Weird chalk circles triangles thingy and candles.

| The janitors have been complaining about weird circles popping up so I checked them out
Anyone knows what these are?

>An image of a chalk pentagram written on the floor of a room with candles adorning it as well as a phrase 'The Savior shall rise, the Savior shall be resurrected' written in what might be blood.

This is probably another prank, but it's genuinely creepy.

| Alright, so the same guy here, I think the some of my janitors are in on this prank too, they haven't been coming to work lately. More 'blood' are also appearing inside that room and also a fake skelly too. Is this some kind of halloween prank?


| Dude, just clean it off and don't think anything of it. I did stupid shit like that when I was younger and it never meant anything

- EZBreezy

| >>705992
Well I did, but more keep popping up. The new janitors I hired are also skipping work again, haven't seen them in like a day or so.

| >>9513c9 How does the "blood" smell if at all?

- engle

| >>706061
Smells like rusted iron or something... or like actual blood. Can't be real blood right, this has got to be just a prank. Hahaha yeah, just a prank.

| Sure hope it's a prank.

| >>706065
Maybe try setting up cameras?

| >>706202
Yeah, good idea, I'll have someone install it tomorrow.

| >>706212
Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Hope it's not a cult or something.

| >>706438
Okay, update. I put up the cameras, here's the footage.

>A trideo of a group of people in cloaks and masks dragging what seems to be another human in a janitor outfit into the room, they stabbed him and gruesomely gutted him out, using the blood to rewrite the symbols and the words on the floor and walls. Then take the meat out until there's only the bones left. They then powderize some of the bones and write the pentagram.

What should I do, I'm so freaked out right now.

| Ehh, where was this filmed?

| Damn, me and my big mouth, didn't think it'd actually happen.

| >>706488
A apartment complex I'm a manager of. If the boss knows there's been a murder and I hadn't told him I'm definitely getting fired.

| >>706503
You best report this to your boss then.

| >>706507

| >>706503
Any way we could help out, surely those guys can't have gone far, or can be stopped?

| >>706507 >>706510
Yeah, I'm writing something to tell him now, I'm gonna get my ass beaten the drek out of.

Don't know, I've already reported it to the GCPD, I hope they'll arrive soon.


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