Selling some real wiz oldtech

| I'm talking some old disks, filled with old movies (Not trids before you ask!) along with a few tapes. all around a lot of media, which I can't read with any of my tech.

anyone interested?

| I'm interested, what do you want for them.

| I might be interested in some of them, or failing that my grandpa would probably love to get his hands on them. Honestly I'm not really in a stable enough situation to be making impulse purchases (no pun intended fellow user I swear).
In any case depending on the exact format I might have some players lying around that can read them, if any other potential buyers are interested.
- SciFox

| >>705189
Depends on the media, some of those wax tubes are REAL retro.
how much would you offer, and what do you want in particular?

| >>705207
Hol up.
Wax tubes? Are we talking, like, old phonograph cylinders? Some of those might be almost as old as powered flight.
- SciFox

| >>705207
I'll start with a 100k.

| >>705212
No idea
For what chummer... What exactly do you want

| >>705230
All of them.

| >>705348
Woah, but then what the hell are you gonna do with a pile of old discs and tapes omae? This smells fishy chummer... You running some gid or something?

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What can I say, old media is just my thing.

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