(NEWS) Sec3A Apartment Complex Condemned!



THE Sec3A Apartment complex, a QUINCY project to introduce affordable and convenient housing to poorer individuals who have chosen to live in Chapel-3, has been condemned and demolished by the Glitch City Police Department (GCPD).

RESIDENTS were awoken in neighboring and less controversial districts to the sound of an apartment building being destroyed when an apartment complex, a twelve story child of the QUINCY POVERTY PUBLIC PLACEMENT PROCESS, was leveled due to "health hazards," a source with the GCPD confirmed Monday.

The GLITCH CITY PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION of the GCPD determined that the building was "not suitable for habitation by sentients" and "was immediately immolated, decontaminated, and sanitized," a representative said. The representative stated that no legally registered citizens were present in the building at the time of its removal, and that an area no larger than forty meters directly surrounding the building will be restricted to public access until sanitation concludes.

The GCPD representative offered to this reporter declined to state the nature of the building and area's sanitation, although another still mentioned "sewers" before being briskly detained by his fellow officers.

We are awaiting a response from the GLITCH CITY DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES for more information.

-GEORGINA LA FORGE contributed to this report, as did Sally E. May.

| Huh, curious.

| They had to point out registered

Guess SINless don't matter. Not a surprise


| It's almost like being Sinless kinda implies you put yourself at risk.
or are we gonna have another "but runners matter too" discussion, drek's been talked to death; it's yer own damn fault if you want to live in the shadows instead of get nanites, don't bring us people down with you. Life's already hard enough

| >>705813
Not everyone has the choice.

| >>705815
Then that's something for the governement to work on, and for you to change through legitimate means.
Working in the shadows is as bad as using them to your advantage.

| >>705816
And wait how long? Months? Years? Decades? I want to believe in legitimate systems but they're obviously broken. Meanwhile the everyday person is starving or worse. How can they create social change when their lives consist of just struggling to survive.

| >>705822
Because you believe we within the system don't struggle too? We have shitty bosses, expectations to maintain and our own lives to keep, we can't just hop the freight and go anywhere, doing anything we damn please because we think it's right. Y'all runners forget that, y'all runners only care about the ones in front of your mug, the little guys.

It's no use talking, you would never get it omae.

| >>705823

That's rich coming from a corp office, wageslave. Must be nice only having to worry about "shitty bosses." Bet your payraise was garbo this year too, yeah?


| >>705825
If that's what everyone is to you runner.
Sure, I'm a wagie slave who has it good, while you're out there saving the ones that REALLY matter.

| >>705826

If the price is right, yeah.


| >>705823
I'm not saying to hop off or go anywhere. If anything the fact that your life is bad just in different ways just shows the system isn't working in any level except for the ones who make it.

| This thread has me confuzzled. Just becauae you're SINless doesn't mean you're a gangbanger or whatever???

you know there's a bunch of immigrants who dont even have augs much less nanites right? they're "SINless" too, cause QUINCY refuses to do anything about processing them.

probably easier to employ them too since they trchnically dont exist.


| imagine not having augs

why even live -SNAP!

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