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GCPD Enforcement on the Rise as Bidding War Intensifies

| GLITCH CITY INQUIRER SPECIAL REPORT: Omni Consumer Products, Lone Star, SECUROCOM among others to outfit GCPD in exchange for non-controlling stake.


As tensions intensify behind closed doors at GCPD HQ, the INQUIRER has learned the names of several megacorporations RUMORED to be in talks with GCPD leadership over training and armaments.

| Several security and private law enforcement/weapons manufacturing groups are thought to be bidding on a non-controlling stake of the GCPD in exchange for new riot control vehicles, crowd dispersion weapons, and other equipment necessary to enforce rule of law on an increasingly dangerous megapolis, an anonymous source said, which includes a ramp up in deputizing of new officers to fill in the gaps left over the course of three years worth of tragedies, wars, and resignations.

| "Hell, it's about time," Lieutenant Fenix Marcus said, regarding the new police cadets and possibility of equipment,

"[citizens] don't know how bad we got it... might as well hit people with tree branches for all good it does, everyone crawling around with knife fingers and BMG's in their pants pockets. It's about time QUINCY gave a shit about us again."

| He said. Lt. Fenix went on to say that fears of remilitarizing the GCPD were long overdue and that the law was often overseen by overly biased corporate militia and vigilantes that often did more harm than good.

"I mean, why even have a police force?" He said.

Some however were skeptical of the changes rumored to be taking place.

"I'm a company man, and damned proud of it." A source who did not wish to be named but said he worked for KTRAN, said.

| "The GCPD were useless as the White Knights, and they're useless now as actual police [He laughs]. Everytime we [KTRAN holdings] were attacked, it was our own security team that stepped up to the plate- not the police. Why are they only choosing to care *now*?"

"Personally, I think QUINCY's just tired of getting his teeth kicked in by megacorps and wants to do something about it," Another citizen said, also choosing to remain anonymous, "It's not like he hasn't gotten in bed with-

| "...corps before, everyone knows Zaibatsu used to run shit behind the scenes, they just didn't say nothing."

"Do we really need another White Knight situation? Come on now." Nancy Q, a cashier at the local J.C. Denton's said, "The ones still around give me the creeps. I don't think a lot of newer residents realize just what they're asking for." Nancy is referring to a growing call among citizens in Uptown and elsewhere calling for are more responsible and better equipped- (cont)

| ... police force to deal with the shortcomings left in the disbandment of the White Knights over three years ago. A new policlub, calling itself the "United Citizens for a United Law Enforcement," is calling for the complete dissolution of all megacorp security forces, comprehensive and total personal weapon control, and harsher crack downs on vigilantism within the city limits- tenets that have all been met with derision and memetic abuse.

| "They laugh because they don't know a life other than being savages," John Q, a member of the policlub, said, "You don't need [decks], you don't need hand claws, you don't need explosives, assault machine guns, sidepistols... where i'm from, self defense is done in a court of law, not on the street like one of those 'simsense' things that children, babies, are sticking in their brains- its no wonder y'all are having such problems, being so backwards."

| Mister Q is one of many residents who have settled in Glitch City in the past few years seeking opportunity in a place that was once (and some argue, still is) called the "petri dish" of the world, as well as a leader in artificial intelligence advancement, not to mention rogue AI rehabilitation and lilim rights. Instead, he says, he found a lawless wasteland full of runaway capitalism and augmentation abusers.

"God we got this place back home called... The Sprawl."

| "Ever heard of it? Don't go there. Hell, don't go anywhere near the UCAS," He said, "I came here with my wife to start over, start a new life with this new technology called lilims... not to live in another Seattle."

When asked what this has to do with the policlub, he digressed into a sphiel about the good old days which we will not reprint here, as we've been informed by our editors that we will not be paid extra.

Naturally, this means I can write whatever the hell I want he-

| Liam Zizak contributed to this report.

| This article doesn't not represent the K-TRAN Conglomerate official stance on any of the issues rised. K-TRAN Conglomerate is extremely grateful for all the support GCPD has been providing so far, as well for the efforts of its many outstanding members — such as the major Talia A. Chanka, who presonally led the GCPD detachments during the recent attack on Glitch City Airport.
—Albert Batman, K-TRAN Conglomerate, K-Tran Corporation Head of Press and Public Relations Department.

| >>677729
Did Philip not make you your coffee this morning, old man? Typos like that are just embarassing.

| Ugh... I get where they're coming from, but this is just going to mean they'll be in some corpers pockets. And which pocket can make things bad or worse. -CN

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