New in town, need a lilim

| I need a lilim for the night. Somewhere I can find some hookers or anything like that? I'm testing something and don't know where to look

| Oh yeah I guess I have to sign or something -Szuma

| Go to Neon. They have lots. -r386

| The Glitz District should have no shortage of working girls.

| >>681997
And Glitz has turned into a boiling mess. Most workers there have moved somewhere else. -r386

| >>682006

>somewhere else.

That's a nice joke. Corpers don't like slags outside their storefronts and downtown actually enforces their loitering statutes. And Uptown's too good for whores.

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That's two districts. You won't find prostitutes in the centre of Glitz now, especially not Lilims. -r386

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Spoken like someone who doesn't get outside much.

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Funny how you say that considering I was there when the place exploded. Oh well. -r386

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