(Setting) "Dang! Pad Thai" stall

| >Dang's stall is located on the busiest streets of Downtown.
>The stall has a big bright sign with "Dang! Pad Thai" along with a list of menus. Despite its name, Dang's stall provides not only Pad Thai but also most of the commonly found Thai food and drinks varying from stir-fried meat and veggies to the iconic Tom Yum Kung.

| >Behind the stall are various cooking utensils — pans, chopping board, pots, etc. — as well as a shelf holding all kind of condiments and ingredients. His stall also has a holographic chess board integrated into it, which is where Dang is currently having a game against AIs while he wait for his next order.

>The stall itself is proped up in front of a room filled with chairs and tables, where the customers can have their meal. Currently only two or three of the tables are filled.

| >Dang is a tall man wearing a hoodie and a pair of sweat pants, as well as an apron on top. He is currently winning a game of chess against an AI and is grinning to himself.

| >A tall women, wearing a very oversized long coat, walks up to the stand
"Oh man, what a smell, this place open, man?"
>The girl has long black hair, green eyes and anyone would notice the two massive horns jutting out from the sides of her head
>Her entire fashion sense is screaming: "Look at me!", from the frankly ridiculous number of rings on her every digit to the large baggy black and green clothes, along with a pair of sunglasses hanging from her collar

| >>695928
>Dang looks up from his game of chess for a second to look at you.

"Yep, it's open alright, just give me a second to finish this game. I'll be right with you."

>He look back down and make another move, sure enough, another turn and he gets a checkmate. He turn off the holographic board, satisfied.

"Sorry about that, how can I help you? The first plate's free for today if you're looking to eat something."

>He asks with a grin on his face.

| >While the two are talking, a pair walk across the street. The first is a man. He's wearing a motorcycle helmet, and judging by the keys he's tucking into his pocket, they both arrived here by driving and parking a little ways away.

| >>696112
>The second is a bit shorter in stature, with a frame nowhere near as bulky as their partner's. Their slouched posture gives any onlooker the impression that they're feeling relaxed and loose, as does their casual stride. The brim of a baseball cap shades the upper half of their face, though the wide grin on their face couldn't be any easier to spot. They elbow the guy in the helmet, and nod their head towards Dang's stand.

| >>696115
>He looks behind himself while raising an arm at their poking, only to look back. Oh, so that's the place? - That's what he seems to say with his reaction.

| >>696120
>Dang notcie the pair and peeks over the women(>>695928) shoulder.

"Oh hey! You're here for the food? Take a seat, take a seat, I'll be with you shortly."

>He says as he motion towards the empty tables inside before turn back to the women he's attending to at the stall.

| >>696121
>The person in the cap raises their hand in greeting, and motions to their friend; impatiently beckoning him to follow as they quicken their pace towards this street-side eatery. Something smells delicious. They can't help but follow their nose: a mouthwatering scent like that can only hold promise of something truly tasty cooking in that tiny kitchen.

| > A thin, short figure walks up to the stall, smelling intently. Her unkept hair bounces up and down as she does on the pavement, clicking softly with her heels. If it weren’t for her face and voice, she could have passed as a minor

>She composed her self and smooths out her dress and patchwork jacket that looks like one belonging to a certain lilim

> She eyes up the two biker looking boys, before deciding they aren’t worth her time. Maybe it was noticeable too. Was it Pad time?

| >>696121 >>696122
>The man decides to speak instead of gesture, but his exclamation's cut off. He shakes his head and follows his friend who's being whisked away into food heaven, whatever that is.

| >>696122 >>696135
"Hello! Welcome to my little stall, now what would you like to eat? First order's free for today, but after that I'll have to charge you."

>Dang greets you enthusiastically. He make a gesture with his hand to the menus up on his sign.

"Just look and decide what you want! I'll take your order when you're ready."

| >>696128
"That little lady right there! If you want to grab a bite of some authentic Thai cuisine, you are at the right place! Come on over!"

>Dang shouts at the figure. He shift his voice and shouts in an even louder manner, to nobody in particular.

"The pinnacle of Thai Cuisine, right here, come on over and grab a bite! First order's free so hurry up before the offer's over!"

| >>696072
"First plate free? You know how to catch my attention, mister."
>The horned girl smiles
"Then I'll take you up on that offer... by taking whatever you recommand!"

| >>696177
>Dang laughs.

"Great!, then why don't you go take a seat, and I'll prepare some nice food for you."

| >>696140

"Free? I'll take you up on that and pay double if it's bad!"

> She gives a laugh and walks up to the stall, finding a seat and stretching out, as if preparing to give herself extra space to store food in.

"How spicy is too spicy? I'm in the mood for something to put some life back into me. I trust your judgment, noodle-man"

| >>696138
>Now seated, helmet head looks at the menu with an air of curiosity... Until he realizes he doesn't know what to order. He voices this to his friend, first through the helmet-
>And then through his lips, after he slips the helmet above them. Was there some kind of filter? His voice sounded different.

| >>696275
>Baseball cap startles when their friend first attempts to consult them on the various dishes decorating the overhanging menus-- they snap their head around, bewildered when they can't find the owner of this weird, disembodied voice. It's only when helmet dude repeats himself that his companion chills out: they snicker, and that excited leg bounce they'd had going under the table quickly resumes.

| >>696276
"Uh... Depends on what they got. Probably can't go wrong with their pad thai, since... y'know--"

>They point the brim of their hat in the direction of the stall's sign.

"... Might order something else for myself if they got it, though."

>Hidden by shadow, their eyes comb over the menu.

"Used to work delivery back home. Got to try stuff from all over if people didn't answer the door."

>Another chuckle.

| >>696277
"... Better order somethin' you can >>>eat through that thing if y'wanna keep your 50 nuyen!"

>They knock on the side of the guy's helmet; first with one hand and then with both sets of knuckles-- drumming out a playful little pattern while they keep up their taunting. Looks like they'd eagerly be grinding those into his scalp if it wasn't so well-protected.

"Soup through a straw, huh?"

>They snort, amused.

| >>696267
"Ask, and you shall recieve, I will prepare something spicy for you, beware though, Thai food can get so spicy you might as well be leaving in tears. Wait a while, I'll get to it after I'm done with this one."

>Dang says as he starts up cooker and put a Wok pan over it. He then put in some cooking oil, followed by some pork, thai peppers, and sacred basil once the pan is hot enough. A variety of condiments followed as Dang masterfully season the dish to perfection.

| >>696177
>Once Dang deems the food cooked enough, he pour the content of the Wok atop a plate of hot jasmine rice he had prepared. Then the whole dish is topped off with a half-fried egg. He serves the dish along with a glass of bluish-purple drink.

"Holy Basil Pork stir fry, and a glass of butterfly pea tea, eat it while it's hot."

>Dang says before returning to the stall to prepare another dish of food.

| >>696267
>Dang didn't wait before he pulls up a mortar and pestle and starts grilling a chicken wing. Inside the mortar he puts in some shreded unripe papaya along with other ingredients, chiefly asparagus beans, peanuts, dried brine shrimps, bird's eye chilli, among others. He also puts in what seems to be some kind of light sauce, before pounding it all together in the mortar before pouring it all into a small plate.

| >He then starts up the grill and put a pre-seasoned chicken wing onto it, the smell of herbs and spices fill the air as the grill cooks the chicken. Once that was done, he put put the wing onto another plate and serves it up to you along with a hearty portion of sticky rice as well as a glass of Thai iced tea.

| >>696285
>The horned girl's stomach loudly growls as the food is put before her, and she wipes some drool off the side of her lips
"T-Thanks, that looks absolutely... delicious..."
>She takes off her gloves, putting them on one of her horn for safekeeping, and then begins loudly digging in
>She's literally crying
"When was the last time I had proper food... gods, goodness, I'm so glad I was born..."

| >>696339
>The taste was heavenly, the pleasant smell of the sacred basil fills your nostril, and the pork is seasoned to perfection, the savory taste of the pork and the sweetness of the half-fried egg blend in perfectly on your tongue.

"Well, whenever you feel like eating some Thai food you can just drop by."

>Dang says as he prepares the green papaya salad and grilled chicken for >>696267

| >>696346
"I will... err, would..."
>The horned girl sighs in between bites
"Man... how is a gal supposed to make enough money for good food?"
>She hangs her head low
"I've been evicted almost three times this month alone, and I can't pay water or heating, if only I could win the lottery or something..."

| >>696288

> Dusty stares at the plate in disbelief. It looks almost too good to be eaten. It definitely smells too spicy to be eaten as well by a weaker person. She immediately begins to dig in, the spice warming her up from the inside. Her face flushes from the flavour and she looks blissful as she savours it

“Oh gods I haven’t had food like this since Aguascalientes. Noodle-man, you know your shit”

> She has gained some peace, it seems, from the sheer spicy and sweet combo

| >>696276
>Helmet head's busy translating an eyeroll into a shrug when their friend says some pretty good advice.
>..It's true. If it's in the name, it has to be held to a high bar, some kind of golden standard. Right?

| >>696278
>He huffs.

| "Hey, forgive me if I'm not an expert. ..I was throwing out ideas... /Spitballing/."
>Helmet head gestures purposesly before he crosses his arms. But what do you know? That doesn't stop him from getting bounced like a bobblehead. Still, he's not going to let it happen without a fight. He bats back baseball cap's grubby mitts and mimes the spitting he would do if he /did/ have a straw.

| >Now they're not the only one who's had a chuckle in the past few minutes.. This wise guy's laughed at his own joke!

| >>696453
>The papaya salad was just a mix of sweet and sour at first, but that was soon to change. The at-first cold and crispy shreded fruit soon leaves a burning sensation on your tongue. Just a little warm at first, then it slowly gets hotter and hotter until it was almost unbearable. It was numbing, and even the thai tea provides only a temporary refuge from the flame you've unleashed, for the burning sensation comes back as soon as the drink disappear down your throat.

| >>696453
"I don't know what Aguascalientes is, but thanks for the compliment."

>Dang replies, before turning back towards the group(>>ae864b)

"Now, what kind of food do you guys like to eat, perhaps I can recommend you something, eh?"

| >>696356
"Now, I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty certain you have to do something wrong to get evicted. I'm not gonna get too nosy here, and you don't need to tell me if yoh don't want to. But what have you done to get evicted?"

>Dang asks the horned girl.

"Or, first thing, just tell me your name."

| >>696537
"Right, the name's Yoki."
>The horned girl scratches the back of her neck
"Well, huh, first time was because I unwillingly extended the deadline... second was because some punks I knew caused a ruckus in my appartment. We aren't friends anymore."
>She sighs
"Last was because I told the caretaker to... err... go fuck themselves and grow a heart before I beat the shit out of them. To be fair, I was pretty drunk..."

| >>696521
>Baseball cap folds their arms across their chest, and gives helmet head a dirty look-- however, this quickly disappears from their face when Dang approaches the pair's table to ask their orders. The (seemingly) more knowledgeable of the two speaks first.


>The visible part of her face (yes, "her": despite baseball cap's build and more masculine dress, it's clear to Dang once he draws close that he's talking to a woman) screws up as she thinks.


| >>696677
>She knows the dishes she's looking for-- but, she'll be damned if she can remember what they're called. There's drink that tastes like it's made from umeboshi, that cheap but tasty omelette rice...

"You got, uh... mu ping here? And..."

>/That/ sticks out in her memory. She'd be an embarrassment to her homeland if she couldn't come up with the name of something tasty on a skewer. She tries for that "salty plum lemonade", too:

"S... s-san mei...?"

| >>696526

> Dusty takes a break from her food to catch her breath. She's definitely been sweating a little bit from the food getting to her, but it hasn't stopped her yet. The food is just too good for that.

"Ay! This is making me feel so much better! I'll have to stop by this stand next time I'm out on the job it seems. I'll even tell my Kitty-roommate about this joint! That lilim would love it!"

> The flavour and comfort seem to have broken her usual harsh shell for the night

| >>696679
"Moo ping? Yeah we do have that here. Although we don't do them often. Is 5 skewers enough? I'll put a portion of sticky rice on top."

>Dang replies, a little surprised at the mention of 'San Mei'.

"Do you mean the Chinese Plum juice? San mei is the Chinese name for that I'm pretty sure. I have those too."

| >>696566
"Well, Yoki. I'm sorry, but I can't really help you."

>Dang says sympathetically.

| >>696741
"Well, glad to see you liked it. Most people would've been in tears right now."

>Dang laughs.

"Don't eat too fast, you could choke, you know?"

| >>696743
>She shakes her head
"Nah, sorry for exposing all that emotional baggage of mine. People in this city already deal with enough shit, shouldn't add my own."
>She goes back to eating the food, at a more reserved pace this time
"I just need to get myself a good job for once, then it'll be all fixed."


| >>696745

"I'm built tougher than most. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't burn either. But gods if it ain't delicious"

> She pants slightly and drinks down more tea. A sigh of relief is let out and she relaxes her body. The jacket slouches around her and she pulls it a little close, fixing the sleeves so they quit falling down her too-short arms

> Dusty takes the time to look around, trying to see what could be up with everyone else. Hopefully they'd notice her, she thought

| >A small girl passes by the streetside food stall. Her hair was long, long enough to go halfway down her back. A faded green army jacket hid her bunny print tee. She also had a pair of jeans on with holes on her knees, and combat boots. Humming to herself, she looks over the existing patrons and the food.

"Thai food...Ehe...How long has it been since I've been to Thailand...?"

| >>696792
"Well, once you've got all that fixed up, you're always welcome here."

>Dang says, clapping the horned girl on the shoulder.

| >>696896
"Well, is that amount of spice to yout liking? I can do them hotter, but at that point it's just torment. I like to think that food are meant to be delicious, and spiciness can turn from a pleasant taste to pure pain really quickly."

>Dang says as he starts up a charcoal grill to prepare the next dish.

| >>696897
>Dang calls out to the army jacket girl as he starts putting some skewers of pork on the charcoal grill. The meat sizzles, the smell it makes seem to lure you in.

"Hey! Little girl, interested in some nice authentic Thai food? First dish's free for today only!"

>Dang brushes some coconut milk over the cooking meat on the grill, a repeat it as the meat progressively turn brown.

| >>696742
>The woman grins widely. Lucky! That's a pretty considerable amount of food for a dish they don't make all that often. It's a good thing she got the name right!

"... Huh?"

>She's so busy preening herself over this that she almost misses Dang's question about her drink. Whoops. Why had she assumed he'd fill in the blanks for her when she'd barely given him enough to work with? She swallows.

"Oh, uh-- it's-- yeah, it... tastes like they made it outta salted plums...?"

| >>696899
"Thanks a lot."
>The horned girl smiles
"I'll definetly come back once I have some cash, the food was that delicious."
>She stands up and gives a big wave before walking off into the night... tail swishing from joy

| >>696960
>The scent of the pork completely captures the girl's attention. Her eyes lit up slightly at the word "free". Making her way to the stall, she finds a seat and hums, a wide smile on her face as she takes off her jacket.

"Gosh...What was that one soup called...Geway Teoh...? Guway Te-ow...? It had beef and noodles and stuff..."

>Her voice was a little higher pitched, and soft to listen to. One would find it hard to believe she was of age, or that she was in the military.

| >>696975
"Okay, I think I know what you're talking about, but for further reference, it's called 'Nam Buay' in Thai."

>Dang replies with a laugh as he finishes grilling the pork skewers and is now arranging them neatly on to a plate.
>He then grab another hearty portion of rice and serves it up along side a glass of iced salted plum drink.

"There you go, now what about your friends over here, what would they like?"

| >>697040
>Dang waves back with a smile before going back to preparing more food.

| >>697081
"Guay teow? Sure, but that's just a generic term for rice noodle soup. What kind of rice noodle and kind of soup would you like?"

>Dang asks. He gestures to a variety of rice noodles on the shelf.

"We've got thin rice noodles, wide rice noodles, egg rice noodles, glass noodles, and rice sticks. For soup, we've got light noodle soup, boat noodle soup, chicken and bitter melon soup, Tom yum soup, and pink noodle soup."

>He continues as he go through them.

| >>697115
"Yeah! That! I didn't know it was just a broad term!"

>Looking over the rice noodles, she puts her hand on her chin.

"Could I get...The wide rice noodles and...I wanna try the pink noodle soup! It sounds kinda cute~"

| >>696902

"Yeah yeah! This is as hot as I've had and it's just before my limit of hurting. Only time it's hurt really badly was getting CS'd when I was younger. Maybe that's why I have a good tolerance now"

> She flashes a dumb smile and has more of her salad, still trying to rebuild her core to get back into the spice.

> She keeps fidgeting also, as if something was making her uncomfortable, but even she wasn't sure what it was. Maybe she just needed a smoke

| >>697122
"You've got it."

>Dang says as he cook some noodles in a noodle boiler. After that was done, he put it inside a bowl along with fermented red bean curd sauce and other condiments — crispy dried squid, porkball, beef — to name a few. Followed by some nice hot broth. He serves up the food with a glass of Oliang — Thai Iced Coffee.

| >>697129
"Well, whatever it was, your tolerance is impressive."

>Dang replies and flashes a smile.

"Want a refil of your iced tea? That glass's running low."

| >>697333
>Watching Dang with wide-eyed child-like enthusiasm, the small girl lets out a small breath. With the food presented in front of her, the girl stares down with a wide smile.

"Oh and coffee too! Ehe, how did you know I wanted this too~?"

>Taking a moment, she takes in the smell of the dish in front of her, closing her eyes before letting out a breath.

| >>697341
>The smell was amazing. The sweet and sour smell seems to blend together, the latter of which made your mouth water.

"Just be careful, the noodle could be a bit spicy. I gave you the coffee to counter the hotness of the dish."

| >>697342
"Spicy is nice! The spicier it is, the better it is!"

>Her smile grew wider, nodding to herself. Without another moment's hesitation, she began to eat her dish. A hand goes to her cheek and she closes her eyes, shivering in excitement.

"This is perfect~! Absolutely perfect~! So many memories of Thailand are coming back to me~!"

| >>697111
>Helmet head has been silent even after being addressed. Is he spacing out? Deep in thought? Signs point towards the latter.
"Is there anything I could have through a straw? Not a drink.. Food."
>Or maybe the former? That's an odd question.

| >>697377
>Dang also think about the question for a second before replying.

"Well, how does a bowl of rice congee with some eggs, slivered ginger, fried garlic, and chopped scallion sounds to you. It's pretty bland compared to other menu, but it could be more nourishing than chicken broth."

| >>697343
>The food was a perfect blend of sour and sweet. The dried squid and water spinach give the noodle gives the dish a unique taste and texture.

"Oh, have you been to Thailand? How did you like my home country."

>Dang asks, curious.

| >>697405
>Finishing a big sip of the soup, the girl lets out a satisfied breath.

"The sights? Absolutely beautiful~ I loved trying out different kinds of foods I normally couldn't find! Me and my battalion all agreed that it's one of our favorite places~"

>She nods to herself, a satisfied smile on her face, resuming her meal.

| >>697538
"Well, I'm glad! Say, why don't you tell me more about how the trip went? Maybe why you were there. If you are fine with it, of course."
>Dang says as he await replies from other patrons.

| >>697685
>The mention of her purpose there made the girl freeze and her smile drop for but a second. Her smile came back, though a bit smaller while she tilts her head slightly.

"Why I was there is a secret~ A secret that I have to carry with me for a long long time~"

| >>697785
"Well, as I said, I won't get nosey if you aren't comfortable. Enjoy your meal!"

>Dang replies cheerfully once again.

| >>697802
>The girl nods a little bit, looking up from her meal. Her smile a bit wider now.

"All I can really say is...I had a mission there~ I'll leave it at that~"

>She giggles softly, returning her attention to her meal.

| >>697335

"Oh! Um... yeah, thanks. This tea is actually super good. It's so.... orange. I love it."

> Dusty hands over the glass and goes back to drumming her fingers on the counter, occasionally inspecting the various patches that were spread out all over the chest and sleeves

| >>697403
>He's pleasantly surprised to get such a straight forward answer.
"Sounds good to me."
>Rice congee wasn't something he was the most familiar with, but the rest of the ingredients? Every single one of them treated his taste buds pretty well. He couldn't say no.

| >>697840
>The food tastes the same as it had before. Even though it's starting to get colder, the spiciness didn't get effected, and it still heats up your tongue pretty good, but not unbearably so.

| >>697867
>Dang smiles as he takes the glass. He fills it with more ice and pour some more tea from a jug into it alongside some milk.

| >>697905
"Alright, a bowl of rice congee coming up."

>He says as he takes a small batch of saturated gruel and dilute it in more water. The result is a bland looking blend of disintigrated rice and water. He then starts seasoning it with some black pepper, salt, and various sauce. The seasoning is then followed by a raw egg, and then a handful of ginger, garlic, and scallion. He then serves it up with a glass of pandan drink.

| >>697906
"Hmmm...I don't know why...But I think some soups have a more distinct taste when they're colder..."

>She giggles softly, letting out a small breath, finishing the rest of her coffee.

| >>698136
"Oh? How so?"

>Dang asks.

| >>698228
"I think...It's because by the time the soup cools down, all the different flavors get to know one another in a deeper relationship...From there, a different taste is born..."

>Her tone was mystifying, almost entrancing before she pauses.

"Or something like that~!"

>The girl giggles loudly, rubbing the back of her head, her voice returning to its original tone: upbeat and full of positivity.

| >A singular person approaches the shack, their gray windbreaker fluttering in the evening air
>Their height is short, their hair long and white.
>They approach carefully

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