Inspire me!

| The sun has fallen, besmirching an anointment of vile darkness upon the land — such tragedy is the felling for me, a lady of the lore. Now, not knowing these glyphs, I ask you, as a weary eye:

Tell me your tale of adventures! For it shall lay eternal in my library, unwitting of its future audience. -Uni


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Don't know if it counts as "Adventure", but one time I went to an hotel in Midnight.

I arrived, and before I noticed, the whole place was just covered in blood and corpses, and not regular corpses, they had their interiors ripped out and replaced with machinery, heads chopped off and TVs put in their place.

The TVs all ran kids shows, I just fucking ran. Later I found out that the New Gen Killer did the deed. It was fucked, never going to Midnight again.

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This city is truly demented; a walking, wailing death, repenting the misery of its oppressed lives. How much of humanity has degraded for us to see this? What fiendish aberration have corrupted us to beseem this as a normality of sorts? Truly, an experience you have witnessed.

Thank you for the terrifying tale. Its word shall be immortalised upon me, in a grimoire of the dead. -Uni

| An adventure? :T Hmmm... I don't think I've been on any adventures before, but something happened recently that makes me think I might go on one, soon! :0

Last week, I was in the middle of scouring the 'net for information on the whereabouts of the elusive and nefarious "Joe" (protecting this city is a tireless job!), when suddenly, I heard Miss Maggie start screaming!! :( I ran to her bedroom as fast as I could...

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I opened the door right away, afraid I would find something horrible; but when I looked inside, everything seemed alright! Miss Maggie was not in any danger. She was on a trideo call with a man I had never seen before. :? At first, I thought maybe he had said something rude that upset her. >:(

She told me that wasn't what happened, and that this man she was talking to was her son. He didn't look anything like he does in those pictures around the house... :/

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Miss Maggie said he had told her something that made her very happy and excited. She said he told her that she's going to have a daughter, soon. I have not seen her smile that much since I came to live with her. :) It was very nice. :>

I have to wonder, though... what did he mean? Miss Maggie is too old to have children the way humans normally do, and even then, I don't know why her son would be the person telling her that she is expecting. :?

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The only conclusion I can arrive at is that maybe, she would like to have another lilim like myself staying with her-- she has likened my companionship to having a daughter, before. Then, I would have a sister, or a friend! :0 One Phoebe is not enough, apparently. x)

If this is the case, I hope she will take me along with her when she decides to bring home this new daughter. It will give me a chance to experience that first car ride back to her house again. :)


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My, as I am only a scribe and nothing more, I bear with me no duty to preserve the littlest deviance in stories — however incongruent, they are stories wrought by a mind.

For you, I too, shall write upon that story. If this is your adventure, then it shall be an adventure of life — of growth — not an epic retelling of endless heroism. My heartfelt thanks, you have shown me a greater side of literature: love, romance, and fellowship.

| However, I see it upon myself to be a fountain of truths. Every fiction is a chrysalis — a seed — for history to form. Pray tell, my dear, what love do you possess for Miss Maggie? Is it one of many, from the branches of family? Or perhaps.. it sees itself as the warm hand of friendship?

No answer is incorrect. Form your own thoughts for what you see fit; this, to you, shall be your history too. -Uni

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That is a hard question to answer. :T If I were to think very hard about it, and choose my words carefully...

I would say it would be the love and appreciation a student might feel for their mentor. :) I learn new things about the world from Miss Maggie every day. She is a wonderful teacher, and she is also someone I feel I can ask almost anything! She might not always know the answer, though if she doesn't she usually helps me to discover it myself.

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I care about her very much, and I know she also cares about me. We both enjoy each other's company, either when idle or when actively doing something together. I suppose that is close to the kind of love you might feel in a friendship, as well. :?


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I see. I know naught of love akin to this; it is only my utmost pleasure to see you utter this same benignity — thus, what I have lack, and thus I have witnessed again.

Certainly, it will be imprudent of me to not say you these words — but, would it only be a chatter to say? It matters not my reason. Know that, this warmth you express — of kinship, and of community — shall expire; seize yours until the day you see it and never let loose. -Uni

| Uwa...A lot of eloquent words and phrasing being thrown around...It's making my head spin a little...

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Fret not! Lucidity shall come forth to those harkening the language; this is no comprehension, but a love for the beauty it possesses. -Uni

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Lucidity...? Harkening...? All I really got from this is this is a sort of language appreciation thread...Am I wrong?

| Mmmmm if you ask for inspiration i might be of some semblance of use.
But inspiration for what genre?

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It may be. This thread offers no purpose, but as an inspiration for an enclosed mind — that is, myself and others.

Oh, there is worry about such matter. Genre is a semblance of limitation, I dare not use the word here — after all, what I write is not only a story for one mass, one group, or one vision. -Uni

| Alright mate, loads of big words and fancy language getting thrown around here eh? I'll bite, so I used to be a private contractor. There was this big cult we were fighting. On a patrol we were doing, we came across a bunch of dead cultist, except whatever killed them bloody froze them to death. Like they were frozen like popcicles, that's what I called them, 'Cultist Popcicles'. I'm glad we got rid of the cultists. Give me the chills everytime I think about it.

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Hmph. Surely their blind belief have led them to their demise; what puny worth they exhibit — to praise a being of such quality — and forsooth! I see no shallow river to displace their demerit.

Those are words of one that has been harmed by their kin. Cultists.. in their eyes are nothing but maddened love; a virtue of the dead, and those with rotting brain. -Uni

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Then how about i give you a funny one?
Being in the military usually means you have enough sad and depressing stories to last more then a lifetime so some light ones where you can laugh at are always nice yeah?

I remember a good one.

Sooo a little thing they dont tell you about service in the military is how mind numbingly boring it is to just sit around at base camp waiting for orders to come down, Even worse in a sandbox where it hits as hot as 50 celciu

| As a result if the soldiers aren't metaphorically or sometimes literally dying of heat stroke, we would get into some really stupid hijinks just to keep occupied.

Most of the time its nothing much, usually just "we got so bored we could do nothing but stack up empty cans and throw rocks them for 4 days straight"

But sometimes someone is a little more creative.
One time one of our small arms repair men got their hands on a empty 30mm shell somehow.

| And the crazy bastard decided the best thing to do with it was to use it as the barrel for a small cannon!
So he took then time to make wheels and a bi pod stand out i dont even know what they scrounged up

So when we all gathered to watch they filled it up with some gunpowder and some chunck of metal in.
Then lit some thread they used as a fuse.

Almost immediately the raid siren went off and we all collectively neared prolapsed

| Apparently the resulting bang was so loud half of the base was thrown into chaos because they thought we were getting by artillery and a hole in the armory roof the size of a golf ball haha!

And then one of the SOs came to check out the sound of Course
So the moment we heard them go
"What the absolute FUCK happened in here!"
We all scattered so fast to this day i don't think ive seen any bail outs beat it

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Hoo, boy, lemme tell ya. Those fanatics ain't no joke. They'll get their missus sacrificed to their lord or god or whatever if needed.

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A battlefield of bereft experiences is a stage none matches true; I have seen wars and battles, and I see valour and victories, but joys and jests never do become unnatural. Humans are truly, a creature of comfort.

So have I heard. Let them make haste to their death. I have no singular remorse for their souls — may they rest upon the cradle of a better life now. -Uni

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