CIRC-A Discussion Thread

| Classified Information Research Club-A! We're opening our first investigation/update/request/whatever thread here. -Soca

We /moved/ our thread from @channel to dangeru. -Neue

"Ackshually" this is our first thread too. Whatever. We're the CIRC-A! We dig into things they don't want you to know... -Soca

We're based off a high school you might know. It's big. We have too many girls. -Neue

It /is/ an all-girl school after all. -Neue

| HEEEY. Are you going to leak our information just like that?!? What if they're listening on us!? -Soca

Oh sorry. How do I delete posts? -Neue

You can't!! Gods in heaven above. How many all-girls school is there in GC? -Soca

There's four near me. -Neue

Good. Okay. Have you thought why GC is so full of women? Girls.. ladies... I see more of them here. And I used to live in Panama! -Soca

| I don't know about that either. I don't like looking at census data. They are... -Neue

Corrupted! Skewed. Kurtosis! -Soca

... I was gonna say misrepresenting. -Neue

Funny, I can't get to GC's census data anymore. Did they block me?? -Soca

I don't think a website can just "block" you. -Neue

They can't? Weird...! Are they hiding something from us? Why IS GC full of girls?! -Soca

I'll share my thoughts after class. -Neue

| The gender ratio really is skewed but ive never heard a lot of people complain about it. -CN

| >>698456
I'm not complaining. It's weird we have so many girls around. What did THEY do to make these girls come to one place like this? And genetic manipulation isn't out of the question, too. -Soca

| >>698486
People like to joke it has something to do with the nanomachines in the air or water.-CN

| >>698636
What they said should be considered. -Neue

Are you in the clubroom now? I'm getting food for us! -Soca

Thank you. Yeah, I saw your bag. Cynthia was strict with the skirt length today too. -Neue

Oof. What's your catch about the gender issue? It's bugging me. I want to hear it. -Soca

Same as what >>698636 said. -Neue

That's boring. -Soca

We don't even know what they use the nanomachines for. -Neue

Don't they cause a disease too?!? -Soca

Yes. NMR. -Neue

| >>698651
I'm not an expert on NMR but I think it's like an immune responses thing. As for the nanos theres different theories. -CN

| >>698655
That's not the cause? Hmmm. -Neue

They change your body right? It gives you these ears... -Soca

I don't think that's the disease? You should search this too. It will be in Biology next week. -Neue

I'm not trusting the search engines! -Soca

... Okay. See, from what I read it's the treatment that made those ears. -Neue

Can I be treated too? -Soca

I don't know? Are you feeling sick from breathing the air? -Neue

I am asthmatic. -Soca

That's not what I meant. -Neue

| >>698665
I think the cat ear stuff only happens if you have NMR before you're born. I don't think it works the same after you're born. -CN

| >>698687
That is what NetMD said. -Neue

Whatever. The point is do you think that is the cause of the gender disparity? -Soca

"Disparity"? Eh. Maybe. I'm scratching my head too. Are you sure this isn't a causation? -Neue

I guess! There is a lot of things in our water after all. They say water isn't even water, but I can't tell the difference. -Soca

Would that justify buying a new microscope for our club? -Neue

YES! -Soca

| >>698694
Um... good luck with your research? -CN

| >>699521
Thank you, thank you. -Soca

Do we have any other topics? -Neue

How about virtual reality? -Soca

What /about/ virtual reality? -Neue

In the @channel thread someone said you can scan souls and upload it to a virtual reality. -Soca

I don't think we addressed that one. How do you scan "souls"? -Neue

Poke poke brain time? -Soca

Souls aren't attached to the brain. I don't think they are. -Neue

Back off! I didn't know you were a... soulsologist.. souls veteran? -Soca

| >>699523
I think by souls usually they just map brain patterns or something. I dont really know a lot about the topic though. -CN

| >>699524
That makes more sense than actual souls. -Neue

I'm sorry, "ACTUAL" souls? Are you saying souls are real too?! -Soca

I'm not implying that. -Neue

Btw, do you want coffee? The vending machine has too many of them. -Soca

Eww. -Neue

Okay then. Do you still want to discuss about souls? You're more knowledgeable than I thought. -Soca

I read a lot of research papers about it. Some say nanomachines can make up souls too. -Neue

No way! What even are nanomachines then? -Soca

| >>699528
Tiny bots that transmit or collect information. -CN

| >>699937
I know that! -Soca

I think she meant it like, what are nanomachines supposed to do? Where are the information going? And I'm going to answer this one. It's going to the big corps. -Neue

Which big corps? -Soca

The one that matters. -Neue

So can they make up souls? -Soca

It's hard to tell. Have you ever died? That's the only way to know about souls. -Neue

No but what about lilims? -Soca

I don't know. I'm not a lilim. They don't die is what I know. -Neue

| >>699983
This is now past my wheelhouse. -CN

| >>700001
Mine too. -Neue

You don't like to make conspiracy theories? -Soca

Not at the risk of making me sound racist, no. -Neue

Oh, there you are. I saw you from up here. -Neue

Stop wasting posts! The maids are going to close this thread if you do it. -Soca

"Maids"? -Neue

Mods. Janitors? -Soca

You're a lot more NEET than I remember. -Neue

I'm not going to say why! -Soca

You know. They should do something about those zombies. -Neue

Huh?! -Soca

Nm. -Neue

| >>700452
Zombies? -CN

| >>700502
There's an @channel poster saying things about zombies. -Neue

It's in our thread? -Soca

Yeah. Posted fifteen minutes ago. -Neue
> #26830071(OP)
> yknow them zombies underground??? reeks like hell and will gnaw the fuck out of you

Brrr. I'm not going to investigate about that. -Soca

You're backing off now? Without even a search? -Neue

I don't like being in tight spaces with a lot of things that smell. -Soca

Figures. -Neue

| >>700507
I wouldnt recommend searching that anyways. -CN

| >>700516
I'm trying to press common sense to her but it's not working! -Soca

Well, what do you want to investigate then? We already did the entire school. -Neue

Pick one at random from our thread! -Soca

Bigpaws? -Neue

We already did that one? -Soca

We didn't write what it was about. -Neue

It was a big dog! -Soca

Very dismissive. -Neue

Shut up. We are not doing Bigpaws or Manbat. Both are fakes. Confirmed by yours truly. -Soca

| >>700521
You know Black Panties herself has been investigating Manbat. -CN

| >>700522
And I believe her more when she denies Manbat. -Soca

We should get our binoculars to find Manbat. They have been collecting dust ever since we skipped the UFO search. -Neue

Black Panties can't even find Manbat! -Soca

Well, I know she's not me. -Neue

How about we start with this instead? Someone posted this a couple weeks ago. -Soca
> #26830071(OP)
> I saw my neighbor go to the grocer but apparently that wasn't her?? WTF?

Misremembering. -Neue

Doppelganger. -Soca

| >>700524
Do people post this kind of stuff all the time... -CN

| >>700687
Our @channel thread is full of trolls. -Neue

I asked the poster what they meant. -Neue
>at night I can hear this neighbor giggling
>like not in her place
>more like outside
>but she literally has night shifts so she should be working, right???

I'm feeling doppelganger. -Soca

I tracked the IP. This is close to the apartment. -Neue

You mean near that abandoned place again? -Soca

Yeah... Weird stuff happens there... -Neue

| >>700778
She could just be a twin or something. -CN

| >>701067
True. There are too many convenient puzzle to this one. This CN has been sensical so far. -Neue

Well, try asking the poster for that then! -Soca

... I don't think the poster would know. -Neue

I'm willing to investigate, but I don't want you climbing anything again. -Neue

Fine. -Soca

Do you know Cynthia loves visiting this cafe? Caramel Anne? -Neue

Oh yeah. Anne saw her there. She's suspecting compensated dating! -Soca

No way that's true. -Neue

| >>701100
Who are these people... -CN

| >>702055
We got sidetracked. -Neue

A-anyway. Have any reply for the thread? -Soca

A link, in fact. -Neue
> The link leads to what seems to be a blurry security camera footage, from several days ago. At first, there is a woman that enters an apartment room. Hours pass, with no-one exiting the room, the same woman is outside. They seem wary of the camera. The footage cuts when their eyes meet the camera.

How did they get this? -Soca

I don't know. It's not worth reporting. -Neue

| >>702413
Couldnt there just be another exit? -CN

| >>702628
That's more than possible. -Neue

But we know the room layout! -Soca

We do? -Neue

I did my research. This is a single bedroom apartment. One door for exit and entry. -Soca

Ssg. I'm not entirely convinced this isn't a troll. -Neue

Why? -Soca

Why /this/ woman specifically? If it's spirits or whatever, it's not gaining anything by just existing. If it's a nefarious entity, same reason applies. -Neue

Maybe she's a medium! -Soca

No? -Neue

| >>703160
You could just ask her while in public or something. -CN

| I see talk of souls and mysteries and conspiracies, and I am intrigued.
- BrittanYs

Ys for the last time you can not see dead people go to bed.
- SciFox

No u
- BrittanYs

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