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We shall rise again, the Savior shall be resurrected.

| >A mysterious link leads you to a creepy looking website; it was full of cult-related things like pentagrams, blood, candles, saceificial knives, etc. The title of the page is 'Cult of the Savior's Resurrection' and there is only one thing that could be interacted with, a link to a trideo.

| >We-shall-rise.mpx
>The trideo starts with a group of figures facing the camera in black cloaks and white masks with a blood-red ankh symbol on the cloaks and the masks. They starts chanting a short hymn.

| "One day the savior shall rise,
from those we have sacrificed.

For him shall never be beaten,
by those who had forgotten.

So together brothers and sisters we shall light the flame,
and the savior shall leave the sinners in shame.

One day we all shall be awarded,
as we are those who are commited."

>The hymn slowly fades away.

| Once that ends, the trideo was replaced by a footage of an apartment, what follow was a big explosion that completely collapse the building. That then fades away, replaced by a "JOIN US OR BE PUNISHED." on a black screen.

| (That was supposed to have a >)

| Oh, fuck off, no way this shit's happening again.

| see one cult you've seen them all smh

| >Another link to another trideo is posted.
>The short trideo shows a man in a hooded cloak(similar to the one from the previous trideo but without the ankh symbol or the mask) tied to a chair. Another man in the ankh cloak walks into the scene from the left, holding a knife in his hand.

"This is what you get for defying the savior."

>The man says, holding the knife up to the tied man's throat.


>The tied man shouts but get his throat slit before he could finish.

"He didn't betray you, you betrayed him."

>After the killer was done wiping the blood off his knife he turns to the camera.

"Well well well, this is the fate that awaits the faithless, so bring it on. He shall destroy you."

>The screen fades to black.

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This thread is permanently archived