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Hope y'all don't care for /burg/

| cause a burger shop just went BOOM in downtown, glass and charred plastic tables and shit everywhere.

| Maybe /burg/ shouldn't horde food while we have homeless people sitting around everyone.
I'm just saying. Like they could at least give any reject stuff for a free grab at the very least.
Or maybe Glitch could set up a food line.
Less hungry people would mean more security in the end as people will not feel desperate.

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maybe if we didnt have all those homeless people from outta town around there wouldnt be a food shortage problem needing a food line.

Its a shame that bill to make augmentation mandatory is stuck in bureaucracy. then we can finally get rid of all these useless people.

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There isn't a food shortage though.
It's just not going anywhere because it's locked away by corps.

>forced augmentation
Really jiving to help give those corporations even more money, you know augments need maintenance right? You're basically volunteering to be privately taxed to live. You that much of a Richie boot licker?
Also remember the human revolution who wanted to make it so people too augmented are sterilized. You keep pushing that same direction we'll all die.

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you some kind of luddy? everyones augmented here, dumbass, including you or you wouldnt be typing that drek up.

gurl wasnt wrong. The only one pushing this anti aug shit is that dead healthcare corp and some bleeding hearts from a moon colony

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>everyones augmented here
>need to be typing here
Nope, computers and ROMs are a thing gurl
>only ones pushing antiaug are dead healthcorp or moon colony
Nope. Human Revolution has been around since the 2-60s

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>literally forgetting Parallax OS is a thing

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Ah yes, now that I got this shiny metal arm, I don't need to eat anymore. -CN

| ITT: dynoforce larpers and samefags pretending to be edgy.

look no one gives a shit about burg or the homeless or bad trideo shows so i'm calling it, y'all faggots

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literally what.

i don't drink craft brew moonshine

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>Computers and ROMS

Yes, whixh require user input, fuckboy. You're so ignorant you can't even into technology to pretend you know what your talking about.

>Human Revolution

is a shitty "cyberpunk" game from the early 2010's, lol are you even READING your own posts? Fucking F A D E!

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Alright, whatever then. No point in continuing this.

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I'm not being edgy, it's called sarcasm. -CN

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