Will there ever be the end of time?

| Would all that will ever be and all that is being eventually turns into all that has been, or would more of those that shall be keep happening endlessly.

For I have long ventured out into the world to look for the answer that I wouldn't perhaps ever found during my short and insignificant life.

Don't mind him, he's just drunk, bit too much vodka.

| Technically you arent wrong,
A neutron star detonates and creates all sorts of matter and we as living beings are made of material conceived at the beginning of it all.
Some iron got eaten by some ameoba that got eaten by a plant that got eaten by us. Now that iron is a part of us.

Eventually the universe dies and leaves only black holes, which too will eventually die bursting into energy as they do.
Energy gets split into matter and anti matter and it all begins again unending

| Thats the beauty of it, the chance of us coming into being in that cosmic mess is so unbelievably small that its practically a negative infinite yet still here we are, having such strange thoughts, feeling such wild things, forging such eternal bonds.

So Technically life isnt meaningless as we've able to do things none of our constituent materials ever could.
Simply exist and enjoy existence.
such is the beauty of life no?

| >>704747
I didn't ask if I'm right or wrong, I don't even know what you're telling me I'm not wrong about. Read the question properly. Idiot, блять, fucking cocky smartass сука.

Told you he's drunk

| >>704751
Ahaha! You fool! I too am Completely drunk for i just now come upon the realization that i downed a entire bottle of champagne...oh dear

de toute façon, ce n'est pas grave, vous devriez probablement amener votre ami au pari le plus proche sinon nous continuerons le débat sur l'existentialisme

| I've been lead to believe not everything is permanent, but some things can and will remain as a constant. Certain Individuals in higher positions told me that.

But if you're drunk, that story will be too long for you. It won't be as fun either.

So no! Not *everything* will come to an end, just most things. A lot of things. A lot of people too.


| Nonononononobnoninono
Pop a bottle...you gotta join us in drunken existentialism...its a requirement now
Do it
Just do it though

You gotta chug your favorite booze and dont come back her till you are Completely red in the face yoi hear!?

>>704781 you person...angus person with the>>aabec1 >>704781
I meant that too youu

| >>704834
I'll heavily consider this.

| >>704781
Heheh see? This one knows how to read. Also, fuck you qnd your champagne, vodka is where it's at you rich poser—

...andddd he just puked on the floor.

| >>704927 >>704986
Yes! Yeas! Ueasssss!!!
Alcohollol! Normal silly fun! Joinnn usssssg fer gooud stuufA!

| End time comes every month chummers!
It's called payin' rent!
Yeah, I'm here all week if ya wonderin'

| >>705046
Shut up you Champagne loving moro-

He passed out, face first into the puke. Yeah, I'll pass.

| Good to have a guy fiery friend..like thayt!
Youtrr lucky chum!
Yiu drink too! Join conversation!

| >>705088
That is true. Rent's a bitch, but you need somewhere to live.

| >>704834
Drunken Existentialism? sure!

I'm in! Sometimes it feels years pass in a single moment... To be honest, i'm losing track of when and where i got each piece of my collection

Ah well, it's an excuse to celebrate the Xth aniversary with my wife~


| >>705667
Com to my workshp, I found my alcohol collecrion... Did I eveer trll you I had one?? Fuc it Im tellin you now. Get in her so we can debate existentuakism and tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime....



| >>705668

You tell me everytime, but mysteriously forget about it in the morning...


Aw hell i can't say no -Dahk

| >>705670
That... explans the bottle with your name onn it... Feeeble marker wont stop me frm drinkng that whiccch isnt miiiiiineeeee

Beeetteeerrr hurrryyyy ;)

| >>705672

Hey that's mine! don't make me start drinking yours...

Wholy ffuck this is sstrong.

| Oh my god, Krink, what the fuck have you done.

| >>705667 >>705668
Wowowwoooooooo! fellloees of red face!
I m in the greatestetsr of company!
Youuuu...tiuurendn yoiuu deinkkk too!

| >>705730

i'lll make u tired n redfaced~ -dahk

| >>705730
Nah, fuck that. You know what, you can have this.

>An image of a drunk man, his face covered on puke. Besides him are some glasses and a few empty bottles of vodka.

| >>705795
Aheh alresaadyy ammm

not frennnd..i meaaann you!

| >>705796
Heheheeee thats fuxkin nasssty...
Parrrrty poooooooooooooopeeerrrr

Dahhks gooood at tgat ehhheheheee hehhh... But anyqay tine aint endin no time sooon... Id fuuuxkin stop it from endin...

| >>705903
Angus... I haven't heard from you in a hot minute, and Drinking is the first thing I see...

| >>705903
Yeaaahhhhhh...! For oururur...frennds! Anddd outrr family! And everyonenene we love!

Pooowwwererr off ff friendddedshipp Bulldogs..cow..poo...!

Yousz shouud drinkkkk tooo

| >>705916
Goddamn no.
>I don't want to crush my husband again

| >>705917
butttbut...roiuuuulllzzzz..youuuu gottaaa

| >>705911
Okay..? Andddd????? Amm I not stll Angus? Yeeeeeahhh...

Who re you aginn? I tink I rember you...

Powr oof Realitas! Er... I duno if that woud save ALLL of time...


| >>705911
whatt else iz ter t do after you completed your collection of panties?


| >>705932
Jesus christ.
Your wife knows my husband, we met.

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