What are you guys having for dinner?

| Just curious. Mine was a nice hearty bowl of ramen with some seaweed.

| man you have ramen? what percent non-soya is it?

| Not sure, but it's one of the cheap ones, I just add some stuff so it seems a little nicer.

| gonna make a nice red sauce pasta fresh from tomatoes

it's sunday g/u/rls, bless having time for simmering a sauce 4 hours straight

| Videogames

| A plate of hunting scraps and, get this, real fucking Jasmine Rice! God I'm so lucky I snagged this shit.


| im having instant ramen once again

| Since I learned that peanut sauce is just watered down peanut butter + spices, I've been adding peanut butter to most of my food.

| >>f1940f please teach me, I know and try this too but it always tastes like peanut butter. what spices do you add

| >>696224
Off the top of my head, I'd say... garlic, chili oil, soy sauce, and maybe a little sugar...? >>695766 might have an actual recipe for this, though-- I'm just a passing cooking enthusiast taking a wild guess.


| Potato chips~! About three bags, I think...

| I love sex.

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