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not sure if anyone cares

| ...but CRAYCO just tried to buy that burned out building in central district, the one owned by pasty faced weirdo corp that liked naming its inbred executives by names of dead gods.

not sure why they'd want it, but even if they bought the damn thing, no one's been able to get in or out because it's locked down tighter than Black Panty's panties.

Like seriously, isn't that a fire hazard? Yeeeessh!

Link to article if anyone gives a drek. >>>CONSOOMER RIP-PORTS MONTHLY

-Mister Eff

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Wait like their old HQ used in the summit? -CN

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Yeah, who else matches OP's description?

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Why the hell would they want that... looking for Corp secrets? -CN

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Beats the drek out of me, dawg.

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This thread is permanently archived