Looking for Materials

| Anyone here have any Tetrasteel Alloy Psionic Dampening plates? I'm looking to buy. Drone or in Person delivery works for me.


| No, but I have loads of drugs I can drop to you. Don't mind the hidden cameras, they're for your protection.

| >>a166ff
Drugs don't work in this field dude. I need to build a blocker helmet.


| >>695879

hows that old saying go???? break out the tinfoil hats??? wwwwwwww


| Hmm... my roommate might have the material omae, but I don’t know what she charges

- Unit 00

| How much are you willing to pay? I've got a stack or two lying around.

| >>695456
Didn't know /u/ is a viable place for this lol

| >>66fdf5

I probably have a pair to spare, but im pretty sure that it smell my old lunch, the Psionic catalyst stills work nicely tho, try to contact me, i await you

(dont worry about the price, im giving it free because donating is more heart-filling than selling, and also because i dont need it anymore ^^)

| -Desty N.

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