(Setting/Bar)The Hazy Moonlighter

| >it open mic night and the moonlighter is open for business once again!
>despite the change in ownership everything is still the same, the only remarkable sounds to be heard are the idle chatter of the same ol regulars and the squeaking sound of,this time a new tender cleaning some glasses under the counter!
>up above the counter the same old menu written in pink chalk lists the food and drinks, long since past being "new"
>some things never change huh?
>and its all timeless

| >behind the counter is a particularly svelt girl with shoulder length purple hair tied to a pony tail
>she looks cute!

>and a redheaded boy cleaning the counter with a semi moist rag
>yet he seems Completely unappealing

"So remind me why we're here..?"
>the redheaded boy ask

"Because the cap asked us too fuckboy"

>the purple haired girl responds

"I wish i was the monster you think i am!"
>he laughs

"jamais en un million d'années"
>she quips back



| >then that same old jingle rings from the door chimes as to mark your arrival
>bringing to bear the same old bar many have come to know and love, almost as if it were frozen in time
>the staff turn to greet you!
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>they both say in sync with a bow!

| > Through the door, an officer pauses at the greeting, before chuckling and making his move for the counter.

"Oh, well... Hello there."

> He finds a comfortable spot at the counter, feeling at home behind glass like, grey eyes and geared uniform, almost like it's been quite some time since his last visit to a bar.

| >>677375
"Hey there officer"
>the girl greets
"Welcome to the moonlighter! What can i get you this evening?"

>hmmmmm you are in a over all comfy bar, tucked away somewhere hard to find
>with a cute french speaking purple haired bar tender and her fuckboy co worker...
>isnt this a bit familiar...?

>we just need a cool boss and a very cheerful girl...and maybe a big sister type...
>then things would get *Very* familiar very quickly

| >>677376

"Let me think, here..."

> The officer scratches the back of his head, straightening his short, blonde hair before tapping his chin. He seems very laxed, almost somber in his movements.

"I can't have alchohol, tonight... Nothing carbonated..."

> He mumbles a few choices to himself before looking the girl in the eyes. His own seem cloudy, almost a clear glossy grey without pupils.

"Do you perhaps have anything bitter? Not too much, nor alcoholic, please."

| >>677379
"Sunshine cloud then I'll take it?"

>she nods and with a flourish pulls out a mixing up, twirling it in the air for exactly 7 rotating before catching it and begins the mix!

"Lets see if i can do it right"

>she pours 2 parts adelhyde, 2 parts Bronson extract and a single part of karmotrine to keep it light
>a bit of ice for the rocks and then blended all together!

>moments later she pours the orange mix into a stemless wine glass and slides it over
"?Please enjoy!"

| >>677380

> The officer is in awe at the ease of the bartender, before taking hold his drink.

"I sure will, thank you."

> He takes a look around the bar, taking in the scenery as he sips his first. He'd made up his mind that he'd enjoy his time here more often.

| >>677382
>the deco is pretty oldschool, akin to an irish pub of sorts
>the counter is nice and solid oak, varnished and presumably made from a single tree, comfy looking booths hug the walls with the odd few tables dotting the middle area
>directly across the counter is a small platform acting as a stage, a mic set up alongside a few instruments with a holoprojector to display lyrics for karaoke, a intentionally lazily hung sign reading "open mic night" proped on the wall

| >>677385

"Open mic night... How often does it come around?"

> The officer has a good look at the stage, entertained at the thought of karaoke.

| >>677387
"I dunno, kinda my first time serving here so i cant say, sorry"
>she says while giving the redhead a light shoulder bump
"Also dumbo over heres first day so much the same"

"Ow, also hi"
>he gives a wave and returns to serving his own set of customers

"'Sides we just got started an hour ago"
>the boy picks up

"So someone will come around eventually and belt on out i guess"
>the girl finishes

>they are finishing each others sentences
>that not going to get confusing...

| >>677388

"Oh? W-Well-"

> The officer takes a look between them, taken back by their accuracy.

"I suppose I'll stay awhile, maybe a hidden gem, or two, will pop in."

| >>677391
Girl:"Definitely would bring a spark to this place-"

Boy:"and as nice as it is-"

Girl:"nobody would say no to something to listen to-"


>stars its almost creepy how in sync those two are
>yet it dosen't strike you as unnatural, more as if its just two friend that know eachother well enough to do such things after years

>looking around one last time there is a bathroom, some nice labels on the booze cabinet and a white haired girl bussing the tables

| >A man strolls through the door of the establishment dressed in a softshell jacket and a pair of jeans, as well as a plate carrier worn over the jacket and a pair of comtacs on his head. A pistol tucked away in a holster.

>Following closely behind him is a young woman in a grey and white sweatshirt and a pair of grey trousers. Sporting not a pair of comtacs but a beanie on her head and a small slingbag strapped on her back in place of the man's plate carrier.

| >A lilim wish short teal hair and an oversized jacket comes in, looking up at the door as it chimes
"Well, I'm glad to know that the chime sounds as pitiful as ever."
>She hops hops over the counter and dons an apron. It's Liz, but she got a haircut.
"Sorry I took so long. I was finishing paying the contractors. How are things?"

| >>677433
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>the staff bows

"Just fine darling"
>and on cue Cassius emerges from the back room with a bag of groceries
"Not a second to late~
actually wait how did we not run into each other on the way here?"
>it looks like mister blue guy was just out on groceries

"Hello there again miss liz"
>the purple haired girl behind the counter pipes up

| >>677489
>Liz taps the side of her head and she vanishes from sight
"I saw you but you didn't see me. I wanted to get things done as quickly as possible."
>She reappears
"No offense."

>She looks over to Nico and waves
"Heya Nico, how are you?"

| >>677496
"Mmmm...?~ what?~
afraid i was going to flirt with you on the way back or something"
>he says with a chuckle

"Glad that you two are back, now-"
>she immediately hops over to the other side of the counter
"-we dont have to work~"

>the redhead following suit short after
"Oh god its a literal couple of blueberries"
>he quips


"What!? Blue jacket, blue hair! Dont tell me im the only one!"

"W-well i mean your right but still!"
>they begin bicker

| >>677489
>The couple settle down at the counter.

"Hello, I'll have a Ragnarok, and she'll have a Sugar Rush... right?"

>The man says, turning to his companion for reassurance.

"Yep, Sugar Rush, no karmotrine, please."

>She says with a polite smile.

| >>677502
>cassius nods and pulls out a mixing cup
"One sugar rush no karmo and...whats a ragnarock?"

>the concept gives him pause before he gets to mixing
>two parts adelhyde and a part powdered delta with no karmo, how boring!
>one mix later and it is subsequently poured into a collins glass and slided over to the girl

| >>677507
"Not sure actually, Liz used to serve them."
>The man said.
"Try asking your girlfriend, Cassius?"
>Yep, it's Red, in his normal 'casual' setup minus the mask.

>The girl takes the glass with a 'Thank you' and takes a little sip.
"Let's try not to bother them too much, Red."

| >>677500
"I wasn't really worried about that, I just wanted to get it done. I get stopped on occasion by people who have seen me do the fire breath routine. Don't want to risk that."

"Oh, hey Red. How've you been?"
>She disappears into the back and reemerges with a red bottle.
"I made this up for you since we haven't been open for a while."
>She hands over the bottle. It says 'Ragnarok' in big bold letters

| >>677520
>nice and sweet like any sugar rush should be

"Well then you wouldn't mind if i-"
>he sneaks behind liz and plants a suprise peck on the cheek!
>wha! Its an ambush!

>it would have been nice were it not for nico and lucas's constant bickering
>its actually getting hard to understand what they are saying as it slowly devolves into angry German dialects

>speaking of Germans...one cant help but wonder how gem is

| >>677529
"Oh, hey, thanks Liz."

>Red examines the bottle.

>The girl continues drinking with small sips, looking around. She notices the open mic stage.

"Hey, so, what's going on with the stage?"

| > After finishing his drink, the officer takes a look around the room, before settling onto the white haired girl bussing tables, more or less a subconcious decision...

> He's still intrigued by the two mixing drinks, however he's lost his own thoughts of the livelyhood of the bar, and slips into an unknowing stare.

| "Ouch!"

> A man slips into the bar, falling over and dropping a phone to his side. He bent over and rushes to check his knee — only faltering as he realises they are more than in better state.

"Ow ow... Where even is this—"

> From his lower perspective, he sees the few patrons, customers, but nothing else. He finds his phone, hurriedly taking it back closer to him.

| >>677649
"Open mic night miss"
>says the redhead to the side

>the white haired girl simply wanders around taking orders and delivering drinks as needed
>seems you just need to signal her if you need something

"Hello sir and welcome to the moonlighter"
>the staff bow as you enter

| >>677868
"Moonlighter? Sorry, I just.. mindlessly walked here. Is this a brothel.. or any... erm—"

> He claps his lips, trying to find words that won't insinuate any verbal harm towards the business — even if he is less so interested in them.

"... You know, LARP dens with bars as the undercover basement?"

| >>677871
"...whats a LARP den?"
>the bartender with brown hair and blue vest asks

>almost immediately 3 people just look at you dead in the eye and nod their heads to the side as of to say
>"no dont answer that. Hes innocent and we like him that way"
>or something around those lines

"I dunno what a lard basement is sir but i do know how to serve you a drink"
>said tender continues

| >>677868
"Oh, cool."
>Alix turns to Red.
"Red... you know what I'm thinking?"

"Absolutely-fucking-not, I'm not getting on that stage."
>Red automatically replies.

"Come on, it will be fun."

"Not a chance."

| >>677876
"Don't mind. I accused this place wrongly. Sorry."

> The man stands up, dusting himself. He prims his jet black hair, before pocketing his phone to the breast pocket of his shirt. His attention hovers from between many points of interest.

"I'll make a seat and order something. Do you people serve BTC drinks here?"

| >>677935
"Yupyup, menu is above me in case you didn't see"
>the bartender points above him to a large chalk board hung over the counter, food and drink of all sorts jolted down im pink chalk
"Just get yourself comfortable, ill take your order after you decide"

>he tales out a rag and begins cleaning the counter

>one must admit its a suprisingly comfy place! Nice anand rustic! Yet still more then enough to prove itself a enjoyable place for a drink

| >>677894
>cassius grins, exchanging a look with lucas, who reciprocates and nods

>lucas cheers
>cassius joins
>nico seems to get the memo and joins them in their cheer

>then another patron,then another patron and another after that!
"Get-on-stage! Get-on-stage! Get-on-stage!"
>mere seconds later in a rising chorus the entire bar is chanting
>slamming their feet and slapping the tables creating a impromptu beat!

| >>677962
> He nods, walking to find seat detached from the rest of the hoodlum of chorus, currently prompting someone to do something. He didn't care less. He takes out his phone, setting it at a landscape while his hand hovers as he sets a drastic turn to a serious expression.

> He mumbles, unheard in this crowd.

| >>677963
>Red was going to object again, but seeing the crowd went up in a chorus, he decided against it. Instead, he settles with.

"Alright, alright, fine. I will get on the damn stage, BUT, before that, I want HIM on it first."

>Red says, pointing towards Cassius.

"If I don't see Cassius, the motherfucking French man, on THAT stage, I'm not going up there."

>Red continues, before going back to his drink.

| >In the midst of all of this cheering and chanting, another patron enters the Moonlighter. Their silhouette looks kind of bizarre before they make their way into the light: the strange growth jutting out where their shoulder should be reveals itself to be the neck of a guitar case, and the misshapen suitcase they look to be carrying is actually an amplifier. They set this down before cracking their neck, and approaching the bar. They choose to stand beside >>677379.

| >>678246

> Following in is a tall Lilim. With his shock of black hair and bright green eyes, Fox doesn't exactly blend in well. He seems a little tired, but diligently follows the person heading for the bar before tapping them on the shoulder

"Anno... Hey Ten-san. Glad we made it close to the same time!"

> Fox gives a shy smile and scans around in order to see who else he might know

| >>678317 >>678246
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>the staff bow as you enter

>looks like tonight will be a fun night!
>in a way its always good to have a jovial place like this! Nothing says fun like the hustle and bustle of a bar people truly enjoy being in eh?

>given mister brown hair might end up on stage in a few moments the girl with white hair stands close to take an order, also cheering

>...but quietly

| >>678317
>Ten's eyes glint under the shade of the baseball cap they sport. A wry smile makes its way across their face before Fox earns himself a playful punch in the arm as a greeting.

"Didn't expect you so soon... what's the deal? Lotta good skyscrapers around here to bounce off?"

>Ten glances down at Fox's legs, and snickers.

"... Nothing over 150 feet, if there are."

>They tuck their hands into the pockets of their bomber jacket, cocking their head to the side.

| >>677998
"E-e-eh?!? Crap that backfired!"
>the crowds cheer then shifts you clever dog!
>rhis results in him becoming quite flustered
"L-liz w-what do you think?"

| >>678358

> Fox rubs the spot where Ten punched him, as he didn't expect her to hit so hard.

"I-i'm just quick on my feet! I have to be with my job and all. I haven't taken any large falls lately, luckily. I don't like to. It still hurts..."

> He wonders where her equipment is and looks around, as if he knows what it even looks like

"Where's your music stuff? Did you already bring it in and everything?"

| >>678359
>Liz gives him a playful wave, urging him to go on stage
"Have fun, Cassie"

| >>678364
>there is a slight wince before he caves in
"alright fine!"

>they cheer! His friends laughing as the usually quiet cassie gets urged to the stage
"Nice one lizzy"
>nico laughs
"You just did what none of us ever could haha!"

"Make cassie sing"
>lucas follows

>he blushes red to his ears and makes his way to the stage picking up an acoustic guitar along the way

>then pulls a stool close to the mic and takes a seat, breathing in deep to calm his nerves

| >>678363
>Ten jerks her head towards the combo amp she'd lugged in with her. It sits near the bar's doorway, having been dumped there in favor of getting to the counter faster.

"Sound stuff's over there; talent's on my back."

>She shrugs, causing the guitar case slung across her body to rise and fall with her shoulders.

"Not gonna do any playing yet. Gotta watch first; see what the regulars like."

>Maybe gulp down a little liquid courage for good measure, too.


| >then he begins to strum
"An only child alone and wild, a cabinet maker's son~
His hands were meant for different work~
And his heart was known to none~"
(19 on cha roll)

>holy shit, that intoxicating chocolate like voice is almost perfect!
>were he not nervous it may well have been

>the melody of the guitar softly echos across the bar as he plays and sings deep down from the heart

| >>678369

“なるほど! If you need an extra set of hands, I can be some help too. But if not, that’s okay because I’m not very good either”

> He laughs a bit to dispel his own awkward feelings about playing music. All Lilim can play music to an extent, yet Fox felt as if he shouldn’t

“Thirsty? Oh! Umm... sure! Anything sweet or sour works. ありがとうございます!”

| >>678376
"Appreciate it."

>Ten grins, and nods in thanks. Always nice to have some sort of support, whether it's on stage, waiting in the wings, or watching from the sidelines.

"Sweet or sour, huh...?"

>She gives Fox a little shove towards the bar counter, pointing the brim of her hat towards the white-haired 'tender waiting for orders. >>678357

"Not a mind reader, omae. Tell the lady what you want."

>Ten eyeballs the menu herself while Fox picks out a drink.

| >>678378 >>678357

"Oh, yes! Right!"

> Fox waves to the bartender hoping to get them to come over to get his order placed

"Hello, could I please get Blue Fairy? Light on the karmotrine, please. Thank you!"

> He focuses back onto Ten, eying the large bag

"What kind of instrument do you play anyway?"

| >>678380
>Ten's gaze follows Fox's for a second before returning to the list of drinks and dishes overhead. She flashes a quick peace sign.

"Two kinds."

>She fiddles with the strap keeping the case up against her back, twisting and repositioning it so it lays more comfortably against her chest.

"Bass, and percussion. Easier to carry >>>this around than my kit. You?"

>He /had/ said he could help...

| >>678390

"Well, if I had the right kinds of hands, I guess I could play stringed instruments. But since they're a little too tough, I'd be better off with harder things. Ayanami-sensei had me play piano when I was becoming self aware. He said he did the same when he was a kid."

> Fox twists and moves his hands, as if trying to show how practiced his hands are

| >>678465
>Ten scoffs, and rubs at the bridge of her nose, shaking her head. Her lip curls in a grimace, and she grumbles quietly:

"You, him, 'n everyone >>>else growing up over there..."

>Her arms fold across her chest, and under the shadow cast by her cap, her brow furrows.

"Kids are practically, fuckin'... >>>born with their fingers on the keys, nowadays."

>She fans her own, then settles into drumming them against her sleeve.

| >>678522

“Over there? What do you.... oh!”

> Fox taps his head before realising what she meant

“Well, I’m not from Japan, I was actually deployed in America; ごめねさい. But my caretaker was from . Now it makes sense why he learned too!”

> He relaxes a little bit, and a small hiss of pistons can be heard as he does

“You’re from there though, right? Your accent sounds different than Sensei’s. He was from Saitama”

| >>678529
"Oh. Uh, sorry, I..."

>Ten pries one arm from behind the other, reaching back to rub the nape of her neck gingerly. She winces. Whoops.

"... my B."

>She'd... admittedly gotten a little excited at the prospect of having someone who could /actually/ relate to commiserate with. Finding out she jumped the gun is disappointing: she mumbles half an answer to Fox's question as she tries to shake off her embarrassment.

"Uh... yeah. I am. Not Saitama, though."

| >>678536

“You didn’t say anything wrong! It’s okay!”

> Fox gives A smile of reassurance

“I don’t think I’m any less Japanese for being from New Philly. Or being a Lilim. We had a big enough Asian district I could be in freely. I do want to visit Japan when I can”

> His eyes grow wide upon thinking about it

“It seems so great there!”

| >>678546
>Fox's enthusiasm lightens Ten's mood a bit. She straightens out of her slouch and stretches her legs, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Depends on where you're staying... what I hear, anyway. Lived there most on my life, but... never travelled. Didn't have the cash."

>She frowns, and shrugs nonchalantly.

"... Guess you're just gonna have to tell me what it's like when you get back."

>She raises her eyebrows, smirking just a touch.

| >>678557

”もちろんさ!I was planning on going once the year ends. Dusty said she might be going on a trip too, but wouldn't say anything else."

> Fox looks around at the lively bar, thinking about his roommate

"Actually it's good she didn't come. This place is busier than normal and she's not good to come here often either."

| >>678563
"... 'Dusty'?"

>Ten surveys the bar, as well. She's been to quite a few others in GC, but this seems to be the only one she can recall that's advertised an open mic night. Is that what sets the Moonlighter aside from all the other fine drinking establishments scattered throughout the city, or is there more to it than that?

"The fuck's Dusty...?"

>She takes a moment to mull the name over, muttering to herself.

"... Oh. Roommate?"

| >>678565

> Fox nods vigorously, creating what looks like a small cloud of dust, oddly enough, from his head. Or at least, that’s what it looks like.

“She umm..... doesn’t like the owner very much. She also has gotten into fights here before. She’s actually kind of scary when she wants to be.”

> He taps his chin, as if trying to remember something

“Oh! Dusty also isn’t her real name. But I’m not allowed to tell anyone else what it actually is”

| >>678566
>Ten gawks as Fox unintentionally shows her just how severe his dandruff is. No amount of Head and Shoulders is going to fix THAT fucking mess. Christ. She shuts her mouth almost as soon as she let it fall open; a mistake she hadn't /meant/ to make, but regrets as if it had been a conscious bad decision.

"Uh... huh. No shit?"

>This "Dusty" sounds like her kinda gal!

"What's her beef with the guy running this place?"

| >>678568

“I think they almost dated? She doesn’t want to talk about it but it seems like it given she’s cried about it before.”

> He shrugs, passively ignoring his KY attitude towards the situation which is most likely one-sided anyway

“She has mentioned she wants to beat him up but still hasn’t tried to, which I’m glad she hasn’t. Cassius isn’t that bad to me, at least.”

| >>678569

>Ten looks over her shoulder, towards the boy sitting center stage.

"Y'mean... >>>that kid?"

>The one whose name is still ringing in her ears after she walked into it being shouted over and over by the bustling bar's many patrons? She squints. It's hard to get a good look at him from where they're standing.


| >>678370
"Wait, he's actually getting up there?"

>Red says, noticing Cassius on stage and performing.

"Yep, he's pretty good too."

>Alix says.

"Damn it, this is gonna be a shit show."

| >>678572

> Fox looks over and confirms it's him quickly.

"Yeah! I have no idea how he came to own this place. He's dating the bartender now? Or one of them? I forget."

> He tries to focus on the music but decides not to, as that would seem incredibly rude

"Do you know him too?"

| >>678582
>Ten blinks. /Does/ she know him? There's something about his voice...


>Something about it seems familiar, but... is that artificial, or is it genuine? Are his smooth, flowing tone and the gentle lyrics of the song he's crooning producing this feeling of recognition, or...

"... Do I?"

>It sounds less like she's thinking out loud and more like she's questioning Fox about this clouded memory of hers.

| >>678588

“He’s a really weird guy! Always overpays me when I do jobs for him and I think it would be rude now to point it out to him.”

> Fox focuses on Cassius, enjoying the music

“Sometimes he uses a weird AR set up. It doesn’t work on Lilim since our... senses work differently than humans do”

| >>678595
>Ten hums thoughtfully, turning her attention to the movement of Cass' hands as he plays. Fluid flick of the wrist as he strums each chord, glide of his fingers up and down the guitar's neck...

"Tch... dude uses a capo."

>What a letdown. Her thoughts quickly return to what Fox has told her, and linger there for a short while.

"AR setup?"

| >>678605

"I think it's an Augmented Reality setup of some sort. Everyone around goes into some weird trance. I just get odd interference static"

> He gives another odd shrug, as if wishing there were more that he could say on the matter

"I asked Dusty once and she said she sees things that aren't really there, which she doesn't always appreciate"

| >>678581
>honestly its no wonder he taught gem, and that gem also was pretty good!

"He left his home and went his lone and solitary way~
And he gave to me a gift I know I never can repay~

A quiet man of music~ denied a simpler fate~
He tried to be a soldier once~, but his music wouldn't wait...
He earned his love through discipline~, a thundering velvet hand~
His gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand~"

>yet its hard to enjoy it knowing your next...

| >>678380
>somehow despite the lack of tenders a glass filled with blue fairy cocktails appears in front of you!

>your eyes must be playing tricks on you! For there is no capo!
>given the player in question he might not even know what that is

| >>678657
>Red just keeps on drinking his Ragnarok. While thinking of what he should do on the stage. He looks calm on the outside although he's panicking internally.

>Alix pats Red on the head.

"Hey, come on, it will be fine. Just have fun."

>Alix says, trying to calm Red down.

| > The officer, zoning in and out through the new playing music and bustling of the room, only just noticed the person sitting next to him... It seems he’s lost energy only by sitting and sipping on his drink. He looks over to the ensuing conversation (>>678605 ) and pauses, seeing the two talking. Before he knows it, he reacts unconsciously to>>678609 and>>678606.

“E-Excuse me.”

| >>678609
>Ten's face screws up as she forms a shaky mental image of this AR array. A device (or a few devices) that cause visual hallucinations? Her minds eye likens it to some kind of hologram, but one that only the party it's meant for can see. Strange.

>Ten doesn't notice just /who/ she's parked herself next to until he speaks, and stiffens visibly when she sees he's in uniform. Shit!! Guy's a cop. The fuck's he doing here? She clears her throat gruffly.


| >>678357
> Given the interruptions handed by the roaring voices, the man grew indecisive. He thought of not drinking, putting his phone on his lap while his eyes squint at the nauseating crowd.

> He rubs his hair and goes for a deep sigh.

> Waving his hand upwards, he tries to get the attention of any staff, with hopes he hadn't been drowned amidst the collage of events.

> In between this, he checks his phone often, putting it down to wave some more.

| >>678881 >>678688

> Fox notices the Cop and also stands up a little taller, seemingly worried that he might have done something wrong

"Umm.... can I help you? I have my ID if you need it"

> Fox then remembered that he didn't need to do that in GC. Too late now to take it back.

| >>678938

“Er... N-No, no. No need for that, I was just being nosy. Your friend just seemed familiar, that’s all.”

> After nodding to Ten, his phrasing passed through his head as not the best follow up to say...

“I mean, not in a bad way... I, uh-“

“-I just-“



> He turns back to the counter quickly to finish his drink.

| >>678978
>If Ten recognizes the officer sitting next to her, her body language certainly doesn't show it, and neither does her face: it stays carefully masked in shadow as she sizes up the cop. His... unusual irises get her attention.

"Okay there, chief...?"

>How can this guy /possibly/ say she looks familiar when he's got eyes foggier than a windshield in a rainstorm? The tension in her posture eases some. Get a grip, Ten. Not the end of the world of he /does/ know you, anyway.

| >>678986

“Yeah, s-sorry.”

> He clears his throat lightly and turns back to face Ten directly, completely eliminating the likelihood of blindness... If there was any to begin with.

“My names Felix, Felix Hazard.”

> He taps his nameplate, brandishing ‘F.HAZARD’ on the upper left side of his vest. He seems very open, but otherwise he’s very... lax.

“May I ask, What’s yours?”

> Simple, also.

| >>678674
>hwjebeldhd oh jeeze oh jeeze...
>J-just don't overthink it! Y-youll be fine right!?

>you simply turn your head left and all of a sudden from out of nowhere is the white haired server girl
>not much to say, shes cute in that sheltered princess sort of way and shes wearing some ornate looking gloves

| "The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old~
But his blood runs through my instrument~ and his song is in my sooouuuuul~~~
My life has been a poor attempt~ to imitate the man~
I'm just a living legacy~ to the leader of the band~"

>speaking of gem...one must wonder..where is she?
>Definitely would get so shortage of entertainment from this!

| >>678995
>Red put the thoughts away and gives Alix a smile.

"Yeah, you're right."

>Alix stop patting Red. Instead, she smiles back and put her hand in his.
>Oh god, they are holding hands.

| >>678995
"Yeah, uh... can I get—"

> The man gives a noncommittal response for his call. His attention is split unevenly between ordering and what his phone displays — by how he grabs his phone and puts it, hindering eye contact, it's a telling sign which he chose to have the most of his attention.

"—I don't know. You guys do BTC, right? Is a piledriver okay here?"

> His phone's speaker emit a music and several foleys. A game? A trideo? It's difficult to tell.


| >>679017
>some patrons give that awwww look, equipped with the smug knowing smile and all

"Awww it must be couples night"
>nico wispers

>lucas semi loudly wispers back

"See this is why your single"
>aaaaannnndd right back to bickering

>the white haired girl stays silent, merely maintaining eye contact

>then you look to the right and you see a piledriver?

>then back to her only to see her not there


| >>679333
>The couple stared into each other's eye for a second too long before Alix pulls her hands back, looks around, and awkwardly clears her throat. Red do the same and both go back to their drinks, waiting for Cassius to finish up his song.

| >>679333
> The man claps his lips a few times, then bit on them. He takes a sigh again, putting down his phone, rubbing his eyes.

"Damn gacha... getting hallucinations just like that..."

> He starts taking chugs of his piledriver. Like a champ, or like a fool, he dug fast and coughs on the drink. He continues with his phone, not minding the activity happening on stage.

| >>678988
"... It's Ten."

>She answers slowly. Fox might notice she's lowered the register of her voice a little.

"Got an... interesting last name there, omae. Pick that out when you joined the force, or somethin'? Suits your career choice."

>She's tempted to ask if it also earned him those eyes of his, but she's not here to start trouble. Ten signals to the nearest bartender. Play, drink, or do both: she's decided to at least get a jump on that second objective.

| >>678988

"Anno... I'm Fox. Nice to meet you"

> Fox really wasn't sure if they had met before. He was at least certain that he's seen Felix before here, only if because of the frequency both of them were there

> He nervously waves his hand and goes to reach for his drink, taking a small sip and wishing the atmosphere were just a little lighter for once

| >>679431

“Ten, Fox... It’s nice to meet you, two...”

> ‘Boy do I feel out of place already...’ [/spoiler]

“Ah, H-Hazard? It... It’s the family- uh, name.”

> He scratches the back of his neck, showing his own discomfort after seeing the other’s. Maybe he can relax the tension somehow? Somehow, he thinks...

“I’m sorry I kind of- ueh, intruded? I just thought you... You two looked familiar. Friendly faces here and there.”

| >>679337
>and with that he finishes his set!
>with a bright red face he places down the guitar and returns to the bar

>and once again all eyes on the bar turn to red

>shes still around bussing tables and you would guess
>the better question is where did the drink come from?

| >>679467

"O-oh! I'm here twice a week to collect and run things for the owner. I think that's why I seem familiar. I don't drink all the time, really"

> Fox awkwardly laughs, hoping he was making himself seem less threatening and less worthy of some attention out of nervousness

"T-ten is friend I recently made while at... an oden shop! Yep!"

> He wondered how that lie would pan out

| >>679566
"Look, it's our turn."

>Alix says enthusiastically, before getting up and walks over to the stage. Red sighs and follow along.

>Red got on the stage, pick up a guitar and starts talking with the mic.

"Right, so before we begin. I would like to apologize to every single one of you for having to endure through this. I kinda wish I'm here to tell a joke, because then if you laugh, I know the show is going great instead of the opposite which is going to happen."

| >>679566
> The man puts down the glass on his table. He leaves a credstick, taking note of its value before he stands up and begins to walk with his phone again.

> His balance is imperfect and he teeters on the end of his toes, brushing past objects, tables, and patrons — until he lands square and falling on his knees again as he accidentally shouldered an officer.


> His eyes go up, seeing three people near that he might have hit.

>>679638 >>678986

| >>679638

“Ah, okay, okay...”

> There’s a ping in his head... Nonsense! but...

“I figured...”

> Felix looks directly up at Fox, curiosity written across his face.

“I... I do remember you, though, I think. May I ask, you roommates with a-


> Felix turns immediately, off guard by the man’s sudden contact, and only takes a moment to stand to help him back up.

“Woa- hey, you alright there?”

| >>679873
> The man sprawls to find his phone first before he accepts the help. His phone still outputs a kind of game on its screen, alongside the nigh-audible voices and sounds coming with it.

"Y-yeah.. sorry. A bit tipsy from my drink."

| >>679467
>Ten grunts in acknowledgement, and nods. Low light will easily make a face only just similar to an acquaintance's look familiar... though, "friendly" she can't attest to.


>She gets this apprehensive look, and starts to reach for the brim of her cap before she's interrupted by Fox.

>Ten hums an affirmative, trying not to sigh in irritation and (perhaps) disappointment. Really? That's the /best/ you could come up with? A cop isn't gonna buy that...

| >>680095
>The woman looks like she's about to say something to Felix again when >>679668 trips over his own feet and takes a near-nosedive towards the bar floor. She makes a hasty backstep, but doesn't quite avoid getting caught in the crossfire: the result is slightly shaken Ten and a momentarily sore arm.

>She squats down next to him carefully.

"... Y'alright?"

>She glances about the area as he looks for his phone, and seems satisfied when he finds it.

| >>679873

"Anno.... my roommate Dusty the... I don't know what she do-"

> Fox is cut short as he notices everything go on and takes a quick step back, trying to stay out of whatever situation is happening for everyone's sake.

> He glances at the person on the floor, before letting them know it's okay


| >>679900

> Felix brushes dust off the man as he’s on his feet and sighs.

“You’re alright, kav’. Just be a little more careful, yeah?”

> Just ‘a bit’ doesn’t always fly well, but Felix is more nonchalant about the situation than he was approaching Ten and Fox. He reseats himself once he feels the man is standing well, trying to refresh what he heard last.


“You two good?”

| >>680096
"It's okay. It's okay. I should pay more attention to the floor."

> The man shrugs and dusts his knees. He continues to see his phone, but lingers about enough to listen to the continuing conversation.


> He squints at the badge worn by Felix, reading it in his mind to better know his subject. An officer? At this hour, with uniform no less.

"... On break.. err.. Hazard?"

| "I want to als—"
>Red tries to continue, but was cut off by Alix, who decides to interrupt Red's speech by picking up a guitar and plays a short tune with it. Red turns back to look at Alix, who stops, smiles back at him and nods.

"Remember this one?"
>Alix says into the mic, directed towards Red, before handing the guitar to Red and take a seat at a piano.

(20 on rolls)

| >Their instruments syncs in perfectly, the notes crystal clear. Red starts singing in a smooth and clear voice

"I'm counting down
With tired eyes
I'm talking in my sleep
Head is full of angels
I've got demons at my feet

If I should die before I wake
Then I would die in vain
Forever more remembered
As a king without a name..."

| >Alix chimes in with her piano. Red also stops singing for a while, instead, letting Alix sing the pre-chorus with her sweet voice.
"I keep on falling down
lost my way around
that familiar sound is calling me

I don't know myself
Must be someone else
But I won't cry for help
Cause that's not me"

| >Red starts singing the chorus along with Alix, their voices blending in and complimenting each other perfectly well. They lock eyes while singing this, which definitely isn't a good manners for performing on stage, but they don't seems to care, stomping and clapping as if to immitate a drum.

"Deadmen don't get up
Deadmen got no luck
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality

Deadmen don't decide
Cause deadmen got no right
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality

Woah oh, woah oh..."

| >Red's guitar continues for a short moment before they continue singing.
>Red continues the next verse while Alix's hum in a high voice in the background. They are back to facing the crowd now.

"I'm drowning out
And asking why
My life is on repeat
I'm dreaming aspirations
Got no reason for defeat

And so I pray, for heaven's sake
Take away these chains
Take away this curse
Please release me from this pain"

| >Alix, once again, plays the piano and sings the pre-chorus while Red plays his guitar.

"I keep on falling down
lost my way around
that familiar sound is calling me

I don't know myself
Must be someone else
But I won't cry for help
Cause that's not me"

>The second chorus went the same as the first, with the couple's voice complimenting each other as much as each person's instrument do. They are also once again frantically stomping and clapping.

| "Deadmen don't get up
Deadmen got no luck
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality

Deadmen don't decide
Cause deadmen got no right
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality"

| >Both Alix's piano and the stomping cease completely, leaving Red's guitar, which is also playing a much calmer tune as he repeats the chorus by himself.

"Deadmen don't get up
Deadmen got no luck
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality

Deadmen don't decide
Cause deadmen got no right
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality..."

| >All music stops for a moment, before all the instruments and the clapping start up at the same time. Red let out a 'Woah...' for a while in the background while Alix repeats the same chorus, which Red later also join in to sing and finishes up.

"Deadmen don't get up
Deadmen got no luck
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality

Deadmen don't decide
Cause deadmen got no right
My life's a fantasy, that's my reality

Woah oh, woah oh

My life's a fantasy, that's my reality..."

| >>680100
>Ten's eyes narrow as Fox gets flustered, though whether or not he can see her glaring at him unclear. She stands back up as the man on the floor finally gains his bearings, and growls under her breath at her lilim pal (?):

"Jesus christ... とついたろか? やかましいわ!"

>This is followed by a loud, exasperated sigh, before she mutters flatly to Felix:

"'M fine. Thanks."

>Where's the damn tender in this joint? She's getting close to stealing a sip of Fox's drink...

| >>680235


> Fox rubs the back of his arm, as if trying to get rid of his imaginary tennis elbow. He then spots the other drink next to his and quickly hands it to Ten, hoping it'll help

"H-here's your glass. It's all okay! We're all friends and stuff!"

> These were the actions of someone who was clearly more nervous than anything. He hoped everyone was as calm as he wanted them to be

| >>680185

“Hm? Oh- somewhat, yeah. Enjoying the time while I still can.”

> Hazard glances to Ten and Fox, only noticeable by his head movement. Seeing the last bit of the exchange made him realize how much more off putting he was than he had thought... The anxiety Fox puts into the air no doubt makes Felix feel worse.


“You... You said roommate, right? If that’s the case, we haven’t met before hand.”

| >>680343

"I did! Dusty! She's about *this* tall and generally... not aggressive but I guess ready for something? I don't know where she's at."

> As Fox speaks, he gestures her rough height, being shorter than Ten or himself. He takes another sip of his drink, now seeming calmer the more he talks

"You're a police officer? I don't see many around where we live"



| >>680509

“Really? I would only be surprised if it was Glitz...”

> Felix raises curiosity, not surprised to the idea. He nods openly to Fox’s description of Dusty.

“Yeah, yeah... Officer Hazard, Armed division- all that-“

“But, you say as if you live in the Flooded. Or maybe...”

> He discontinues, still thinking on what other district could be lacking enforcement. Chapel-3 has been a bit dry come to think of it...

| >>680509
"Wait.. you said 'Dusty'.."

> The man sets his phone down, turning off its screen and silencing the overture of gameplay. He takes a brief look at Fox.

"I don't know that many Dusty. I can count to five, maybe — but that's not here nor there. Are you the guy that also runs the... Erm-- what is it, yeah, you send packages, right? ... In Motor, right?"

| >>681603
“We live in the Motor district. I guess the gangs there are like our own police. They never bother us anyway”

> Fox is startled at someone new speaking to him and turns his attention to the new person while answering

“綾波フォクスです! I do run the O-kitsune from our place in the Motor too. Dusty sometimes helps when she feels like it, which isn’t often, but I don’t mind!”

| >>681628
"I've been to your crib before. You weren't there the last time I visited though! Surprised meeting you here."

> He offers a hand for his introduction.

"俺は高倉空です... nice to meet you, 綾波さん."

> For a slightly tipsy person, he seems to have gotten greetings on point. Regardless, his face burns with a bright red; has the karmotrine surfaced enough?

| >the crowd gives a standing applause to red and alix!
>cassie in the back more then happy with the results

"Daresay that was worth getting on stage for!"
>he exclaims
"For you two certainly preformed better then me!"

>and with a laugh the crowd is in joy and you certainly contributed to the jovial atmosphere!
>and more then a few now totally ship red x alix!

>wait did i just say ship?
>***oh no***

>they joke by saying romantic duet as any good gaggle of well meaning drunks do

| >>681631

“はじめまして. You can just call me Fox, really. Umm... I’m glad you’ve seen our garage. I’m here for deliveries usually unless it’s with friends.”

> Fox shakes the man’s hand, not sure what business he would have had at the garage, unless it was from one of the left over deliveries Dusty left for him

| >>681827
"Well.. my friend ran there to deliver something. I'm not sure what. I don't have it in me to ask either."

> Leaving the handshake, the man — Sora — eyes the other two near him; the officer and another, which seems to be near Fox at all time.

"Say... Actually, I have seen you in our settlement before. Ever been to Caramel Anne? I can swear I've spotted you there. Well.. well, not that I admit I have the best memory."

| >>681759
"Well, that's it from us."ั

>Red simply says before he get down from the stage, leaving the guitar in its place.

"Thank you, everyone, it's been great."

>Alix says as she bow politely to the audience, and get up from her piano. She rushes down to catch up to Red.

"See, it's not that bad."

"Well, guess you're right."

>Red replies as they are back at their seats.

"But... thanks anyway."

>Alix says, giving Red a hug from behind.


| >>681896
>that cutesy little act earns them both a collective awwwww from the audience

>oh dear Cassius has that glint in his eyes. One that screams "this gives me a profitable idea"
>knowing him this means that next time the moonlighter opens it'll be something cheesy like couples night

>in the mean time he slides over a complimentary set of drinks
>...well more like two drinks in one heart shaped glass, and twisty heart straw
>cheeky bastard

| (https://i.imgur.com/xzHRerk.jpg)
>Outside, a massive, ancient muscle car drove slowly down the street, plastered with stickers and with the words 'Fly Rod' emblazoned on the side. The driver awkwardly attempted to parallel park and eventually succeeded, appearing unused to handling the overpowered, oversized vehicle.

| (https://i.imgur.com/U5qmHvf.jpg minus the mask)
>Moments later, a slightly built young man in some rather non-cyberpunk clothes entered the establishment and surveyed his surroundings. He didn't seem sure who to speak to and ended up at the bar.
"Egh.. I'm supposed to be working here again, starting tonight?"

| >>682356
"Oh, thank you, you are so nice. Cassius, was it?"

>Alix takes the glass of drink with a smile.

"I think this glass is a little too... sweet for Red's taste, but thank you. Maybe he might appreciate the change of style, eh? Red?"

"No, you can have that one for yourself."

>Red says.

"But this one is so cute though. Besides, I definitely can't finish this one alone."

>Alix replies.

| >>682381
"Sure thing. Uniform is in the back."
>Liz points to the door to the back
"Nice Superbird by the way. Did you build it yourself?"

| >>682547
>its a heart shaped chalice like glass with two straws intertwined with each other
>one would have to be a harem protagonist level of stupid not to see how you drink it

>it dosen't exactly help that people are chanting love birds because
>alcohol iz funz...*collapses in drunk*

>oddly enough you see a new face.
>that boy with the brown hair behind the counter certainly didn't work here when you did
>might do well to ask liz about your new co worker perhaps?

| >>681872

"Umm... The Caramel Anne? Yeah! Sometimes I am there. I don't like coffee all that much but it's a nice place to just relax sometimes"

> He takes another sip of his drink. He's glad that he asked light of the karmotrine, if only because he still had to maneuver his way home after everything

"I guess you work there too?"

| >>682675
>Red glances at the glass for one moment.

"No, I'm not drinking from that."

"Why not, it will be so sweet."

"Just... no."

"Come on, just this once. Please, *honey*?"

>Alix says, jokefully.

"Absolutely not, Alix."

| >>682686
"Right. I cover the shifts at night. Perfect time for coffee, which is the reason why I work there. Oh, actually, since I've seen you once or twice..."

> He takes his phone in display again, toying and tapping on it.

"Let's pause this gacha hell for one sec.."

> He then shows the screen to Fox, having a text input there requiring a name to fill.

"I'm not forcing you, but I'll have you as my regular, how about that? You get 15% off on my shift. No downside on your end."

| >>682729
>people just smile knowing that he will break

| >>682805
"Well, if I drink this alone I'm definitely getting really drunk. You don't want to carry me all the way back, do you?"

"Then maybe... don't drink it? Not my fault you are a lightweight."

"I'm not a lightweight. Well, I am, but there's no need to be mean about it."

"Are you mad?"

"Very mad. Now I won't share this with you now even if you want it."

>Alix turns the drink away from Red, and starts drinking it up with the heart-shaped straw.

| (OOC: Sorry for the delay, was distracted yesterday.)
>>682669 "Got it."
>Not much later he returned, now in uniform.
"And no, that's my dad's car... I normally drive something much smaller. He didn't build it, he saved it from a scrapyard somewhere. Apparently it was modded to set speed records back in the 1980s.
Egh, sorry about that... what do you need me to do right now?"

| >>680286
>In the midst of all this merrymaking, Ten has been sipping her drink and observing the goings on in the Moonlighter with varying degrees of disinterest. Christ... what a wet blanket. Ever heard the expression that starts with "when in Rome", Ten?

>Something Felix says seems to get her attention for a fraction of a second: that introduction of his gives her a strong feeling of deja vu that just won't leave her, no matter how hard she tries to shake it.

| >>682800

"Ah... sure? Let me just... ummm..."

> Fox quickly taps in his name on the screen, probably missing the fact he probably was supposed to hold the phone himself. He gives a thumbs up and nervous smile to show he's done before moving his attention back to Ten. He moves his cup and clinks it against hers, hopefully not startling her in the process


| >>683244
"Big thanks. I owe you one. Does coffee and milk clog your gut? I'll prepare one for you if you ever decide to visit. All on me, of course!"

> Sora answers before Fox turns around. He stores his phone back, seldom giving it time before he pulls it again, captivated by the game he paused.

"Ahh... Damn it. I forgot the daily."

> He leans on a nearby chair — or desk. Slouching when his phone pops a display for the game.

| >>683176
>Liz throws him the rag she was using to wipe the counter
"Finish wiping down the counter and make sure the stuff in the freezer and cooler are alright. The place was closed for a while for renovations so I don't know what's expired and what's not."

| >>683331 "Yes ma'am."
>Miro - I think I forgot to ever mention his name - got to work. He wasn't necessarily looking forward to battling whatever old stuff was in the cooler but he was glad to be useful, and to be doing something a bit more normal than whatever he had been up to all year.



| "I think you've had enough. You might get drunk for real."

>Red says, but Alix just keeps on drinking with a pouting expression on her face.

"Alright what do you want me to do to make you stop."

"You can't."

"Oh really?"

>With a smirk, Red stands up and catches Alix's hand reaching for the glass then pull her up from her seat into his embrace.

"Well... maybe you can after all."

>Alix says as she pushes her face against Red's body and putting her hand around him.

| >>683414
"No need for all that 'ma'am' stuff"
>Liz returns from the back with a ladder which she uses to start changing some of the blinking light bulbs
"Frankly, I'm surprised you showed up since the place was being worked on for months. How've you been though? Have you been well?"

| >>684660 "I've been doing fine. I think at some point I must have mentioned my grandpa's business. He moved things back to Florida again, and I pretty much had to follow. It's calmer there in a way but I'm glad to be back. Not looking forward to whatever schemes he's got planned here, though, especially since he's got a straight-up ex-military VTOL now..."

| >>684660
"So that reminds me, Liz, are you still down with the security deal with Impulse?"

>Red says, the way Alix is cuddling with him while he says that make it hard for you to focus on the words because of how adorable Alix was. She almost looks like a little child.

| >>684750
"I'm sure things will be fine. There's only so much you can do with one of those things."
>She finishes up changing the bulbs and takes the ladder to the back again and reemerges
"What kind of business does he run?"
"Of course. It gives us a helping hand here now that one of the defense turrets is in for repairs."
>She points to where it was
"Damn thing shot my arm off."

| >>685043 "The thing is, it's rarely consistent. He's always coming up with some scheme to make money, and more often than not there's some complication. Like last year there was a rice shortage, and he had a shipment brought in. Some armed people in a motorboat tried to steal it and almost got away with it. Now he's planning some kind of expedition deep into Flooded. We've done some salvaging there before, but now he says he's located some old high tech base in the abyssal part."

| >>685043
"Oh, I'm sorry about that, mind if I ask how it happened?"

>Red asks, looking to where Liz pointed. Before turning back to Alix, he unwrap his arm from Alix, but Alix stays close to Red, keeping her hand tightwraped around him.

"Okay, I think that's enough hugging."

"No, just a bit more."

"Are you drunk?"

"No, no, I just like it like this."

| >>685113
"Does he have all the necessary equipment for being there for a while? That sounds like something that could take hours or days."

"After we closed last time I was trying to update the software and I guess somewhere down the line I messed something up and it went haywire and marked me as a foe. I'm just glad nobody else was here."
>She shrugs
"Lucky for me, replacement parts like arms are relatively cheap."

| >>685314
"Well, I will tell Impulse you want to continue the deal. Fingers crossed the turrets don't go berserk again, yeah? Would be bad for business. Besides, you might not get lucky on the replacement parts next time."

>Red says

"Salvaging a piece in flooded? The scavengers won't be happy seeing your uncle lounging around taking their plunder."

>Red says, turning towards Miro, before catchinf himself and apologise.

"I'm got nosey there, sorry about that."

| >>685314
"Well, I will tell Impulse you want to continue the deal. Fingers crossed the turrets don't go berserk again, yeah? Would be bad for business. Besides, you might not get lucky on the replacement parts next time."

>Red says

"Salvaging a piece in flooded? The scavengers won't be happy seeing your uncle lounging around taking their plunder."

>Red says, turning towards Miro, before catchinf himself and apologise.

"I got nosey there, sorry about that."

| >>685314
"Well, I will tell Impulse you want to continue the deal. Fingers crossed the turrets don't go berserk again, yeah? Would be bad for business. Besides, you might not get lucky on the replacement parts next time."

>Red says

"Salvaging a piece in flooded? The scavengers won't be happy seeing your uncle lounging around taking their plunder."

>Red says, turning towards Miro, before catchinf himself and apologise.

"I got a bit nosey there, sorry about that."

| (Triple post? Fucking hell.)

| >>685314 "He says so. I've helped him arrange some of it, and it certainly seems sufficient, even if he hasn't completely told us what the goal is. We were actually supposed to do this months ago, before we had to head back home to Florida."

>>685339 "I know that. That's why he invested in a ex-military craft instead of buying a cheaper civilian model, or just heading out in a van with a flight kit. What's your name, by the way? I'm Miro."

| "Oh, and it's my grandpa running the whole operation, not an uncle. I might have misspoke."

>Miro was making good progress cleaning the counter, and soon would be ready to tackle the fridge, and whatever untold expired horrors lurked within.

| >>685477
"I'm Red, this girl overhere's Alix, although I think she's a bit drunk right now, she's usually not this clingy..."

>Red says, pointing at the girl in his lap, who hit him in response.

"I'm not drunk!"

"Anyways, I sure hope your grandpa picked a good VTOL, I've seen those scavs take down an IFV."


| >>685495 "Nice to meet you. And I'm pretty sure it's a good one, even if it's a bit old. It's one of those V-22 Ospreys with turrets the US Marines used to use. He bought it off the Fishermen. Guess they didn't need it for coast guard duties anymore."

>The counter was now mostly spotless. Assuming no conversation distracted him, it was now time for him to brave...
>T H E F R I D G E

| >>685690
"Nice to meet you as well, good luck to you and your grandpa on that plan."

>Red politely says, before taking a sip of the drink from the glass Cassius prepared, completely ignoring the heart-shaped straws. That's definitely the wrong way to drink, but he's doesn't seem to care, especially with basically blacked out drunk Alix on his lap.


| >Miro entered the kitchen area or wherever the fridge and freezer was... or walked in if it was a walk-in system, I'm overthinking this.
>Though he figured it wasn't too bad, part of him was worried there might be an obscene amount of rotted food and once-food to deal with.

| >>686521
>odly enough the kitchen is Completely clean!
>the counters and stoves polished to a reflective shine and all the cooking utensils so spotless they could Probably reflect light
>the fridge itself is Probably the most impressive, the inside is nigh sterile only filled with fresh ingredients ready for preparation into something delicious

>it seems whoever mans the kitchen takes the role quite seriously

| >Red finishes his drink, still not utilizing the heart-shaped straw Cassius provided him. Alix is now sleeping soundly on his lap, her arms firmly tied around his neck. Red sighs and tries to shake her awake.

"Alix, Alix? Wake up."

>No verbal response, but Alix does snuggles even more into Red's shoulder, once again burying her face in it. From a bystander's perspective, one might think that Red's her father and not a significant other.

| >>686700
"I can call a taxi if you need.
there's a motel not far from here.
Not one of those love hotels like in those shitty romance show situations this seems to be leading up to mind, just a normal cheap motel"
>cassius offers
"Or the one that *is* a love hotel.
I shan't judge"
>he says with a chuckle, ever the tease

| >>686704
"No, it's fine, we already have a ride, I can carry her there if she doesn't wake up."

>Red says.

"She's not too heavy, but waiting for her to sober up a little before we go would be ideal."

| >>686633
>Miro gave a sigh of relief and exited the kitchen.
"Fridge and freezer are already spotless."

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"Hey Miro, mind watching Alix overhere for a bit? I'm gonna go use the restroom. It will take just a moment."

>Red says to Miro, managing to finally get Alix off him and put her in her seat. She slumps onto the table, letting out a small groan.

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