recommend me your best books

| what title said

Getting bored of these trids and manga. They say books make you smarter too so wth why not

| I love sex.

| I'm actually a novelist, you can check out my first book series, 'the Plains of Patisch', if you are interested in high fantasy novels and stuff like that.

| >>696508 Sorry not interested
>>696522 what kinda High Fantasy are we talking about? Sell me the book

| Mmmm...Books, huh? I enjoy reading about romance, comedy, and war crimes~

| >>696711 fill me in on the warcrimes

| >>696585
The series takes place on the continent of Noriah, but is mostly focused on the eastern side of it. It's a story of a war between two nations. Of rise and fall of an empire. So if you like something like that, you can check it out.

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Well, there's a ton of books out there cataloging warcrimes, you just have to know where to look!
Some of them are organized by severity or the type of warcrimes committed!

| Demian by herman hesse
The moon over the mountain by atsushi nakajima
Notes from underground by fyodor dostoyevsky


| >>da3487
Apologies, im more a scientist than a litterar, good read anyway ^^

-Desty N.

| Below are a few of my favorites-- they aren't really anything heavy or cerebral, but that doesn't mean they don't have substance, or that they aren't worth reading:

What I Saw - Jack McCarthy
Beautiful Joe - Margaret Saunders
Shōgun - James Clavell


| >>3ce570

Now that you mention it, i heard that "What i saw" and "shogun" are pretty good tho!

If you want a masterpiece of cyberpunk manga, try the good ol' "Gunnm" manga series, i'ts nice and original for it's age
('am NOT talking about the film, Erk!)

-Desty N.

| >>696746 ill look for it. Is it in mass release with the big publisher?
>>696852 no specifics??
>>697049 I'm really bored Ill even proofread your fancy papers if i have to
>>697073 where am I supposed to get these books they seem old?

| >>697217
Not really, but you can check out my website to get it. The website's TerraPublishing.com

| >>da3487

It's okay, you canfind it pretty easily on manga store
Beware, "Gunnm: last order" is a alternate ending story to "Gunnm"

Have a nice day
-Desty N.

| >>697217
I would think they're available on the 'net at this point? I have a copy in print of one of them; but, it's not mine-- it's my mother's.


| >>697217
Hmmm...Well, looking for them is about half the fun...But I'll leave a few suggestions here!
You can try reading "The Rape of Nanking" by Iris Chang, "When Broken Glass Floats" by Chanrithy Him...Oh! And "A Shameful Act" by Taner Akcam too~
I like to think about the situation the aggressors were in, and try to figure out what sort of lives they lived.
It's a pretty fun "game"~

| After Dark of Haruki Murakami if you like to finish a book an be confused about what you just read

| >>697219 drek Ill keep yours bookmarked. thanks
>>697243 book stores nowadays sells crap like "managing finances like QUINCY". who the hell buys that?!
>>697255 do you know if the copies on the net have DRM or tags? I wanna buy physical copies but they're real rare atm
>>697313 I can find some of these in my store but the rest people dont seem to know. Gotta pirate them later I guess
>>697352 sounds good and up my alley

| >>697389
Oh, and tell me how you like the book once you're done reading. Feedbacks and constructive criticism is always welcome!

| I don't know if you'd be interested in some bioengineering books or stuff involving Lilim Biology. But let me know if you are, I can recommend you a library's worth of books on those two topics alone.


| >>697491 ill read books about anything right now. Just finished one about beer
>>697415 kk you'll get my stars later or something

| "Advanced Engineering, Electrical Ins and Outs, and Watt to do With the Amps."

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