I've made a sketch for my next novel's cover artwork

| I thought I should share it with you guys.

>A rough black and white sketch depicting a shoreline. You could see a medieval looking city in the background, as well as some trees and various rocky landscape.

It's really at an early stage right now but I'm still working on it. Get some more details in, and then give it some more color. So, yeah, let me know what you think

| Perhaps you could try giving it some interest by adding a character in the foreground. A landscape is nice on it's own, but it's the characters that will grab the readers' attention... Maybe just a pop of colour somewhere to lead the eye. Be mindful of contrast.

| >>694329
Yes of course. The sketch's in a very early stage as I've said before. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Any inputs could help me make it even better.

| >Another picture is posted, the sketch is still in black and white, the foreground now includes a character, probably a soldier holding a short sword in one hand, and looking towards the city in the background. Groups of people can be seen in the city.

Just a quick update on the sketch, far from done, but I'll probably do a bit more tomorrow.

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