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| IF you've ever been a victim of the slavery-peddling DICKtatorship of the United "Kingdom," now's the time girls. Let's hear some stories- don't be afraid to come out. There has never been a better time to speak out against systematic pedophilia inherent in our lolicon-focused cultural environment that has been penetrated repeatedly and non-consensually by the corporate military industrial zeitgeist complex.


| What is this about them being pedophiles? They aren't the best nation, far from that, but what is happening here? -r386

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Bruh you haven't heard the news? Its like several years worth of scandals is making a glorping noise as it spills out into the Matrix.

The UK just got caught smuggling literal child soldiers into GC and other countries and the whole government's on the take. Royal family is shitting itself raw trying to play damage control, lmfao.

Its always the rich old people man, they gotta keep the family line running somehow.

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Interesting. Scandals, that's a nice use of the word. -r386

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I wouldnt be surprised if they were the only werent the only country smuggling children. -CN

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Sure sounds like they're the first one to get caught this openly, or this board is making it bigger than it is. -r386

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This thread is permanently archived