(Bar) The Lock & Barrel Tavern

| >After what seems like... months? Years? This venerable bar has reopend its large, oaken doors to an environment that is at once familiar and yet vaguely unwelcoming. Is it the dust lining every bit of furniture? The lighting in dire need of replacement? The faded upholstery, and the vintage wooden bar counter with one too many bullet holes, knife stabs, and charred wood?

>No, those have always been there- the average denizen probably treated them as part of the charm. Well, aside from the dust. The Lock and Barrel has a reputation to keep and something is unnervingly disreputable about it at the moment.

>That, and its bartender... a woman who should be in her mid to late twenties, but on closer inspection looks like she's far older. Verana has large bags under her eyes, and her brunette hair looks faded, almost half heartedly colored. Her clothing looks like it was pressed recently, but it has a very "newish" in appearance, as if it had just recently been pulled off an assembly line and violently shoved on.

>As you creak open the door to the bar, the woman, who up until that point looks like she had been zoning out into space, slowly lights up- just a little bit, as if her muscles suddenly remembered why she was here. Her lips form a plastic grin.

"...Welcome to the Lock and Barrel." >She says, her hands both flat on the table.

"...what may I serve you?"

| ”Very... Speakable institution. So, whatever.“
> Handsome, but not eye-catching man in green-plaid shirt and silver-colored vest sit in front of bartender. His eyes were covered by transparent AR-glasses, and he was watching at bullet holes with interest. Then he looked at woman.
”Can you make me Old-Fashioned, cutie?“

| >A couple enter the bar as well, one was a girl in her late twenties, with a dazzling smile and a wavy long hair. Another was a man dressed in a jacket. Following them is a husky, panting heavily.

"...and that's why you don't run top speed for half an hour."

>The man says.

"Cut him some slack, Red, he's just enthusiastic. Fenrir! Here!"

>The girl replies, throwing a dog treat, which the dog happily snatches and chomps down in one go, with a complimentary 'woof'.

| >The girl pets the dog on the head while it eats while the man turns to greet the bartender.

"Uh, hey, hi, can we get a sugar rush, no karmotrine, and a beer, please?"

| >>704719

>The woman's uneasy smile seems to grow genuine for a moment, and you see a bit of color return to her face as she moves to make you an Old Fashioned.

"Sure. Want any fruit besides orange? I have strawberries available."

>>704724 >>704725

"One sugar rush hold the karmotrine, and a beer, coming up..."

>She reappears with a basket of fruit.

"...BTC style beer, or an actual beer?"

| >>704772
"An actual beer, if you could manage."

>The man replies

"..and do you guys serve food here?"

| >>704780

"Sometimes, but not right now."

>She blinks, then looks under the table...

>... and reappears with a bag of potato chips! Ranch flavored.

"...but we do have these at the moment. What kind of beer would you like?"

| >>704796
"That would be great, thank you, and what kind of beer do you have?"

>The man looks at the chips and examine the labels.

>Meanwhile the girl comes over and join him on at the bar. She ordered the dog to sit, the command which the dog obeys. The dog waggles his tail as she pets it again and reach for another treat.

| >>704772
> Man smiles slightly.
”Thanks, cutie.“
> He took a sip.
”Good, good.“
> Customer's sight renounced, but it has been seen as waves of information flow in front of his eyes on glasses UI.

| >A tall woman enters the bar, she wears a nun outfit, decorated with AR augments and luminous strips, along with several crosses and Rosaries adorning her arms.
>Her white hair covers most of her face, but her smile is easily seen. Her teeth are sharp.
"Been a while since I went out into town"
>She says, approaching the counter with a large wave
"Yo, can this gal get a gin tonic or whatever the BTC passes for a drink like it?"

| >>704988

"Brandywine Meade, Darkwinter Double Stout, uh..." >You see the woman's face shift and reveal color for once...

"...Pissywater Lager, and last but not least, Sunshine Weissbier."

>These chips appear to be manufactured by Lolicious Consumer Products, a wholly owned division of the /burg/ brand burgers family of restaurants! The advertising on the back proudly proclaims FEATURING ORGANIC RANCH from the PLANTS MAY CRY SERIES.

>A smaller label further ensures diners that the chips are at least 60% potatomeal, which is enough to be classified as potato chips.

>She notices the girl arrive with her doggo.

"Cute canine. What may I get you?"


>Verana smiles, and-



>She blinks- a little spark of understanding returns to her otherwise "zoned out" expression.

"...boss? Is that you?"


"One gin and tonic coming up..."

| >>705174
"I'll take the Lager."

>He says as he casually rips open the bag of chips and eat one.

>The girl turns around to acknowledge your comments.

"Oh, thank you. I'll have a sugar rush, I guess this idiot overhere forgot to order for me."

"I did order for you! Just ask the bartender."

| >>705174
>The Nun seems surprised
"Dang, you got the stuff itself? some special liscence owner huh, today's this gal's lucky day!"
>She sits down, laughing loudly as she does, her many crosses and rosaries clanking loudly as she does
"It's long ass days like these where I wish the BTC would get that karmotrine tastes like rat piss disolved in muddy water to those with augmented palates"

| >>705174
>Man's sight came to life. He turned head and saw a woman. He missed that face for years.
”Verana. What a surprise. How are you? Didn't think you like to visit bars at the end of working week.“
>He noticed his glass is ran out of "Old Fashioned". He looked at Verana.
”What do you want to drink? My treat.“

| >>705188

>The bartender smiles as she passes the glass full of cute, pink drink toward the girl.

"Right you are."


"We do. Though at the same time, I think we only serve a BTC menu to accommodate those with a taste for the stuff..."


>The bartender takes a closer look at the man, then blinks a few times before her face blushes...

"...Ah... I apologize, I seem to have... uh... mistaken you for someone else."

"That said, I haven't visited a bar outside work in what feels like... years?" >She rubs her forehead.

"...months? It's all hazy to me..."

| >>705450
"See? I didn't forget."

"Alright, alright, I doubted you."

>The girl says and gives him a peck in the cheek before turning to the bartender and catching the drink.

"Thank you!"

>She says as she take a sip once again and turns to take one of the chips from the man's bag.

| >>705450
Everybody in the bar can see that man's eyes have abnormal color and signes of using drugs. He crunches his neck.
”Sanny? Sanny, good to see you, brother! I thought you died three years ago. Stop, you're not Sanny. Who are you? Who the fuck are you?“
Man pokes by finger at the ceiling.
Bang! His sight clears up. Head falls to the bar counter.
”Make me «Piledriver», cutie.“

| >Another figure enters the bar, it was a women clad in all black and grey clothing. She had a half mask and a beanie on, which hide most of her face and head, save only her blue eyes and long golden hair. Her eyes darted around the bar before ending up fixed on the nun(>>705197). Which she silently walks over.

"SAINT, is it?"

>The girl quietly greets the nun. She talks with a faint slavic accent, though her pronounciations were clear enough to be easily understood.

| >>705745
>The nun turns her eyes to face you, downing her glass of Gin tonic before exhaling loudly
"Puwah! yep, that's me. You got business with this ol' servant of god?"
>She asks, placing her glass back on the counter
"Good mixin' tender, just strong enough"
*She laughs loudly*

| >>705809
"Wrath sent me."

>The girl simply replies. She had a cloak which covers most of her body down to the knees, and there's a high-end bolt-action rifle hung from the sling looped over her shoulder. Anybody paying enough attention would have also seen another gun under the cloak when she opened the door to the establishment.

"I heard you are the contract."

| >>705819
"Oh, the old man? I heard he had something planned, so you're the one ehhh?"
>She stares at you up and down, her eyes barely hidden beneath the impressive ammount of hair covering her face, her mouth opens up in a smile, revealing sharp teeth
"Yep, you seem like a tough cookie, you'll do nicely"
>She motions to the seat next to her
"Let's talk business then shall we, maybe clear up some details and have a good time?"

| >>705828
"Ouh, I'll take you up on that, I gotta get the night's worth eh?"
>The ramboucious nun exclaims, smiling

| >>705821
>The girl nods and walks over to take a seat near the nun and turns to look at the bartender.

"нет, not on my watch, it won't be going off unless I want it to."

>She said, before browsing the menu for a few seconds and ordering.

"I'll have a moonblast, thank you."

| >>705501


>The bartender sighs and moves on to making the man's drink.


>The bartender smirks.

"I try. Want another?"


>The tender nods to the newcomer as she returns behind the bar.

"Welcome to the Lock and Barrel. I hope those pieces you have don't go *off* around here. What can I get you?"


>Moments later, a cold bottle of Pissywater Lager makes its way to your hand.


(There was a posting error, this post goes before the one I've linked above. Sorry about that.)

| >>705843

"One moonblast coming up..."

>Verana says.

| >>705831
"Hey, thanks."

>The man make a little gesture with the bottle of lager before popping it open and taking a swig. The girl that came with him crunch down on the chips and take a tiny little sip from the glass. Their dog just sits there expectantly at his owners, tongue out with audible breathing.
>The girl noticed this and pets it again, which quickly turns into a full-on hug as she kneels down and pet it on the back.
>The man smiles at this and take another swig

| >>705843
>The nun turns to face you, having asked for another drink
"So, you're Iskra right?"
>Her hair moves along with her as she moves a hand around to emphasize each of her words
"I'm Superbia, it's good to meetcha!"

| >>705853
"Yes, that is me. Good to meet you as well, Superbia."

>Iskra replies, turning back to you.

| >>705855
"Hmn hmn, indee--d!"
>She offers you a hand to shake, her rosaries look uncomfortable to grip...
"So, about the job, ya mind if I explain the gists right away?"

| >>705859
>Iskra takes your hand and shakes it. Her grip was firm, but somewhat awkward. She gave it one good shake and let it go. The expression in her eyes gives nothing away.

"Go ahead."

| >>705843

>Without further ado, a Moonblast smoothly glides across the bar counter to your hand.

| >>705937
>Iskra catches the glass and takes a look at the drink, lightly shaking the glass around before pulling down her mask to drink it, revealing her face in the process.
>One could say that she's reasonably attracive, although she's a bit on the pale and thin side. Her face is almost expressionless, though you could catch a glimpse of her grinning for half a second after a swig from the glass.

| >>705863
"So, Flooded right? Wack spot. Not too long ago, go figure some device that got abandonned DEEP in there suddenly starts to emmit data"
>Superbia waves her hand around
"That's the thing we want you to get back, in one piece... only problem is that most of ther recon bots Warden sent got caught by well, something"
>She shrugs
"So that's why we need people, y'know with agency"

| >>706418
>Iskra watches and listens as Superbia explains the mission. Once she was sure Superbia finished, she starts talking again.

"Do we know what this 'something' is?"

| >>706543
"It'll be a package, atleast 30cm wide, covered by a metal craddle, it emits a signal so you'll be able to pick it up right away... just the thing is heavy, so hold it carefully, we're talking about 60 pounds for the whole thing"

| >>706546
>Superbia smiles and lifts another finger
"And there's two of em"

| >>706547
"...and do we know about what caught your recon bots?"

>Iskra continues

| >>706664
"Nope, not a clue!"
>Superbia laughs, holding a hand to her forehead

| >Iskra takes another swig from her glass as she listens to Superbia.

"Well, let's hope it's not bulletproof. Now, would I have a partner? Or do I need to call my own."

| >>705846
>After a while, the girl finally gets out of her little embrace with the hound. She feeds it another dog biscuit and goes back to her seat.

"Uh, excuse me, do you know where the restroom is?"

>She asks the bartender.

| >A purple haired lilim walks in. They look around and start walking towards the bar.

| >>705501

>After what seems like forever, the Piledriver has made its way to your hand... it appears that the bartender is distracted by someone... a certain lilim that just walked in.


>The bartender snaps out of it briefly and motions to the back of the bar- you see that there's a stage there as well, which hasn't seen use in some time.

"Behind the stage, on your left."

>After giving the directions, she looks back to >>706895 .

"...what a surprise." >The bartender says, smirking.

"Of all your team, I didn't expect to see *you* here."

| >>706897
>Nym raises an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met before. Then again, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. We aren't exactly good at keeping our heads low. The name's Nym."

| >>706899

>The woman raises a hand to her lips to suppress a chuckle, but not too well.

"I'm aware- unfortunately that's part of my job. Nice to meet you in the silicon, Nym. The geekboy must be busy if you came in his stead."

| >>706895
>Superbia gives the walking lilim a long stare, a smile dawns on her face as the crosses tied to her dingle around
"That's the one, huh, ahah, I got a face to put on her now."
"Warden told me someone else had signed in, now we only wait for them to arrive"
>She says, turning back to Iskra

| >>706901
"When isn't he busy?"

>Nym sighs.

"Actually came here to borrow a booth but if there's anything you need me to relay to him, I'll deliver the message"

>As Nym talks, something grabs their attention. They look around, confused. Something... different is here but they can't quite pinpoint it. Oh. There it is. Some lady in a... very loud and obnoxious outfit. With crosses on it.

"...... great."

| >>706905
>She waves at you with a smile on her face
>She says, loudly

| >>706907
>Nym gives a restrained wave


>They frown a bit and get a bit tense.

"You're one of them, aren't you...?"

| >>706905
>"When isn't he busy?"

"When he's supposed to be *dead*." >The woman replies, ending uncomfortably on the last word. Her expression changes to something between resting murderface and your default one for all but a second.

>She blinks.

"...but it's a relief that he yet lives, and so do you, apparently." >The bartender suddenly and quickly makes a drink in front of you, creating a... Suplex? She pushes it forward to you...

"On me. In return, I only ask that you ask him to visit us sometime. It has been... a veeeeery long time." >She grins.


"Oh, certainly. Is your entire party available, or will it only be you?"

| >>706909
"Yeahhh, he's not great at staying like that. And neither am I, apparently"

>Nym takes the drink.

"Thanks. I'll.. let him know. And just me for now. My associate isn't here yet"

| >>706908
"I dunno what you mean sugar, but I know you met ol' bossman, scary experience huh"
>The nun exclaims, laughing in between almost all her words, she puts her empty glass upon the counter with a slap to her knee from her unused hand
"Yo, tender, can this gal get a refill, I just got in a good mood again!"

| >>706910

>Verana nods.

"When you're all ready, let me know and I'll give you a key."


"Right away..."

>The tender gets to making the nun's next drink...

| >>706911
"If we're thinking of the same guy, then yeah. It was a... harrowing experience."

>They pause to think.

"Would you be... Superbia by any chance?"

"Thanks, will do..."

| >>706913
"Heya, yep that's me"
>Superbia makes a peace sign

| >>706918
"Great. So everyone just knows me now, huh?"

>Nym sighs.

| >>706921
"Hey, me and mister bossman don't talk about a lot of stuff, I'm the one surprised you got brought up in the first place!"
>The nun exclaims, she seems to think it's the funniest thing ever
"Who was it that told you about me though? That I'm Re--ally curious about sugar"
>She elongates her sentence, pushing a finger forward

| >>706922
>Nym shrugs

"I've asked around a lot regarding this. You can never really have too much information"

| >>706923
"Well, Glad to see I'm so popular, makes me blush a tad now don't it? this gal likes the attention though"
>Superbia nods to herself, and shows a huge smile to you, her teeth are sharp like those of a shark.
"Well, if you got any inquiries sugar, I'm busy right now, but I'm sure we'll talk again rea--l soon"

| >>706924
"I'm sure we will."

>Nym raises their glass and drinks before moving further down the bar to wait for their companion.

| >And, wait they do.



| >>706925 >>706926
>The moment you begin contemplating whether or not you should hit up your contacts to ask why the fuck they're dragging their asses in getting here, they appear in the bar's doorway. Two gentlemen stand muttering to one another, neither of them looking particularly thrilled to have arrived.

"Did >>>they want to meet us here, or was this>>>your bright idea, Roy?"

>The shorter of the two surveys the bar with a look of displeasure.

| >>706930
>Nym spots the two and gives a wave


>Nym quickly turns to the barkeeper

"They're here"

| >>706932
>The taller man looks like he's either ignoring the shorter one, or trying to pick out someone from among the bar's current patrons. He doesn't answer. The more irate of the two shakes his head, and huffs.

"Not willing to take credit for this act of brilliance, huh? So humble; just like you..."

>Nym receives a polite wave in return, and the two men step forward into the tavern proper.

"Evening. You are?"

| >>706932 >>706934

"...and so they are." >The bartender says, sizing up the two men with a critical eye. She recognizes the taller one almost immediately- it's the shorter that she's taking stock of.

"...long time no see. Welcome back to the Lock and Barrel-" >She nods slightly,

"...how may I serve you?"

| >>706934
>Nym extends a hand.

"The name's Nym"

| >>706936
"... Max. It's a pleasure."

>Roy's less than personable companion takes Nym's hand. A firm, formal shake-- devoid of any enthusiasm, or warmth... While these two members of the party exchange introductions, Roy greets the bartender.

"Ah... yeah, it >>>has been quite a while, hasn't it?"

>He's surprised she remembers him. Did he leave that much of an impression during his last visit? Maybe she'd overheard him singing in that booth they'd all holed up in...

| >>706940

"Indeed. And judging from you standing before me, I guess..." >She looks over at Max...

"... things have been going pleasantly."

| >Nym does their best to be friendly, despite the other's stiffness.

"Thanks for meeting coming. Once we get a key to the booth, we can settle in and start talking"

| >>706902

> Dusty finally arrived, dressed in her usual moto-racing gear, looking a little worse for wear. Her clothing looked more unkempt that normal, but it didn’t seem to bother her. She was supposed to meet someone for a new job, but wasn’t even given a description of what they look like

> She sighed as she scanned all around, hoping that she’d stick out enough that they’d notice her first so she wouldn’t have to play a guessing game

| >>706943

>Verana waves in your direction!

"Welcome to the Lock & Barrel, what may I serve you?"

| >>706941
>Roy rubs the back of his neck apprehensively, initially unsure of how to answer this seemingly innocuous, yet oddly cryptic-sounding statement. He catches the 'tender's little glance at Max... and /immediately/ reads /much/ farther into this simple "how're things?" than he should.

"Oh, ah... well, I--"

>Oh jesus christ, let's hurry and clear this up-- he's just a /coworker/--

"I... suppose so? Unfortunately, I'm not here for leisure today."

>He nods towards Max.

| >>706947

>Verana thinks for a moment as she sizes up the three of you...

"...Ah. I see... in that case, what may I get you and your... acquaintance in the meantime?"

| >>706945

“Err... hi. Yeah. Can I get a cobalt Velvet for now? I’m supposed to be meeting someone here for something. Thanks, or whatever”

> Dusty walks closer to the bar itself, still scanning around to see if she can tell who her mark is supposed to be

| >Roy smiles, and holds up a couple of fingers as he makes his request.

"Could I get two Sugar Rushes, please? One with karmotrine, and one without?"

>Having accepted Nym's thanks, Max decides to cut in on Roy's order-- dryly, he grumbles:

">>>Heavy on that one with the karmotrine, please. Going to be a long night."

>Roy gives him a dirty look, to which he responds with nothing more than a raised eyebrow.

| >>706955

>The bartender moves to making your Cobalt Velvet...


>The bartender nods.

"One full karmotrine sugar rush, and one virgin sugar rush, coming up..."

| >>706958
>Nym sighs and just downs their drink

"... Another please"

| >>706955
>You soon notice a nun, smiling at you as she waves

| >>706959

>The bartender's not had this much work to do in a long time-

"In a minute honey, one suplex coming soon to a theater near you-"

| >>706961
"No worries"

| >>706955

>A cobalt velvet gently slides into your hand...

>>706956 >>706962

>Followed closely by two sugar rushes, one with EXTRA karmotrine, and a suplex... with a small, oddly shaped key sitting on top of a small cocktail umbrella. It looks like a square attached to a fob.

"Just press it into the booth. Number 39." >Verana says, winking.

"Thank you for your patronage."

| >>706965
"Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll cover all the drinks"

>Nym gives a smile and heads over to the booth, waiting for the other two to follow along

| >>706966

>Verana nods as you leave. They appear to be going to one of a series of discreet, totally enclosed booths in a corner of the bar that seem to have small doors which open and close, snugly ensconcing the users. Through means unknown to you, it seems to be literally impossible to hear what's being said or done on the other side of said doors.

| >>706897
>The girl smiles.

"Thank you!"

>She turns to the man, who is eat some more chips, having drained his glass of drink.

"I'll be right back, take care of Fenrir for me, and don't you dare get him drunk!"

"I won't, I won't"

>The man promises, attempting to hold in a laugh.
>The woman walks over to the restroom, at first keeping an eye on the man and the dog, but then turn her attention to the stage.
>Meanwhile the man throws the dog a chip, which it catches mid-air.

| >>706965
>Roy chirps a cordial "Thank you!" to the bartender, and is about to quite literally follow in Nym's footsteps when Max tells him to halt, and drop the drinks. Roy places them gently back on the counter with a frown and a roll of his eyes, while Max leans in towards Verana-- wanting to make sure she hears him over the growing din of the tavern.

"... Could I trouble you to add just a >>>touch more sugar to this Sugar Rush?"

>He points towards the one loaded with karmo.

| >>706971
"You know, just so... >>>he doesn't feel left out--"

>Max jerks a thumb in Roy's direction.

"-- and >>>I don't feel like I'm drinking on the clock."

>He flashes a wry grin, and chuckles quietly.

| >>706971 >>706972

>Verana nods.

"How... thoughtful of you." >She says, making a gesture similar to that one chef meme with the dude sprinking salt onto food. Except its sugar.

"Here you are."

| >>706974
>Roy scoffs, and walks off with a shake of his head towards >>706966.

>Meanwhile, Max grabs the two Sugar Rushes, looking rather pleased. He bows his head a little in thanks, and makes a mental note to tip Verana, later.

"Perfect. Thanks much."

>It's off to the booth for him, as well. Once there, he ushers the other two inside. Ladies first.

| >>706977
>The lilim obliges and climbs in first.

| >>706978 >>706977
>Roy glares at Max, and says flatly:

"I sit on the outer edge of the booth."

"Since >>>when?"

>Max feigns ignorance. This playing dumb isn't particularly hard for Roy to spot, given that... it's /Max/ doing it, and that Roy knows the guy works with patients who have all sorts of conditions limiting mobility. The orthopedist is very much aware of how difficult it is for someone to get out of a booth this size with a disability like Roy's; trust me.

| >>706981
>Roy glances down at his legs, then back up at his ex co-worker.

"Since these quit working like they were >>>supposed to about 25 years ago, Max. Stop being an ass."

>Max would wave his hands in mock defense if he weren't holding drinks in each one... with an uncaring shrug, he sidles inside first, and Roy ducks in second before shutting the booth's door firmly behind them. Once both are situated, Max slides him a Sugar Rush.

| >A man wearing a long green jacket with a fur-trimmed hood pushes the door open and peeks his head in before stepping inside.

| >>706982
>Nym just looks so overwhelmingly stressed and tired but does their best to not bash their head against the side of the booth with this exchange.

"So... let's get to business...?"

| >>706986
>Max folds his arms one over the other on the table in front of him, and stares at Nym expectantly. You're the one who asked him to show up; surely /you're/ the one who knows what this is all about. He gestures wordlessly at them to go on. Roy puts on his best "I look like I'm actively listening" face, tries to imagine he's elsewhere, and takes a large swig of his Sugar Rush.

| >>706987
"Alright so er..."

>Nym pauses to gather their thoughts.

"First off, I'd like to apologize for whatever you witnessed at the house. I wasn't there but... knowing my friends, it was undoubtedly a drekshow."

>They take a sip of their drink and wait for his reply.

| >>706985

"Welcome to the Lock & Barrel, how may I help you?"

| >>706989
>If you were expecting a polite "Oh, no-- it wasn't that bad," or even a civil "I accept your apology", you're going to be sorely disappointed, because you're certainly not getting either one of those from Dr. Edison. He blinks slowly, and raises his eyebrows-- yes, yes, continue; let's not waste time talking about things already well-established.

| >>706991
"Okay so second, are the preparations to be made for the surgery. From my understanding, you'll have your own team but the question is the facility where the procedure will be done. And that, is the problem. We have access to a clinic. It... isn't currently operating but we can get it stocked for the operation. I understand that this is a problem and that the dean isn't going to sign off on it and that's why I wanted to talk to you. To explain to you why... it really should be done there, as opposed to just any hospital"

| >>706965 >>706960
> Dusty grabs her drink and waves to the bartender, as if saying she’ll be back. She moves her way towards the nun and sets her drink down, seeing the other girl there too. She takes a drink and gets comfortable before speaking

“So, you’re the one with that job in the Flooded? Not the kind of person I was expecting but hey, it happens.”

| >>707004
>Iskra narrows her eyes, her gaze fixated on you. Moments later she shakes her head, shrugs and take another drink from her glass.

| >>707009
> Dusty stares back, squinting at first and then opening her eyes up as if realising something

“Oh!! You’re that girl who came by to buy a muffler from my chop shop! It was I–.... Y–.... Eileen...? Right? You’re in on this too?? That’s wiz!”

> she felt as if she’d gotten the name right, but she also felt that she must have been wrong somehow, given the look back she was getting

| >>706990
"I'd like a Piano Man,"
>The man calls out as he walks up to the bar. He finds a seat at the counter.

| >>707011

>She simply said, draining the rest of her glass.

| >A man in a blue trenchcoat walks in a bar, he carries a deck on his back as he looks around for a moment, before setting down at the bar counter.

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