[Aggregator Thread] The Various Rumors of GC

| Hey there Shadowdwellers! Been a while, but I, the NEET-God, am still kicking around to deliver the juciest occult rumours to all the folks at home!

Today, I want to talk about a bunch of the random rumors of GC, and ask you guys what you think, as well as providing my own opinions!

So let's get this party started with the first story I have up my sleeve! The Infinite Corridor!

This story is about a multi-purpose building in Neon, abandonned for decades now...

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The building is apparentely home to a bizarre phenomenon, if you wander down it's main hallway during the night, you'll become trapped in an infinite loop, unable to escape for eternity as reality warps around you... now how this story got known if "No one survives it" is kinda iffy... and to be frank, it's probably bull. I mean, an infinite corridor? If they had spatial distortion equipement in that building, it would've been stolen already, lmao.

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But it is interesting for other reasons. A lot of places have these rumors, hell, the infinite corridor is a super popular ghost story template.

Some people stumble upon it accidentely and then never escape... it's horror movie stuff, if nothing else. But all stories have some origin, nobody picks a random building and tells their friends it's haunted or something.

Horror stems from rumors! So let's dissect these rumors that surrounded that building before to explain it!

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Well, to begin with, that building was once home to a few research institutes, which is our first rumor hook. Some people who worked there did mess with spatial displacement, so it wouldn't be far-fetched for some employee to talk about the experiments, and for some schmuck to then misinterpret the things they don't understand, turning real science into fiction!

But that's kinda boring as far as explanations go!

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After the building was defunct, maybe some guy looked up their previous tenants, and all their experiments. Then like in the last explanation, just imagined some ghost story!

Or maybe someone just got lost in the building and didn't make it out. It's a huge building after all, and without light, you aren't going to be finding the exit that easily.

But really, I want to hear you guys' opinion of that ghost story! And theories that could explain it!

| If you want all my takes, and my opinions, you can go to my blog: www.krkrBasa/InfiniteCorridorNeon.XYZ

With that said, watch out for the ghost stories of GC! And that New-Gen Killer that's still on the loose!

I'll keep in the thread to discuss, and if you have cool ghost stories you want analyzed, send me some message!


| Where is the building in question anyways? -CN

| What about that footage thread we saw last month NEET-God? you saw any of that anyway...

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It's near that old underground shopping mall, in the abandonned part of Neon, really hard to miss, but it's completely boarded up, getting in is real hard.

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Yeah, I did see it, and I did talk about it on one of my posts, but I'll need some more info before I can try and properly dissect it

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