(ooc) is this the end?

| Activity has dropped here like really fast

| :(

| It'll pick back up eventually. It's been an awful year and for some, they're busy with classes

| Yeah. also When new game comes out we might see a new peek of users

| >>704169
hope so

| I haven't posted actively here in a long time but maybe I'll come back eventually. Haven't actually looked through to see how inactive it is yet.

| Eh, I've seen worse. I'm busy with something else and also feel a bit lazy, which is why I haven't posted anything.

| busy

| I sure would love to see it running again! I'd be more than glad to participate more too!

| >>704289
Same here. I attempted to get into it but I didn't try very hard.

| >>704289 >>704293


| there are some ideas in the works that'll hopefully help increase activity and decrease barrier of entry because it is admittedly intimidating

| If I ever have the time and focus I have an idea for a potential rp/story arc/whatever involving an expedition to flooded. Pretty sure I actually meant to do that as early as last year but never got around to it.

| >>704357

| Ahhhh rip cyb
Its been fun lads!
*fades away into nothingness*

| With the power of denial and free time this board shouldn't die. -RW

| >>704782

Guess it'll die.

| If anyone wants to do some kind of more casual rp I'm thinking about just making a thread with one of my characters as a taxi driver. Maybe one of you guys' characters will just ask for a ride, maybe a seemingly normal fare will start a big story arc. I don't know, I'm not sure if my ideas are good or not.

| >>704842

It's been a long time since anyone's done a mundane character. We're planning on changing /cyb/ to encourage that more often. So its a start.

Just follow the current rules of setting threads and it'll be fine.

| Alright, I posted something. I don't know if anyone will help it go anywhere, I think I just felt like writing. I'll check back here in a little bit.

| I used to be very active here, but, idk. It got boring and my main character didn't fit well with all the 1337 hackers and anime sidekicks. I also remember getting shit for doing less serious and more comedic stuff with the RPing.

It could be cool to join again if the board ever gets a second wind and changes a little.

| >>704857

...Are you that nacho poster? The serial killer?

| Probably going to write up a thread with a preview of some /cyb/ 2.0 changes sometime this week.

| >>704859
No. That shit was annoying.

| Hard. One

| A preview of some upcoming rule revamps has been posted!

| I do wonder if limiting less casual adventures or story arcs to offsite places (assuming I'm reading the new rules correctly) is going to help the place gain activity, but I suppose it will make it more accessible to people just finding this place. I know whenever I'd come back after moving on to other things for a while I'd be a bit intimidated wondering what major events I'd miss. Hopefully more activity comes soon.

| Putting the discord link there helps in any case, I'd forgotten there was one if I ever knew in the first place.

| Well the idea was making a place where more normal characters can exist without necessarily being threatened by shadowrunners and other more "powerful" forces. Of course, that isn't stopping a civie from entering into an ARG but the concept was like...

A safe city in an MMO where you can craft and stuff without worrying about combat necessarily. And then outside the walls of the city are the PvP enabled zones. You can always make that decision to enter those zones but if you didn't want to, then you didn't have to worry about PKers attacking you in town.

There'll still be a level of overlap of course but we wanted the board to feel like the game where the focus are the regular people living in this crazy world.

| >Walk into Flooded
>You have entered a PvP enabled zone

| >>705663
Flooded has to be PvP. There's no way it isn't.

| >>705664

You cannot fast travel while enemies are nearby.

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