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androidphobia in danger/u/

| Are y'all actually androphobic? I've seen some weird drek in the Jackpoint instance, which I found odd since I thought a big part of the community was synthetic, with the servers in Glitch City and all.

| Communities with lilim focus tend to be mundane and extremely overmoderating. So I understand why people would be against any sort of that sometimes. Though I don't think I've met or seen anyone having any phobias towards lilims. Only disgust.

Like a decker once put it: "I'm not afraid of lilims. Lilims are afraid of me."

Also it's a textboard for "dangerous opinions." There are many sentients with different thoughs. Some against for some things, others are for.

| As >>677774 said, it's an anonymous internet textboard, not a lilim/andy Shadowland instance. You would be surprised how many people in here never even slotted a simsense chip.

P.S. it's only a matter of time until someone gets hardbaited by this post and it devolves into drek, just like any other pro-lilim thread does. G/u/rls never learn.

| Why, yes, I am afraid of men, how did you know

| >androphobic
( ´_ゝ`)

(ミㅇ ༝ ㅇミ)

| >>677777 >>677785

i'm fucking laughing so hard.

this is why no one takes social justice lilims seriously.

| to be fair men are pretty scary, eww.

| eeee
Now why someone would have phobia of Lilim is beyond me...

| >>677791
At least that's not much of a problem given the weirdly skewed gender ratio in the city. -CN

| >>677960 "weirdly skewed gender ratio"? You mean other places have more boys?? Good god I'm missing a lot living in this dumpster.

| >>677980
Well the world population should be about half and half though I could be wrong.-CN

| >>677983 yeah but either place will have better chance of me getting throbbing cocks. No offense but I'm tired of having to scissor

| >>677985
Uh... my condolences. -CN

| >>677995 nothing else you can do, it's not your fault. Wish I was born with a sick that's all.

| Dick. I wish I was born with a meat rod. I can't even spell right.

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