Car for Hire

| A good ways west of the bars and apartments of central Neon, a neglected highway, cracked and uneven, formed a border between the city proper and the unwelcoming waters of Flooded. Half of it, out of the water, formed a usable thoroughfare, though one that had been made redundant long ago by newer bypasses and freeways. The other half formed a sort of asphalt beach, fit for some kind of melancholy post-apocalyptic vacation.

| Next to the one intact and dry building on the Flooded side of the highway, an ancient garage proudly proclaiming itself 'The Last Gas Station on Earth!', sat a red Crown Victoria from a time even more distant. On its side white letters simply said 'RED CAB', while a small light on the roof dimly declared 'For Hire'.

| Inside a slightly-built young man with a flat driving cap idly shifted between using his phone and watching what stars could be seen. For someone in Glitch taking their break, there was nowhere quieter.


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(Oh... sorry about that, it's been awhile lol.)

(And I can think of a few ways you could do that, although taxis generally can only hold around four people, not including the driver? A bus would work even better, since you're together in one place for an extended period of time. Or even a subway/metrolink/elevated train.)

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