We're ready.

| Good day again, citizens of Glitch City. I'm Noel Pearce, the representative of the Syndicate of Everlasting Twilight, SET for short. A while back we asked for help in seeking various equipment required for our group to be fully operational. We are now happy to announce that we have acquired our gear and we are ready to offer service to you, the people.

| In case you haven't seen the last thread, we are a group of experienced contractors looking for offer various services to the common man of Glitch City. We will be offering extensive firearms course, tailored for everyday self-defense needs. We also offer others, more specialized needs, such as bodyguards and security services for those looking to protect their small shopfront or those in need of a quick rescue force in case of a break-in to their resident.

| We guaranteed that the services will be offered by the people, for the people, and not just the elitists corporations. Our service will be affordable and effective. As always, we will try and answer your question about us and our services. SET is now ready, give us the task.
-Noel Pearce

| I give them a week before this Pearce guy and his whole group gets geeked.

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