*Kira* Mikki or b-LIN

| Who's better, *Kira* Mikki or b-LINK?

| They're both good and for different moods! You can't have them going head to head against each other like this

- Unit 00

| the fuck is b-link??????


| >>693325
They're an idol group too! Very stoic duo who make really nice tracks for relaxing, I think

- Unit 00

| Nothing... Will be as good as *KIRA* Mikki...

| Kira easy choice. -CN

| I love b-link's style but *Kira*Miki will always have my heart.

| They're both good in their own ways

| B link anyday.
Nice and calming~

*Kira* miki!
*Kira* miki!

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