Shrimp ramen still sucks

| What are these shrimps made of?? Jfc I can't even have a spoon of them without feeling like I'm ill. God forbid I have a good food in this city.

| They are so artificial, they don't even trigger my allergy!

| >>696379 I know right?? What even are these "shrimps"

| They need to understand that there is a difference between food and biological error

| I kinda like the shrimp...As long as I don't think that it's shrimp I'm eating...

| This is why we should eat sweet and spicy!

| >>696517
Are you advertising for Dang Phat Thai or what? As if I could affort eating someting else except ramen...

| >>696500 youre maybe the first to like this (jk) I know my coworkers don't hate it completely but I'm not one of them people

>>696528 what's that? Sounds like a smoothie

| Dang phat thai... I should try it! Some people described it as a gustative oasis in here

.... One day, because im poor TwT

| >>4cf444

| >>696528
Non, i mean like, sweet and spicy instant noodles

But uh, whats this about dang? Some kinda.....hmmm.."phat thai"..
fat thighs? Is it a strip club?

| >>fbafe3

No no no, it's a nice Thai authentic restaurant that opened downtown, i started to eat there between 2 research, i can assure you that my tongue still remembers the nostalgic taste of these spice and foods... Go try!

-Desty N.

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