smile
"We're just that comfy!
Best part is this isnt even what it was like in the joints peak!"
>he proudly brags, taking the opportunity to multitask and start cleaning glasses
"Once upon a time there would be at least double this...ol frank would somehow juggle fifteen conversations at once like it was nothing!
fifteen! At once! Could you believe it!?"
>he laughs, reminiscing of times long past

| >Golem and Sabre finish their plates peacefully enough. The beer soon follows the fish down their throat.
>Sabre slams his empty pint on the counter.

"Oi! Can I have another beer over here maybe?"

>He shouts to Cassius.

"Cut down on the booze, would ya? We have contracts coming in."

>Golem points out to Sabre.

"Oh, calm the hell down, LT. I ain't getting pissed by two bloody pints."

>Sabre replies.

"Come on, this one's my shout, yeah?"

| >>713317
"Another glass of maerzen then"
>and quick as you would like, filled to the brim and slightly foamy at the top a pint of actually-good-beer-and-not-horse-urine is slided over
"Im told by some of the other patrons that these are suprisingly light actually...perhaps due to its origins?"

>gem cheers out!

>the rest of the bar follows and then simultaneously chugs their drinks!

>this slightly scares Cassius
"Its almost intimidating sometimes.."

| "Novemberfest!!"

>A diminutive figure chirps enthusiastically from the bar's doorway.

| >>713569

> A slightly taller figure comes up from behind the person at the door, trying to crane his neck to see what's going on. He hears the words coming from the bar and the words uttered by this person so...

"Anno...すみません, but what's Novemberfest?? Is this a new holiday? I think October-fest was something they had back in Neo-Philly but I don't remember."

> The tall lilim seems confused, unsure of the dates now

| >>713276
"That sounds busy"
>The girl nods, She didn't dislike hectic places.
"How long ago has this place been open for anyway?"
>The girl looks at the Lilim, her face a mix of uncertainty and surprise.
>She quickly shakes off the feeling, and her sight returns to her glass.

| >>713584
>The figure barely managing to clear 5 feet somehow finds the means to clear the entryway: with a tiny squeak, she startles and quickly steps aside.


>A closer look reveals that she, too, is a lilim. There's a bit of "um"-ing and "ahh"-ing as she tries to answer the stranger's questions. The pink LEDs beneath her faceplate light faintly to paint her cheeks with flush.

"... I thought they were toasting in celebration of each month..."

| >>713605
>She looks troubled, and brings a finger to her lips as she muses quietly to herself.

"What is it Miss Peggy says...? 'When in Rome...'"

| >>713605

"Ahh... I guess that makes sense! H-happy Novemberfest!"

> He flashes a big smile, blushing a slightly darker grey than his usual skin tone, showing that he's a little embarrassed by the line. He follows her in and realizes he's forgotten something

"Oh! I'm sorry by the way! My name is Ayanami Fox. you can just call me Fox. よろしくね"

| >>713610
>Did she catch all of that right? It's awfully noisy in here... His name's "Ayanami Fox", but around these parts, he goes by:

"Fox Yoroshikune..."

>Politely, she extends a hand in offer of a shake.

"I am Phoebe. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Yoroshikune."

>She returns Fox's smile in kind.

| >>713612

> Fox returns to shake her hand and scratches his head in embarrassment at the miscommunication

"I'm sorry... Yoroshikune is a Japanese phrase. It's meant for when you meet someone new for the first time. It means... umm... something along the lines of "It's nice to meet you"

> He bows in apology at his little gaff and stands back to his full height quickly

"It is also nice to meet you, Miss Phoebe"

| >>713596
"Longer then you've been alive~"
>he gives a brief response as there are more patrons aaaaaa!

>>713569 >>713584
>the staff bow as you enter!
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"

| >>713632
>Somehow, she doubted that, although all things considered...
>She shrugs, a complex expression on her face
"Sounds fair to me, I'm not even old enough to drink yet, so I think most things are older than I am"
>She says, chuckling

| >>713681
"Honestly i think this place is older then even me..."
>he stares at the ceiling for a breif moment in contemplation
"Come to think of it...ol reggie did say this place was ran by his great grandpa originally...and hes like...*really old*

Just how old *is* this place?"
>the bar tender drifts off into idle thought, at awe to the building's history

"Yo cassie! Some onion rings yeah?"

>his trance is quickly broken However as an order comes
"Ill have it right out for ya!"

| >>713617
>Phoebe blinks slowly, committing Fox's little lesson to memory. An indicator light nestled within the tiara like band holding her bangs steady flashes once, twice, then fades.

"... Oh. I beg your pardon, then, Mr. Yo--"

>She pauses, and holds up an index finger, wagging it as she shakes her head. Is she scolding herself?

"... Mr. Ayanami."

>Phoebe nods emphatically.

"What brings you to this location?"

>Does she mean the bar, or...?

| >>713632
>Phoebe waves to the bar staff.

"Hello! I feel welcome, thank you!"

| >>713932

"Oh, I'm here to make sure that my contract with this place is done with for now and to get something to drink after working all day!"

> Fox holds the door open as he gently pushes Phoebe in, waving to the staff he can see at the bar

"Normally, I just sit at the bar itself and wait. I never try to be here too long"

| "Contract? Do you work here per diem, Mr. Ayanami?"

>The lilim totters forward a little as Fox ushers her inside. Once she regains her balance, she decides to follow him, giving him a once over as she carefully trails his tail. Let's not get lost in the crowd...


>"Sit at the bar and wait"... isn't that how patrons /usually/ order their drinks? They wait to get the 'tender's attention, then pick their poison, right? He makes it sound like it's only /his/ "normal"...

| >>713947

"It's more like... I have to run papers and stuff for them on a weekly basis. I'm a courier, and the people who run this place were nice enough to keep me at least with a steady client. I mostly work with people all around the city."

> Fox finds a space for the two of them and sits down, motioning over to her

"If you'd like to join me for, that would be pretty nice. But if not, that's okay as well"

> He gives an honest smile and a thumbs up, hopefully sealing his trust

| >>713319
"Well, it's definitely not as strong as say... whiskey or something like that. That's for sure."

>Golem replies, taking his own pint.

"But then again, you don't exactly drink those in big pints."

>Sabre has already started on his own pint without another word.

| >>713934
"Give a ring when you are ready to order, ill be right with you~"
>he smiles a preps a drink for someone else

"Oh, here you go!"
>only half listening due the amount of people he slides over an entire pint glass filled with whiskey!

| >>713957
>The girl sitting at the counter turns her head at the word 'Courier'
>She subtlety observed the lilim, commiting his features to memory, and then returned her eyes to her glass.

| >>714017
"Good listener, isn't he!"

>Sabre laughs.

"Ha, funny, but we're not trying to get drunk here."

>Golem replies, sliding the pint back to Cassius.

| >>714095
>with a nod he slides it over to another patron who just downs it all in under a 5 seconds!
>not expecting that in the slightest he looks in awe and terror
"Holy balls"


| >>714991
>The pair ignores what Cassius did to the drink and just continues drinking their second drinks.

| >>713957
>Phoebe nods, and at his invitation, takes a seat beside Fox.

"I would be happy to, Mr. Ayanami. Right now, I don't have anything other to do than sit at the bar and wait, myself!"

>The lilim giggles quietly, bringing a hand to her mouth so as to avoid appearing rude. She gives the menu a long, hard glance, seemingly puzzled.

"... What >>>are all of these drinks? I've never heard of any of them, before..."

| >>716429

"So, all of the drinks here are pretty much unique to this place? I don't remember if they use the BTC standards"

> He draws his finger to his lips and tries to remember, his eyes glowing green as he does so

"I'm sure anything will taste pretty okay! I mostly like sweeter things so that's what I know most of."

| >>716433
>The girl, who was already seating down at the counter spots an opportunity and waves to Fox with a wide smile
"Hello there, say do you mind if I ask you a question?"
>She says, leaning just a bit closer

| >>716482

> Fox recoils slightly at the new person coming in to greet him, causing him to flush a slightly darker drey

"Umm... hello! Hi! I-i guess you can ask me something yes!"

> He does seem to be serious, even if he's feeling a little flustered by the sudden attention

| >>716647
>The girl smiles
"Right, thanks, this may seem weird but..."
>she leads on
"You're a lilim, right?"
>For some reason, she looks really uncertain about that, almost as if she had never seen a Lilim before

| >>716748

> He blushes even more, turning his face a much darker grey. He isn't even sure what could be off about this girl. His eyes couldn't tell

"Umm... I am a lilim, yes. 100% lilim, DFC model even! H-how can I help you?"

| >>716753
>She nods to herself, so that's what they look like.
"Right, sorry if that was weird to ask, I'm new in town, haven't seen many lilims where I came from"
>She scratches the back of her neck with a raised hand upright before her face, it seems to be a movement to ask for forgiveness
"The name's Kimagure, You're Ayanami is that it? Sorry, I kinda overheard your name"

| >>716858

"I-it's okay! Hajimemashita Kimagure-san. I'm Fox Ayanami, yes"

> Fox isn't sure why he's feeling so flustered, so his body releases a little tension. He sits up a little straighter and the color of his face returns to its normal shade of grey

| >as the two converse and the patrons just go about the nice night some cheesy love song plays over the radio

>the bartender excuses themselves as they must take a call

| > A brown-haired, fair skin girl enters the bar. She's sporting a red vintage aviator jacket, red shorts, and carries a long metallic case, it's long should strap across her chest.
> Her legs are quite visibly bionic starting from mid-thigh, and all that can be seen from her arms are synthetic as well. Her augments are all red as well.
> Her face looks calm, even happy, as she approaches the counter. She seems to be waiting for a bartender to interact with her.

| >>717144
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>the door chimes ring as the staff bow to greet you!

"Putain de merde..."
>after a short amount of time the bartender returns from the call with a sigh.

>hopping over the counter and slapping their cheeks lightly to get back into focus then bows a greeting
"Hello and welcome to the moonlighter what can i get you this evening?"
>They ask with a smile while pulling out a mixing glass

| "Hi there, I hope I'm not interrupting!"
> She salutes the bar with a pilot salute while looking cheerful.
"I have a bit of an incongruous request... I'm a singer, and I regularly do live streams. I often do live practice and wanted to find a cosier place to perform, and I figured a café like this one would be perfect for this! I could advertise the café during the live, and incite my followers to come to join me here, hopefully bringing you some clientele."

| "Is this something you think we could convene on?"

| >>717265
>the bartender tilts their head confused
"....miss this is a bar...and also its couples night...
Also we kinda sorta kinda have an honest to god professional idol working here already..."
>they whince as they say that last part

>gem waves hello while serving some patrons

| "Oh. Oh yes, of course. I just came to get some information, not for today though. And I don't want to steal the scene, just if I can have a booth in the back of the bar... that would be... More than..."
> She looks around for a bit, feeling more and more embarrassed as she notices all the couples.
"You... You know what... You've fallen for my prank ahah, what a twist right...?"
> She's slowly moving back toward the door, her face becoming more and more flustered.

| >>716935
"Pleasure to meet you too, say I have a bunch of other questions, if you don't mind..."
>The girl, Kimagure seems intent on getting more information, her eyes lighting up

| >>717272
>he claps in confusion but goes with it nonetheless, clueless but well meaning
"You...got me? Wheres the camera? Should i smile and wave?
Oh we should Probably accommodate with some music shouldn't we?
Err...gem darling if you would!"

"Sure thing cassie!"
>With a excited bounce the waitress heads up on stage and slots in a song then begins singing
>adding to the show the bartender snaps their fingers, causing roses to scatter in the air!

| "Tell me, does this aid with your show madame~?"
>the barkeep asks with a teasing smile

| > The black-haired girl slows down... Then starts moving back toward the counter.
"Uh-Uh... I think I'll... Just grab a drink. Whatever you'd recommend."
> She looks thoroughly awkward but at least willing to stay.

| >>717281
"Well as a responsible bartender that doesn't want any lawsuits i cannot recommend anything with alcohol unless i get an ID~"
>he cracks a small half joke to lighten the mood a bit
"Otherwise you strike me the type that would enjoy a nice Cinderella"
>he pulls out a mixing glass in anticipation for the go ahead

>the roses flutter and hover in the air somehow not hitting the ground, some patrons catch one and place them on their partner hair in some cute romantic gesture

| >all the while the monochromatic waitresses singing echos throughout the bar, resonating across the walls and into the hearts of more then a few! Hooo boy its been a hot second but once again the moonlighter is in full swing!

| > She struggles for a bit and finally produces her ID from within her red jacket. She nods to the drink proposition and affixes her gaze to the mixing glass, somewhat curious as to how they'll prepare it.
> From time to time, her gaze switches from the glass to the lovers, but every time she does, she gets heavily embarrassed and goes straight back to watching the bartender practising their craft.

| >>717289
>he checks the ID to see if they are at or above drinking age then begins to mix them a drink!

>pouring into the shaker 40 ml of orange juice, 40 ml of lemon juice and 40 ml of pineapple juice together with 3 ice cubes made from each of the above juices then shaking vigorously!

>with a flourish they twirl the shaker into the air afore catching it with two fingers and quickly but gently pouring the drink into a martini glass and sliding it over
"Please enjoy!"

| "W-Wow, fancy flair..."
> She awkwardly takes the drink and brings it to her lips, slowly sipping it. A few instants pass before a pleased but shy smile forms on her face.
> She wouldn't strike you as the introvert type though. And with her mentioning that she does music and lives, one could expect she'd be more confident, and she was at first. But maybe it's more because of the setting that she reacts like this.
"Like it..."

| >>717294
>the drink is something akin to a incredibly fruity and sweet pineapple juice with hints of lime and orange citrus!
>yet despite its sweetness it doesn't feel at all "too sweet"! hitting just a perfect balance that it may even make one feel like its namesake!
"Glad you like it miss!"
>the bartender gives a paitent smile, instead he is fighting the temptation to tease the poor girl! But he wont!...for now..
"Sooo is this enough material for your little prank show?"

| "... Prank show? What are you on ab-"
> She stops mid-sentence, her face getting noticeably red as she notices her blunder. Instead of trying to save herself, she just buries her face against the glass.
"Wasn't a prank..."
> With her cheeks now as red as her clothes and augs, she nervously tap her finger in rhythm with Gem's performance.

| >>716858 >>716935
>Phoebe watches Fox and Kimagure chat amongst themselves, occasionally glancing at the door as if waiting for someone to arrive. Where is that Unit 00 fellow...? She murmurs to herself as she reviews the list of liquors once again.

"Well... Miss Maggie >>>does allow me one glass of red wine with dinner each night..."

>Maybe that'd help her feel less far away? The little lilim kicks her feet out under the bartop.

| >>717311
"Mmm...? Didn't you Expressly say that it was a prank? 'What a twist right' ?"
>the tender gives a teasing smile as he mimics the closing words of the little missy's blunder
"Or were you perhaps just trying to get attention~
cute as you are demoi im afraid you will have to try a tad harder~"
>the tender laughs and begins to clean a glass with their free hands

"Apologizes but feet off the counter please?
Its rather unsanitary"

| >>717371
>Phoebe blinks. Her feet aren't up on the counter, at all! Perhaps he's talking to somebody else? The lilim glances over her shoulder... and can't find anybody who's stretched out somewhere with their feet on the table. Maybe he's just informing her of the rules?

"Oh, certainly! Should I see anyone doing as much, I will inform them immediately."

>She continues to swing her legs gently beneath the overhang of the bartop.

| >>717439
>good you got the gag!
"..wha? Hold on..."
>the bartender squints his eyes confused
"...hold on im seeing things...i am so sorry...stars i need a nap..."
>the bartender gives a bow of apology
"Excuse me for a moment i must change out my contacts...once again i an Terribly sorry"
>and the bartender heads off to the employee bathroom

>seeing the bartender leave the redhead by the bar hops over the counter?!

| >>717449
>What a lively place... Phoebe watches in perplexed silence as this person vaults over the bartop. Well, that bartender didn't say no /jumping over/ the counter...

| >>717452
>the redhead simply doles out drinks in the original bartender absence, taking orders and mixing as needed!
>thankfully so as that poor fellow seems to be taking a while
>guess they must be another worker or something?
"Can i getcha something?"
>they ask with a goodhearted smile

| >>717274

"Umm... S-s-sure! I don't know if I can be much help but I can do my best! What do you need to ask, Kimagure-san?"

> He sits a bit taller and it almost sounds like steam escapes as he tries to relax himself a bit more


> He gives Phoebe a small bow of politeness, as if trying to apologize for not being able to have a bit more control of the situation. He also then wonders if there's someplace else that he was supposed to be

| >>717453
>Phoebe brings a finger to her lips, thinking.

"... May I have a glass of red wine, please? It's good for my heart."

>Do you even have one of those, Phoebe...? The lilim eagerly parrots to the 'tender what she's heard her companion back in Minnesota say several times in the past.

>Phoebe seems fine with Fox falling deeper into conversation with Kimagure; she's not here to take up his time. Their meeting was only through coincidence.

| >>717693
"Good taste missy! But first if you haven't already ill need some ID
Well wait do i? Do lilims have drinking laws too? Sorry im new here.."
>he scratches his head akward

| >>717714
"Oh! One moment, please..."

>Phoebe dips a hand into the pocket of her cardigan, and pulls out a small coin purse, made of quilted fabric. She snaps it open, and peers inside. When she finds her prize, she withdraws it from the little bag, and presents it proudly to the bartender.

"Here you are!"

>This... isn't a driver's license, or an ID; it's... a membership card to a knitting circle. The lilim beams at the redhead, and states her name.

"Phoebe Walker."

| >>717748
"Works perfectly! Here ill get something from the top shelf! This is usually the default but these weirdos like this on specific brand."
>he shakes his head confused and pours the wine into a decanter, letting swirl and oxidize afore pouring the wine into a crystal wine glass!
"And thats a solid *if* they actually even ask for wine!
anyway this is Larkmead Cabernet Sauvignon 20XX. Aged to perfection!
please enjoy"

| >>717759

>She wonders who he's referring to. There are a /lot/ of people in this bar...

"Oh, I will! Thank you very much, sir."

>Phoebe happily takes the elegant glass by it's stem, gently lifting it to her lips as she sips daintily at it's rich, red contents.

| >>717768
"Oh just what i call the various bar patrons~ BECAUSE NUTS SHOULD BE GALRIC SPICY AND NOT HONEY MUSTARDS GREG!"
>he not to unsubtly taunts a patron, who just takes it with a hearty laugh!
"Says the Austrian ginger!"


>the bar erupts into laughter! Looks like they have fun here!

>the wine is rich as you would expect!deep yet smooth and fruity!

| >>717599
"Thanks a lot, It was about that thing you mentioned, the uh, BTC?"
>She asks
>The girl notices the short lilim as well and gives her a wry smile, misunderstanding
"Sorry if I'm interrupting, I noticed both of you walk in but my curiosity won over.. ahah"
>She seems a bit awkward, but her smile persists
"I wasn't like, interrupting a date or something right?"
>She asks, bluntly

| >>717782
>Phoebe closes her eyes and savors the pleasant bouquet of the wine. Although her palate is not one of a sophisticated sommelier, she can tell quality when she tastes it.


>Those eyes pop right back open when she's addressed by Kimagure.

"A... >>>date...?"

>How would one interrupt a /date/? Give their calendar a really hard shake, or something? Phoebe seems bewildered.

"Oh, no... I'm just waiting for someone to help me deliver a package."

| >>717833 >>717966

> Fox isn't quite sure what Kimagure might mean by 'date' but he at least knows he's not on one. Or rather, he's pretty sure he's not on one

"No no, me and Phoebe-san only just met now. It's all okay! What did you want to know about the BTC? Not that I really have any idea about them more than the average person"

> Fox turns his head a bit in confusion, wondering what could be coming next

| >>718163
>Kimagure heaves a sigh of relief, putting both of her hands unto the bar counter, she relaxes her shoulders quite a bit.
>Thank god she wasn't homewrecking.
"Ah, okay I see, yeah, my bad for assuming eheh"
>She says
"Yeah, uh, just you know, basically, what's a BTC?"

| >>718550

"The BTC? The British Trademark Council? They're the group that runs a lot of the bars and storefronts around. Not just here, but in a lot of countries. You know, the BTC!"

> Fox shrugs a bit at the end of his little explanation, as if not sure what else to say

"Also, it's okay for assuming! It happens! People think me and Dusty are dating sometimes because we share a building. I'm not too upset"

| >theres a little giggle as some noiser patrons imagine a little love triangle, only to get sushed by another gaggle that actually knows how to read a roon

| >>718163 >>718550
>Phoebe continues to sip at her wine as she looks about the bar for the person she's to be meeting here. Did he say he'd be wearing something specific? Did /she/? Oh, if only everybody wore name tags...

"I wonder where he is..."

>She looks down at her lap, where the clutch she'd brought along with her rests. Something precious lies within...

| >>718811
"The British? Woah"
>She seems surprised by your answer, she strokes her chin in a dramatic motion, giggling
"And so, those guys operate bars and all those kinda places? what about this place then?"
>Kimagure notices the short lilim and, in between conversing with Ayanami she gives her a concerned look
"Were you waiting for someone miss..."
>She didn't quite catch the girl's name, she gives an apologetic smile.

| >>719244

"Umm.... I know that there's sometimes where I have to deliver stuff from here to and from the local BTC branch office. That's all I really know though, at least from what I can say. I don't like revealing things about the people I work for. It's what makes the O-Kitsune Hakobi-ya what it is"

> Fox gives a shake of his head, as if showing how serious he is about keeping his business professional and unlike the other courier services in the city


| >>719244
>Phoebe places her nearly empty glass of wine down on the counter when Kimagure addresses her. She swivels her barstool to face the girl.

"Phoebe. My name is Phoebe."

>Something Fox said during his impromptu lecture on the inner workings of the BTC sounds familiar to Phoebe-- enough that she pauses before answering Kimagure's question while she tries to figure out what bell is ringing in her head.

"Ah... I'm waiting for a 'Unit 00'."

| >>720783 >>719244

> A set of pistons can be heard shooting off and Fox sits up even taller, it seems. He quickly fishes around for a card in his pocket and hands it over in a traditional manner to Kimagure

"Here's my information if you need anything else. I think I forgot about something..."

> He gives a bow in his seat before swiveling towards Phoebe once more

"Anno... I'm Unit 00. I thought your name sounded familiar. You needed a package delivered!"

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