[Radio] Radio Wire 17


| >A soothing voice takes over the silence of the night as transmission begins

"Welcome back to-" -X
>And a loud crash interrupts, with the sickening noise of glass going everywhere tagging along
"...Radio Wire, the place where dreams come true as long as they are humble enough" -X

| "Now, we bring you vibes, what are vibes you ask? Well that's a question ah'd love to answer after you take a good hear at this.." -X

>Hopes and Dreams begins playing on Live

| "Ya' hear? If ya' don't know what's vibin' after that then I'm afraid ah' can't help you" -X

"When did you learn to be cool? Where's the anger? where's the complaining about life and about everything?" -N

"That's not very vibe out of you" -X
"Please, stop" -N

| "Anyway welcome to Radio Wire ev--" -N
"--I already did that, maybe do the advertisements?" -X

"You are making it really hard for me to antagonize you being all "please" and "thank you", do you know what people really want? Listeners want Drama!" -N

| "Then go on, fight me" -X

>'Those Who Dwell in Shadows' begins playing

"No no you're making it too.. Wrong? It's like if a major wanted to fight me, or a priest" -N

"Wasn't yer' dad a priest?" -X
"Yeah no that's totally different, I'd 100% throw hands if he asks me to" -N

| >"Oh I know that one! it's daddy issues!"

"Cali you cute cotton candy cloud you are the embodiment of daddy issues so I'd like to not get into that topic with you, of all people" -N

"Rude, but fair. Ya' ready to take calls?" -X
>'Commencing simulation' begins playing on Live
"Sure, make sure to remind people that my line is the most important line of all times since you're in charge today for some reason" -N

| "..Lines are open people, remember:
555-XXXXXXX for a bad time, 545-XXXXXXX for a vibe time-" -X
"Die" -N
"-And 535-XXXXXXX for a wholesome time. If ya' wanna do business with us please re-consider, then call us at 515-XXXXXXXX once you're done reconsiderin'" -X

| >>696499
> Call 515

| >'R' picks up Line '515'

"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire's business line, everything from advertisement to deals, donations and alliances at your disposal. Who do I have the pleasure to be talking with today?"

| >>696499
>Call 545

| "Ah'm so glad we don't just sit here in awkward silence 'till a call shows up, that'd be weird wouldn't it?" -X
"Please, pick up before I go mental" -N

| >>696812

>Xii picks up line '545'
"Jello' and welcome to Radio Wire, we got one liners, lack of talent and a lot of free time, who's the lucky guy or gal to come through this line today?" -X

| >>696826
"Hi, ya can call me «CF». I'm a decker. Torrid run was tonight in Appolo bank, but I'm sure corporates will gloss over their failure. I wanted to see a couple of burning corporative asses on the TV... Oops, they almost track me, so I'll run. Remember, dudes, wear masks when ya'r on the run!"

| >>696638
"H-hello. This is Lucetta speaking. This is the.. Radio Wire business line, correct?"

| >>696838
"You're on the run like literally right now?? If ya' can please run into some post that will be really comedic out of you, jokes aside ya' got any scoop on any Corp you'd like to share?" -X

| >>696868
"Correct, mind the security of this line might be limited but current privacy is assured" -R

| >>696982
"Nope, my run ended a couple of hours ago. Appolo corporates are sneaking around my asylum, but they'll never get me. Scoops on any corps... I have lots of info. For example, how do ya like the fact of GCPD and government are paying Appolo to make their offshore transactions invisible in financial reports? Our people like to think that corps're giving info transparently, so bastards tried their best to hide some facts." - CF

| >>697015
"Ah so they're pullin' the good ol' cash & washh ain't they? Now I'm not one to be defendin' said corps but I'm also not one to be taking info from any source, you said ya' were in some sort of asylum? I'd love if you could clear that one up before some shady business man in charge of PR does it for ya'" -X

| >>697191
”That info I took from director's terminal. That pathetic slug kept it on the antediluvian winchester. My grandpa used the same one... Wow, I get a masterpiece now from that winchester. It's about the headmaster of White Knights. But it'll wait.
So, 'bout asylum, it's reliable one. For this moment, at least. I'll change it soon anyway. I'd be more worried of you,'cause it'll be a problem, if a GCPD regiment knock doors down." – CF

| >>696983
"I'm here to make put out an advertisement for my local business. I-is that within what you do around here?"

| >Call 555

| >>697210
"I hear ya' I hear ya'.. I'm not understandin' shit but I hear ya', ah' wouldn't worry about our door considerin' we got quite the hide here, an unlicensed radio station kiiinda requires hiding where the signal comes from" -X

| >>697214

>'R' takes a small pause, his tone coming out less rigid after it
"..Definetly, we range from 500 zennys up to 2000 depending on the nature of the advertisement; for just a local business we can arrange it being as low as possible" -R

| >>697407

>Neil picks up on line '555'
"Hello hello and welcome welcome to the only Radio Show built with balls of steel attached to it. Now I obviously feel insulted that you caller waited so long to contact me but it's ok, I forgive you! You just owe me your name now mister of Missy" -N

| >>697431
>The call is started by an enthusiastic voice of Alix.
"Both mister and missy, actually. Alix here, remember me? Red's here too, of course."

>Then her voice is followed by another, not as enthusiastic voice.
"Hey there."

| >>697426
"Seems like your deckers know their job. That cool. By the way, I crack that winchester in real time, so don't switch my line off, secrets of corps are always interesting. Dangerous, but interesting. Wait a sec... What the heck? What an arse are usin' MD5-encrypted passwords? Am I a joke to ya? I always thought bank directors are cleverer than that..." - CF

| >>697428
> A silence enters before the chipper voice of Lucetta spoke again.

"Oh, that's a competitive rate. My.. staff here told me to have us exempt from the discount. Consider this a way to help you all."

| >>697435
"Ah, the so rightfully called Colorado Trio: you guys and your big brains. There's this tendency of people not calling back after I mocked them for being Canadian or mistook them for Canadians so I'm proud to say you two broke my dry spell" -N

"That's not.." -?

| >>697452
"Man I'm definetly with you, how do bankers dare to use a bippity boppity for their defense? a cheap boppity bippity counter can break through that we all know that. Jokes aside, what's that money ya' cracking' for?" -X

| >>697471
"Carrying such a humble station makes a competitive rate the only kind of rate you can have the luxury of offering; knowing you and your business are supporters of local stations does make this easier" -R

>A chair readjust and the so unfamiliar noise of a big, fat, 300 pages notebook being dropped on a desk follows

"So, what do you have in mind for this advertisement?" -R

| >>697656
"This is war, bro. That's not for money. That is for Justice and Revenge for plain people. But maybe I just lie to myself, 'cause not so many people want to know and learn the truth. Maybe I'm just havin' fun of breakin' into "unbreakable" corps and shouting their secrets out. But I think it's for Justice, I feel comfortably thinkin' that way.
Btw, did ya know headmaster of White Knights have a fetish for kitchenware? Hell, that's worst I saw 'bout him. Pathetic." – CF

| >>697655
"Still not colorado, but nevermind that right now. I'm here to report a good news that I've finally managed to get Red out of that dreadful armor of his when he goes out with me."
>Alix says brightly.

"Oh, shut up, it's not like I wear it *all* the time."
>Red replies.

"Yes, yes you do wear it all the time."
>Alix replies back again, before laughing.
"If only you could see his face right now, Neil."

| >>697664
K-Kitchenware? Like does he get off to knifes and bowls or..? Ah' mean I have seen weirder, like one dude that gets off to vending machines but even so" -X

| >>697682
"ah young love, it's cheesy and stupid and yet it works. Oi Red, if I call you a nerd for being in some robotic costume 90% of the time will you beat me up? I have a rule that is to always call out nerds but to never piss off people that can totally beat me up, so this is a hard position" -N

| >>697661
"Now you're speaking. Let's see.. well, it's a café that I have. Cafés are.. warm, cute, fuzzy — you know, not really something an underground station would have advertising, isn't it?"

| >>697716
”I have a video of him "havin fun" with juicer and meat grinder. God, that's fuckin creepy. As long as I see that, I don't want to touch that weirdy mess...
I've had enough, I don't want to have nothing to do with it.
Auch. Feel like search for brilliants in shit, but I search for shit in shit. Sometimes I hate my job.
Aw, and seems like Appolo director and WK-head have close relations. Very close.“ - CF

| >>697719
"Not gonna lie, I think most nerds are pretty great. My girlfriend's a nerd for god's sake."
>Red replies.

>Alix shouted in protest.
"I'm not that much of a nerd."

"Don't worry, I love you for it. Sometimes you just need someone like this to balance out your life, eh?"
>Red continues, and they go silent for a while before Red comes back.
"I just gave her a kiss and she's blushing so hard right now."

| >>697721
"That is correct, our audience consists more of indoors people rather than outsiders.. Though you can see it as an opportunity to approach a different demographic" -R

| >>697724
"Close like a white knight and his kitchenware? Or close like a banker and someone else's money? Ah' think it's pretty common for douchebags to be close to each other since they kinda share status y'know?" -X

| >>697801
"Yeah that's 100% a nerd in my book, with like so many circles around the word and a stick-it note that points at the word and reads 'this person is totally a nerd' you know what I mean, right?"

>Neil leaned closer to the microphone

"I think the best part of dating nerds is how many euphemisms regarding school stuff you can make like I sounds so smart saying shit like "Gonna calibrate that calculator baby" and it works somehow"

| >>698018
"I know exactly what you mean."
>Red replies, to a soft "Stop" of Alix.
"All the banter aside though, we are actually here to tell you that Alix just finished the draft for her next novel. She's so exited to talk about it with someone and insisted we call you."

| >>698012
"Oh, that doesn't bother me. People come and go. I just want to make sure I have a wide net. We're in good shape with students and those.. streamers.. going in and out, but having more audience is always better, no?"

| >>698015
"Nope, man, it's like WK-head and his kitchenware. But as I saw on that video, money they like to play with too. Meh. Can we talk about something less... Traumatic? Next time I'll tell more corp secrets, of course." – CF


| >>698025
"Why me? Shit-I mean uh.. Yeah no I meant that, why me? I read less than a baby, they watch those colorful shows that read for them at least but I only read prescription bottles and bottles of shampoo. What I could do for her is that fancy thing where writers are invited into talking about their books, that's stuff I can definitely get behind" -N

| >>698027
"Like I said, expanding from your usual group of costumers can be very beneficial if done right, if it's audience what you're aiming for in here I assure you this is the best place for these different kind of people" -R

| >>698047
"You know ya' seem like the perfect candidate to share corp secrets on the air not because you keep breakin' into their computer or wi-fi or whatever you do but because ye' don't seem to be able to hold them" -X

>Xii laughs, and it sounds as forced as a laugh can be

"Y'know how most people hold those secrets so they can sell 'em or at least build up some tension? You're like a broken faucet that keeps spillin' and spillin' seemingly not able to stop" -X

| >>698557
"I got you. Consider this first time as something to help our relationship if business blooms. Where am I paying then?"

| >>698558
"Okay, okay, man, ya got me. I just can't hold em. Think it yourself – I could sell these secrets to those who are interested in them. But who are those people? Right, they are rival corporates. In which hell I would rob one corp and reinforce the other one by selling secrets? I think, I'm on the right way just 'cause I tell these secrets to everyone at this radio channel.
>CF life-affirmingly laughs
"This is war, man. And I am a D.I.Y.-crusader." – CF

| >>698540
"Not sure why either, I guess she's just enthusiastic about it and wanted someone else to share it with that isn't boring old me."

"No, don't put it that way, honey."
>Alix finally speaks up.

| >>698577
"You can deposit directly at account N° XXX-XXXXX-XXX R. Myers. I will also need information about what exactly you want to hear from us when advertisement your establishment, anything from a friendly suggestion up to a direct approach to start this partnership with the right foot" -R

| >>698584
"ya' see yourself like that manniac who doesn't wait to be drafted into war but instead jumps out with his homemade rifle to shoot every government entity that shows up on his property don't ya?" -X

| >>698594
"No no now let's not get all gloomy cause I actually understand her here, when you make some piece of art you're proud of it's easier to show a stranger than to show someone close to you, I used to date a girl that painted with her feet and let me tell you I never got to see any of the foot paintings" -N

| >>698863
> A total of 2500 zenny was transferred.

"My staff said the total transferred was 2000. I won't do too much control — you guys have the creativity, I'm paying you all for it. All you need is the address: Caramel Anne, 5th Westward Lane, Uptown. Oh- and our menu; your typical breakfast up until the bitter coffee stuff. Sweet cakes and et cetera. Guaranteed privacy, we have soundproof walls here. Let's see.. and.. a promo code. RWIRE, 15% off. Make it sweet."

| >>698868
"Yeah, that's... kind of the reason why. Don't get me wrong, Red read my stuff all the time. I just kinda want to share it with someone else, you know?"

"...how does one paint with their feet?"


"What? I'm curious!"

| >>698876
"We promise and assure that you should expect both creativity and efficiency from what you're giving us to work with"
>A cute little 'ding' noise pops up from R's end
"..And to cut any misunderstanding whatsoever I will inform you right now we just received the payment, 2500 instead of 2000"

| >>699469
"Oh? Consider that a bonus. I wouldn't dare take a money I've spent. That aside, I hope good things to come from you guys. If there's nothing else needed, feel free to close the line. You don't want me hogging your attention all day."

| >>699141
"Oh I'm glad you asked you see-you see most people assume she just held the brush with her foot but no no she straight up dipped them in paint and spread it around the canvas so majestically, though you're caught peeking *once* and now all trust is gone, that's just Bullshit you know?" -N

"Anyway tell me about your novel, is it dramatic or erotic?" -N

| >>699473
"Yeah, these wom—"
>Red was interrupted by Alix most likely covering his mouth.

"Anyways, yeah. My novel is dramatic, my books are not erotic, or rather, I don't release the erotics one. I'm not that kind of autho—"
>Alix was also interrupted, except this time it was a loud crashing sound, followed by a dog's whimper.
"Fenrir! Ah, damn! I completely forgot about you!"

"Come on, you've been here for what? Two hours? You can't be making a mess already."
>Red remarks.

| >Their voices are now further from the mic.
"It's our fault, I forgot how much he needed to move around. Why don't you go ahead and take him for a run or something."

"Alright, alright, fine."

"Really sorry about that, where were we?"

>In the background, a whistle can be heard, followed by a friendly bark and Red saying "Come on, boy."

| >>698865
”Maybe. I'm not insterested in resultativeless war, for sure. But somebody must do that, ya know. Somebody must damage corps property, get and publish dirty secrets. Corporates will get cocky otherwise“ – CF

| >>699472
"I think that should be all, expect well placed advertisements through the week, again: a pleasure doing business with you" -R

| >>699489
"First we were at how your novel really is, you were telling us about how you only do erotica for personal usage or at least that's how I heard it. I kinda lost track when the happy family time came through miss me with that wholesome stuff" -N

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