Back in GC

| Hey, not sure if anyone remembers me but I lived here for a while until early this year, and I just settled in again in Neon District. I go by SciFox on the net, if anyone remembers me they might know my real name.
I'm not going to ask you guys to give a summary of this whole year's events in GC unless someone actually wants to, but is there anything immediate that I should know about? Like, I don't want to go outside today to find out it's clownpocalypse all over again.
- SciFox

| Surely I've seen your name somewhere. Throw me a bone. -r386

| >>681752 I mean, probably not, it's not like I did anything to get on the city's radar. I don't recognize your username at least. I worked briefly on and off at the Hazy Moonlighter near the end and before that was mostly helping my grandfather with his 'business'. Like I remember during that rice shortage last year he brought in a big shipment and some people tried to steal it.
- SciFox

| All is ash
Bar is nice
Pretty much the usual

Oh and uh speaking of the moonlighters, house is packed do we would rather appreciate some of the old staff coming back

Pls halp

| >>681760 Do I want to know what all is ash means?
Oh, and yeah sure, I can come back. Grandad's schemes still aren't always profitable so work is welcome.
- SciFox

| Glitz kinda exploded into a civil war and maybe put itself back together, but that's about it really.

| >>681808 What was the fight about, if I can ask?
Still wondering what IA meant by 'all is ash' or if that meant anything at all.
Things are already interesting here, as expected. Soon my grandpa's group's going to be making an expedition deep into flooded, which I'm sure won't have any complications whatsoever. I wish.
- SciFox

| >>682069
I don't really know the details but there was this guy called EAGLE that tried to claim Glitz for himself then a bunch of ringleaders got mad about it and then it turned into a civil war. Then a PMC got involved and fucking start an EMP explosion. They eventually calm down and they signed a peace negotiation.

| Oh, then there's also this new group, called themselves SET — Syndicate of the Everlasting Night — quite a fancy name really. Appeared out of nowhere and said they would offer high-end security and training service. They just procured their equipments few weeks back.

| >>681756
Nothing is out of reach when information is wide open. Be careful, the deal in the Ports weren't your doing but your name is stamped as a footnote there. -r386

| I say all is ash because this town sucks
Nothing new really.

Nao pls hurry you just missed a really good set

| >>682357
If need be I can be back in tonight. Would have been able to come in earlier but there was still some moving in stuff to do. That and I had to help remotely coordinate some brief rescue in Flooded, because that's a normal day for me now apparently.
- SciFox

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