Calling in favours

| No, I'll pay you, so keep your heads up.

There'll be a bunch of tourists from Annwfyn (check your map, it's next to the UK). I'm searching for willing folks to tail them.

Reward pool is 100k zenny. Split between everyone. Bonus if you don't fuck up and kill the tourists or cause more trouble for everyone involved (which I know you runners do in your spare time).

Answer with a name I can shout you at later. Anons not needed. -r386

| Sure, count me in.

| >>696332
One in. Make sure you don't forget your name when we meet up later. -r386


| Am too busy for that, good luck anyways ^^

Desty N. >>734408 >>

| I'll be watching~ Don't mess up~

| >>697048 >>697124 I'll be sure to leave the VIP seats for you two.


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