[Radio] Radio Wire 17.5



>The screaming continues for about two and a half minutes

| "That summs it up pretty well, got anythin' else to say or?" -X

"It's October people!! Know what that means?" -N

| "Please if you're about to do that again sit over here so my left ear is equally destroyed" -X

"HALLOWEEN DISCOUNTS! Ever wanted to get on with a street lilim for less than her serial number? get some spooky service for an affordable price! -N

| "That's-There's no way we actually signed up for that let me check this.." -X

"No no don't bother looking no one paid us for this, this is just me being a good Samaritan and lending a helping hand for our sisters in charms" -N
"Why. Are. You. Advertising. Prostitution" -X

| "Hey this is more of a PSA rather than an advertising ok??" -N
"We have actual paid advertisements that have now to be aired along with that filth" -X

" 'Filth', Ok robophobic" -N

| "Y'know-" -X
"No I do not know, but wanna know what I know?" -N
"Wh-" -X
"The best place to spend some good nostalgic time on this god forsaken city!" -N

"Please be for real now" -X

| >"A D V E R T I S E M E N T!"
"Thanks cutie three point fourteen" -N

"Ever felt like the world is crumbling around you? Psychologists are both expensive and a scam man but what's cheap and functional? Coffee is! Caramel Anne at 5th Westward Lane in Uptown is serving BBC: Breakfast, Biscuits and Coffee! Walk in today with the promo code R-W-I-R-E for a 15% off your purchase, that's free money you moron! Why are you still here and not on your way to Caramel Anne!?" -N

| "Man it feels good to be paid to yell at people!" -N
"You'd be a great manager, ready to take calls now? -X
"Am I a lilim? Cause pop me open!" -N

| "Please PLEASE don't ever say that again" -X

>A burst of genuine laugh emerges from the second host
"Lines open lines open, Cali do your thing now" -N

| >"Want to request music, donate, or just chat with the hosts? Call now to any of the following numbers!"

>"555-XXXXXX To talk with Neil"
>"545-XXXXXXX To talk with Xii"
>"535-XXXXXX For talking with me!"
>"And 515-XXXXXX to make business with us, privacy ensured!"

| "Well I can telll its Halloween cause the lines are fuckin' dead, should we do a giveaway?" -X

| "no no you have to reel them in first, no gifts for them unless they donate" -N
"That's.. That's called selling Neil, the opposite of gifting" -X

| "first of all the opposite of gifting is taking" -N

"That's.. Fuck alright that's true, go on" -X

"Second of all, no one listens to Radio because of the gifts, no they listen to Radio cause it's the only thing worse than TV or because they're old and in denial" -N

| >call on 545

| >>703190
"Man it's been a while since ah' heard that noise, wonder what it is.." -X
>Neil picks up line '545'
"Wh-gimme that bitch" -X

>Some struggling occurs, then Xii takes line '545'
"Hello and welcome to Radio and Wire, you're talkin' with Xii and being heard by probably 6 people currently tunin' in, why don't ya' give us a name?" -X

| "Today's transmission is brought to you by CRAM! It's pink, it's mushy, it's CRAM!" -N
>"What is Cram?"
"I have no fucking clue, this came with a 2000z donation" -N

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