(OOC) /cyb/2.0 Changes Preview

| Hey everyone, some of you are aware that we've been looking into some rule revamping to clean up and improve /cyb/ for current and future players, and I'm bringing you a short preview of some of the major changes we're likely going to implement (or not implement, if a better solution is possible).

I preface this by stating that the focus for these changes will be on making it easier to get involved in the board- hopefully making for a less intimidating first experience and an easier transition altogether if you decide to move up from "casual" rp.

First off, there will be no hard or soft retcon. At the time that these rule revamps go live, everything that's happened since Day 0 (the Phonebooth Murders), which was around three years ago, will remain.

However, at the time these rules go live, moving forward only "meeting point" styled settings can be created. These can be bars, stores, other forms of recreational businesses or locations that are controlled by the GM to serve two primary purposes: as lobbies to learn about and join their campaigns (via discord invites) or for players to meet up and hang out in a casual environment.

These settings cannot be used for campaign "quests" or "adventures" et al and anything of that nature will need to transpire in a discord or other chatroom of your choice.

There are rules being written to govern these settings, and this will replace the previous rule "all settings must be open."

Dessemination of campaign specific lore or events will take the form of social media posts. This isn't so much a new rule as it is refurbishing previous board culture. There is no question that /cyb/ is full of inconsistencies due to a very lax approach to things like lore. However, the Matrix, much like the internet, is full of conspiracies and half truths, and people talking about things they claim to have experienced or seen- spaceships in the sky, aliens underground, even literal magic.

To this end, players are encouraged to make all kinds of posts about what living in a cyberpunk dystopia is like- blogs, tweets, streams, and "found footage" style trideo recordings are all common ways to express yourself- but remember, everything can be faked. No exceptions. The only one who knows the "truth" is yourself, and even that is suspect.

These will be a player's "in" to join a campaign, if they so wish. Its comparable to exploring the "dark web," if they're comfortable enough, and if not, replying in character or anonymously is fine too.

The multiverse is real, and Glitch City is a hub. The machinations of one of the ARG's big bads has resulted in the disjointed world you live in. Maybe you're actually from the year 2007- maybe you're from a space faring society. Maybe you think you're a sentient cat. Or maybe you're a bored bartender who's just passing time on break. Whatever the case may be, the limit is as far as your creativity and the suspension of disbelief other users have of your claims.

GM/DM's of ARGs may affect the setting of /cyb/ via minor snd major events. Maybe a major skyscraper has been destroyed (par for the course), an explosion rocks the coast, or rioting breaks out in a district or two due to karmotrine shortages. Whatever occurs, if its big enough, it will probably be seen, heard, or experienced by a large number of people in the city (or as far as the datafaxes report it) and this will be reflected by a thread, like we currently do.

However, all currently active settings must acknowledge the existence of said event. Settings do not exist in bubbles, but the GM of the thread doesn't need to *completely* interact with the event. For example, rioting could be happening outside their doors, but they do not need to burst in and attack the guests (discouraged). This will be discussed in more depth later.

You may not control the GCPD, White Knights, GC Government, Zaibatsu, or other canon organizations as an entity. You may, and are encouraged to, create individuals within these organizations, but you may not *run* the organizations. These will remain in the hands of the mods.

And of course, setting destruction is forbidden. Only a GM may destroy their own setting. Naturally, this means no more sleeping gas, lethal doses of EMP, or orbital weapon platforms deleting a suburb from space. This ruling isn't new either, but does have specifics which will allow for the escalation of major events and the like- it'll be discussed later.

This is all we have for now- feel free to discuss and ask questions here, or on the first /cyb/ wide discord that will be posted!


| So here's the link to the general /cyb/ server!


The goal is to facilitate ooc discussion, which includes both general talk and recruitment. Please follow the rules or I will yeet you out of there.

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