Feeling cute

| Might kidnap someone later idk.

| Feeling cute, feel free to kidnap me if you will be nice to me xd

| not feeling cute might kidnap you

| Not feeling cute and I want to be kidnapped.

| >>683852 >>684404
Where are you, I'm coming to get you.

| I'm admiring you if you will be able to stand my personality, really you will regret it >>684406

| >>684606
Brave of you to assume I will kidnap you and let you walk around and talk with me.

| Kidnap my roommate. He’s been extra annoying lately

- Dusty

| >>684621 i can't talk with you when people talking with me "^^

| >>684822 Oh don't worry, you won't be talking with anybody once you're tied up down in my basement

| >>684869 I always secretly wishing walking with yandere xd

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