How can we work at AE?

| I-it's not like i want to do bad things, but i want to work either at AE or in a Lilim tech support

| Lol AE?? Just kiss QUINCY's ass he'll get you a position in no time. AE is biased as fuck.

| Damn! Life is hard down there...But i need to find a job! Shoild i become a WK recruit or a Lilim tecnician?

| >>696609
Just enter a BTC training in order to become a bartender

| I still hesitate.... BTC is good? I mean, i fear that the place i will work is one of those hell holes, with chemical hazard and under the table stuff

| >>696609

| I think working on Lilims would be more fun than writing, but that's just me~

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Hmmm... I dont get it, why? Lilim worker repair and provide upgrade no? But i understand that doing something manual and take care of them are nicer ^^

| Hm...

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