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[Terminal] Mabinogi (Demo Release, End-Phase)

| [Downloading Data (2%)...]

"Consult your Commander's Note for unknown items. Check your inventory at all time through >>>/items and see their use." - Field Guide, p.13

[Downloading Data (7%)...]

"Units can create powerful combination attacks. If they are available, you can use them in battle with the >>>/sync menu." - Field Guide, p.80

[Downloading Data (20%)...]

"Use Armaments to gain additional advantage in battle. Equip them in your base." - Field Guide, p.99

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"Some Units have strengthened variations of their skills, unlocked upon a certain relationship level." - Unit How-To, p.16

[Downloading Data (82%)...]

"When evading, Critical chance temporarily increases for the next turn, but attacks will more likely to be guarded against." - Field Guide, p.25

[Downloading Data (100%)...]

> Play with caution and care.

>>>/start continues your adventure towards Phase 0.4

| >>677147

| >>677178
> Your screen flashes. A seizuric episode before a return of the familiar darkness.

???: "Commander, I damn well know you're alive, so stay that way!"

> The corridor fade in again.

Levenweiss: "—Commander..?"

Manaka: "Commander is thinking! Shushh!"

Levenweiss: "I digress! This is an unhealthy daydream. Commander.. are you unhurt? Are you tired...? You are allowed to rest too!"

> The two of your Units stand in front of you, extending both of your hands for them each.

| >>677181
"H-Huh? Oh I'm fine dont worry."
>He grabs both of their hands
"Are we nearby?"

| >>677185
Manaka: "Mhm, mhm! See, in that corner!"

Levenweiss: "We sensed a Unit's movement. It's not here now. If you need rest... I can't object against it."

> Levenweiss' portrait looks at you with worry and concern. She is stressed by this change, unlike her odd mischievous optimistic self.

Manaka: "See! We should be eating dinner now, but Commander wants to keep fighting!"

| >>677190
"It's fine, I can rest once we have all escaped. Let's stay focused to the task at hand."

| >>677205
Levenweiss: "I understand. Please notify one of us if you are unwell."

> As both Units lead you through the spacious corridors, you see what was left of the pointless battle. The Units are not responding to them, making the sight more normal than it seems.

> Their hands pull you through until a sight disturbs them. By a far corner, you too, see a curling figure — weakly resting on the wall.

Levenweiss: "Careful."

> Levenweiss stopped Manaka from running and inspecting.

| >>677207
"Approach cautiously, dont hurt then unless you don't have a choice."

| >>677216
> Hearing your order, Levenweiss frees her hold of the giddy Unit. Manaka's steps were light, fast — not unlike Levenweiss, but you can never trace her presence under normal condition.

> Not long since her contact, she analyses the fallen figure. Carefully, she peers at the figure. Manaka is exempt from her childish nature.

> She gave a signal for you and Levenweiss to come closer.

> ....

| > Without completing half the distance, you can tell the identity of this broken down Unit. Walls warp around her, leaving the impression of a long-standing battle after your departure.

> V-9X5. Her eyelids close shut. From where you are, it's hard to tell if she is breathing or not.

> Riddled with cuts and bruises, irreparable; you see the two fractured limbs — a hand and a leg — better now.

> A rifle sits next to her.

| >>677233
>He walks up and knees down next to her, checking her pulse.

| >>677258
> Faint. V-9X5 didn't respond in time to your touch, nor was she awake as you linger closer to her. Her uniform has been torn, exposing her skin and the bleeding wound that comes along with it.

Levenweiss: "A gallant foe. I applaud her loyalty... Where is her Commander now..?"

| >>677266
"That's what I want to know... dammit I should had grabbed a first aid kit before we left the med area..."

| >>677331
Levenweiss: "..."

Manaka: "I can take one for you, Commander!"

Levenweiss: "Should we focus with the objective at hand first.. Commander?"

> The two Units heard your remark. They encircle you and V-9X5, but only Levenweiss paid her attention towards the wounded Unit.

Levenweiss: "... I don't mean to incite stress.. no, I am stressed by this too— if this is what is left of a Divisional Unit... what of Arleen will we find?"

| >>677373
"I'm... aware of the possibility. But I'd like to keep trying for as long as I can, or at the very least, until I learn what her fate ends up being."

| >>677431
>>>Levenweiss' relationship has been raised by +5!

> Levenweiss gives you a hand to hold and a smile that summons to you a sense of comfort. Behind her are white walls decorated with bullet holes, scratches, and smears of blood — this smile protects you from that.

Levenweiss: "Believe in her.. Commander, like the belief we have in you."

| >>677434
"I will. For now let's keep moving. We can grab V-9X5 on the way back."

| >>677456
> Manaka ushers you to the same room as before; the scorched hall, with its cracks and seams opening a narrative tale of its downfall. You see the door towards the control room, however — standing between you and its entrance is a Unit — one who had been standing throughout.

K-X83: "You are no different. When you have been weakened, you summon more Units. More of us."

Manaka: "...!"

Levenweiss: "Manaka!!"

> You see Manaka trembling, then falling to her knees.

| >>677832
"M-Manaka what's wrong!?"
>He knees down next to her to check on her.

| >>677979
> Manaka is breathing manually and her breaths are heavier by each second.

K-X83: "Do you know her, Lost Commander?"

> Manaka's eyes begin to scramble at K-X83. The fatigue causes her to weakly mumble her words, all coming to be a call — "Commander.."

K-X83: "Does she remember?"

Levenweiss: "What is this nonsense..?!"

K-X83: "We Units are human, too. We are not tools for you to toy with. If you break our psyche, you will break us too."

| >>677984
"I have no plans to use anyone as a tool. I just want the fighting to end."

| >>677994
K-X83: "Do you think a >>>past can be changed that easily?"

> Manaka gasps for a breath.

K-X83: "The Hero of Resistance is even in your hands now. There is no stopping you, even after you, yourself, have thrown her here."

> Manaka now clutches her chest tight. Levenweiss comes closer, peering a sharp, vile aggression at the Knight Unit.

Levenweiss: "Silence..!"

| >>677999
"In that case just stopping the fighting and let's come to a truce!"

| >>678008
K-X83: "Truce.. I wonder. I have said, I don't tolerate betrayal like my comrades."

> K-X83 pushes aside her shield, showing herself. This tall, robust character builds upon a towering height with a bulky armour. A crown rests atop her, beneath is a stern rejection of your idea — coloured in the disapproving emotion.

Manaka: "...! Ghh..!"

K-X83: "You removed her easily, thrown her into that room, and look at her now! Reduced like this, with no memory to speak of!"

| >>678013
"What are you talking about!? I didnt put Manaka anywhere. We just met not that awhile ago.... right?"
>He looks down, doubting even his own words with his memories.

| >>678027
> Manaka tries her best to nod while keeping her breaths in control. She inaudibly yelps, her head lowers, and she clutches the handle of her sword tightly.

K-X83: "Wrong. It is true then, what R-742 said. You have lost your everything. That doesn't make you innocent, or right your wrongs."

Levenweiss: "My Commander is doing the best to tie your problems..! You.. ungrateful—!"

K-X83: "R-974 was one of the Units that led this Resistance. Look at her now! Look at her!"

| >>678029
"... You're right. I'm not innocent, the problems I caused back then arent just going to disappear with my memories. But that doesnt mean i should just die. I want to atone for those mistakes and make things better for everyone else. I cant do anything about the past but I can do something now. So please let me."

| >>678346
K-X83: "... Very well. What will you do?"

> K-X83 seems more levelheaded than R-742. She rests her shield on her hand, exposing herself to possible attacks — attacks that the likes of Levenweiss can easily do.

Levenweiss: "Manaka..."

> Instead, she tends to the pained Unit. She embraces Manaka, pulling her in to alleviate her symptoms — no matter if it was a physical pain or not.

Levenweiss: "Commander I apologise for her performance..."

| >>678356
"It's fine, dont worry."
>He replies to Levenweiss, before turning back to the knight.
"Well we can follow up on the agreement we decided on previously. I will use my Hud to release the units trapped here, then they would have the choice to remain here or join the resistance if they preferred. You would leave some liaisons here as well so they can talk for your case."

| >>678365
> K-X83 closes her eyes, pondering momentarily and for the time passing.

K-X83: "In this collapsing base, there is no better way to save the Units than to escape. The explosives we used will sooner collapse the platforms."

> She pauses. During all the conversation, she hasn't moved from her position.

K-X83: "... R-742 has declared to all Units the failure of the mission. They will execute the dead man's switch — to take those alive, and leave the dead behind."

| >>678901
"W-What about the trapped units!? Even if they escape now they won't all be able to reach the escape boats in time!"

| >>678904
K-X83: "There is not enough means of escape. We have underestimated the number of Units left in here. If they are alive or not.. it's not a chance for a guess, right?"

> As you both speak, the faraway ringing denotes an explosion. Another collapse somewhere.

K-X83: "This base encompasses the Greater Loch Morar. As capable as we Units are, this loch will pull you to death if you swim. Escaping is.. difficult."

| >>678909
"*sigh* Fine, even I can concede this place doesnt have long, I'm still going to save who I can. Where is Arleen? Or Orion and the previous commander?"

| >>678942
K-X83: "Arleen? Orion? As you see, my battalion — my allies — have been wiped here. If those are the names of my allies, I will be the last to forget them."

> You hear Manaka coughs from below. She began to numb the sensation, standing with the help of Levenweiss. The blade she held desperately drops as her grip weakens. It made an audible clang, but only visually did it reach K-X83.

Manaka: "... Commander..."

K-X83: "... Strong reliance... It's unlike her."

| >>678943
>He reaches out to grab her now free hand.
"K-X83, if you said your units were wiped out... where was the last skirmish?"

| >>679155
> K-X83 lifts her shield and hammers it down, letting off the dust and ashes to the air. The dead bodies around, now without a soul to move them — her eyes wander to each one from where she can see them.

K-X83: "This was the last of my allies. Where I'm standing, is their honoured grave."

> Manaka clings to your hand. You can feel the heat emitted from her and the burning fever she experiences. She whimpers, humanly leaking the last of her tears.

| >>679274
"My... condolences. This didn't need to be the case."
>He hugs Manaka.
"So what will you do now? I hope you don't plan on staying here until the whole base crumbles."

| >>679515
K-X83: "Unfortunately, it is as you say. The opponent I fought has shown me the care a Commander can give. So has you. Yet— I'm withholding to my words; I don't betray my allies, even if they are no longer here."

Levenweiss: "Would it pain you to join us.. as one in the same cause..?"

> K-X83 shakes her head.

K-X83: "In the past, I have been moved by R-974. I will continue with the goal I have given myself. I apologise."

Levenweiss: "That is... suicidal.."

| >>679518
"If you die here... who will be left to remember their lives? It would just be a second deaths for all of them, and a first for you."

| >>679525
K-X83: "We are only Units. Not meant to be remembered."

Levenweiss: "...! Wrong..."

K-X83: "Let me be with my allies for their last hours. If their sacrifice means something to you, then proceed and do your deed. Talking with you, has affirmed my resolute. Thank you."

> K-X83 moves the tall shield, once a wall for you, now letting you a path to the control room.

K-X83: "I will guard this entrance with my life. Move at ease. I am confident in my protection."

| >>679526
"*sigh* Let's go Levenweiss..."
>He carried Manaka as he walks past K-X83.
"While I don't like your decision it seems I can't stop you. Don't be surprised if I try again on the way back."
>He keeps walking.

| >>679529
K-X83: "... You may have lost everything, but your perseverance is still unmatched."

> K-X83 passes her last words as you enter the cold room again. The temperature difference no longer brings surprise to you, same with the unreal darkness. The lights flicker back, recognising you on sight.

Levenweiss: "... What she said, Commander.. I don't know your actions in the past, but.. please don't be upset by what you did."

> The gargantuan grid of screens turns back on.

| >>679532
"Upset or not... I still will need to do something about it."
>He sighs, staring at the monitors for any signs of those he is looking for.

| >>679553
Levenweiss: "I understand... but to mull over your past.."

> While returning empty, your perception hardly ignores the corridors. The doors. They are open. These doors wherein Units sit and wait until the time of their summoning. They are open.

Manaka: "..."

Levenweiss: "Manaka.. it's time you let go of Commander. Don't disturb—.."

> Both of your Units notice this too. The doors that held the likes of them are not ajar, but wide open.

| >>679560
"Wait how? Did they actually get all the units out without Hud then?"

| >>679578
> You find your answer as fast as the question was asked. Levenweiss points to a screen, showing Deich with her hands in the air and a stressed, frustrated expression.

> She is speaking to someone outside the camera's reach. In the long corridor, there was only one door left unopened.

> Deich presses her one of her hand on the door, it pushes itself open — the camera catches glimpse of the darkness beneath.

> The Commander slumps back, panting heavily.

| Levenweiss: "Summoning Units..? Fufu... A capable Commander too, hm..."

> What rose from behind was no different from Manaka. A frenzied Unit, with no mind of their own. The Unit attacks Deich, but she was saved by her captor — the parka Unit, R-742.

> They made an escape, leaving the released Unit to wander aimlessly.

> You soon realise that is not the only mindless Unit to have come from those doors. A dozen of them, all forcefully unchained by the command of R-742.

| >>679666
"What the hell... is R-742 kidnapping the other Commander... what happened to Orion?"
>He looks through the other screen, looking for any signs of Arleen as well

| >>679730
Levenweiss: "It does appear to be that... Whose side is R-742 defending, I wonder.. Fufu.."

> Your search comes empty again. All you find are Units, scattering with no goal or sense of direction. Their eyes are empty, and what's left of the weapon they once proudly used in their duty — are now held without a single vitality.

> They sprawl and trudge through corpses, attacking anything that moves with no hesitation.

| >>679737
>He tries to speak through the intercom
"Arleen, are you out there? If you are please give me a sign, if you're still near an operational camera, give me a sign and I can come find you!"

| >>679801
> Nothing. Your voice emitted through the site has invited the unlasting stare of the empty-eyed Units, only intoxicated by their clouded desire.

> Deich and R-742, visible on the camera, has also spotted you. The two drags on to open more doors, forcibly pushing Deich as she struggles to move onwards.

> In your side, Levenweiss and Manaka have sense an arrival. Arrivals, they seem to indicate; and your camera shows the unliving Units walking to you.

| >>679806
"*sigh* It's... time we head back to the medbay and escape."
>He looks at the cameras one last time for any last second hope.
"We grab V-9X5 on the way, grab the two in the medbay and make our escape."

| >>679828
> The cameras betray you, showing the progress of the hostile Units as they gather and storm the hall. Shortly after, you need no assistance to know they have waited outside — perhaps, warded by K-X83 for the time being.

Levenweiss: "Understood...! Manaka--!"

> Manaka shows no repulsion anymore. What have happened to her, what shaken her, or what blanketed her in fear — she didn't speak out loud. There is a hint of determination in her action now.

| >>679833
"...Let's move!"
>He sets Manaka down, once hes sure she can move on her own like Levenweiss, they hurry their way back.

| >>679848
> You escape the harrowing darkness. The screen leaves you with its glow until you leave a certain distance, upon which everything begin to shut down momentarily. The light of the halls enter you again.

> K-X83 is seen standing, her back facing you. She is panting, holding back exhaustion. Her shield tackles and bashes against the incoming Units, all responding to her defensive attacks.

> However, you can tell the numbers will outrun her sturdy wall, given enough time.

| >>679855
"K-X83, we're out of time. We're taking who we can and going. R-974 seems to have kidnapped the previous commander. Please come with us!"

| >>679969
K-X83: "I have to reject your reason for kindness. If you wish to escape, I will make a path for you, but don't expect me to leave!"

> The Units charging at K-X83 have all varying builds and figures — you see some chainrd, like Levenweiss, some malnourished and some still sensibly formulating strategy. None of them works in tandem, leaving attacks to be a flurry of slashes and punches.

K-X83: "... Gah!"

> Their attempts have begun finding the gap in K-X83's guards.

| >>679971
"Tch, if you refuse to move them I'm just going to be selfish as well. Levenweiss and Manaka, cover up the holes in her defense!"

| >>679980
Levenweiss: "Fufu..! Let's bring our Commander victory!"

> The two Units rose and began to take their position, pinching K-X83 and letting the Knight Unit take charge as they counter any fast-moving Units.

> Your screen begins to fade and a thematic song rumbles in the background, filling your audio device with something to output, at last.

> ....

| > The halls open and the lists drop to show your foes and allies. A battle starts again, and more foes are ushering to come.

> [1] A-X97-Mod Levenweiss
> [2] R-974-Alt Manaka
> [3] K-X83-??? ??? (Independent)

> [4] I-816 (Demented)
> [5] T-833 (Demented)
> [6] T-589 (Demented)

>>>/info [WHO]
>>>/attack [WHO, TARGET]
>>>/guard [WHO]
>>>/evade [WHO]
>>>/skill [WHO, SKILL ID, TARGET]
>>>/sync [SYNC ID, TARGET]
>>>/equip [WHAT, TARGET]

| >>679983
>/info 1-6

| > A-X97-Mod Levenweiss [HP: 1800/1800]
Equip: Broken Hero's Sword (Sword)

| > ....
Class: Assassin
>>>ID:0 Shadow Step: Evades, then strike 1d20 Phys. Attack to 1 Foe with Critical if Foe is guarding
>>>ID:1 Thunder: 1d4 Elem. Attack with 1d20 Phys. Attack recoil to 1 Foe
>>>ID:2 Breathworks: Increases Critical and Evasion chance
> Momentum: Adds +1 Evasion chance for every Critical
> Sidearm: If evading, damage a random Foe with 1d6 Phys. Attack
> Berserker: Increases Critical chance every turn when HP falls below 500

| > ....

> R-974-Alt Manaka [HP: 1100/1100]
Equip: Heshikiri (Sword)
Class: Reconnaissance
>>>ID:0 Disengage: Reduces aggro on self. -2 Phys. Defence for 4 Turns
>>>ID:1 Lost Promise: Uses all of another Ally's HP as Phys. Attack
> Alter Ego: Ineffective orders are ignored
> Kyokuchi: Each debuff on self grants a 1 Turn Perfect Evasion

| > ....

> K-X83-??? ??? [HP: 3320/6500]
> Independent: This Unit decides its own skill use.
Equip: Plexisteel Shield+S (Shield)
Class: Knight
> Grit: Continues battle for 2 Turns after running out of HP
> Tempered: Increases Guard chance when HP falls below 1000

| > ....

> I-816 [HP: 1000/1800]
> Demented: This Unit's skills and passives have degraded performance.
Class: Infiltration
> Trajectory Calculation: Foe's attacks using firearms and bows are less effective
> Prediction: Foe's Critical attacks are more likely to miss
> Innocence: Increases Evasion chance for every aggro drawn

| > ....

> T-833 [HP: 1000/1800]
> Demented: This Unit's skills and passives have degraded performance.
> Rampant: Repeating an attack skill increases damage, but lowers defence
> Plunderer: Low chance of taking a buff from Foes

> T-589 [HP: 1350/1800]
> Demented: This Unit's skills and passives have degraded performance.
> Rampant: Repeating an attack skill increases damage, but lowers defence
> Forceful: Phys. Attacks have a chance to pierce guards

| >>680003
>/skill 1, 1, 5
>/attack 2, 5

| K-X83: "Hah! I can never stop you from ever being selfish, can I? Not today, not then!"

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (2)
>>>Foe T-833 received 360 damage!
>>>Ally Manaka attacked! (14)
>>>Foe T-833 received 276 damage!
>>>Foe T-589 uses Steelcutter! (1)
>>>Ally K-X83 received no damage!
>>>Ally K-X83 guard has been broken!
>>>Foe T-833 uses Dart! (7)
>>>Ally Levenweiss evaded! (13)
>>>Ally Manaka evaded! (20)
>>>Ally K-X83 received no damage!

| > ....

>>>Foe I-816 uses Lockup! (20)
>>>Ally K-X83 has been Stunned!

K-X83: "Gah..!"

Levenweiss: "Manaka, assitance!"

>>>Ally Manaka has appraised the turn!

> Foe T-833's HP is now 364
> K-X83 has Guard Break for 1 Turn
> K-X83 is Stunned for 2 Turns

| >>680135
>/skill 1,1,5
>/attack 2,6

| Levenweiss: "Commander, I report two more hostiles are approaching us!"

K-X83: "Geh. These Units.. what happened to them!?"

Levenweiss: "..."

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (4)
>>>Foe T-833 received 720 damage!

T-833: "... Commander...??"

>>>Foe T-833 was defeated!
>>>Ally Manaka attacked! (2)
>>>Foe T-589 guarded! (17)

> ....

| >>>Foe T-589 uses Takedown! (18)
>>>Ally Manaka received 864 damage!

Manaka: "Grr..!!!"

>>>Foe I-816 uses Analyse! (12)
>>>Ally Manaka has been analysed! (8)
>>>Ally K-X83 is Stunned!

> Manaka's HP is now 236
> Manaka's Evasion chance became -2
> Manaka's Guard chance became -2
> K-X83 is no longer Stunned

| > ....

> Foe T-833 has been slain.
> Manaka received Perfect Evasion for 2 Turns

| >>680239
>/skill 1,1,6
>/attack 2,6

| > In the far distance, you spot a Unit; their pace is slow, carrying about a strange gun.

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (2)
>>>Foe T-589 received 360 damage!
>>>Ally Manaka attacked! (1)
>>>Foe T-589 received no damage!
>>>Foe T-589 uses Takedown! (13)
>>>Ally Manaka evaded!
>>>Foe I-816 uses Analyse! (9)
>>>Ally Manaka moved too fast! (17)
>>>Ally K-X83 uses Ascalon!

> Manaka has Perfect Evasion for 1 Turn
> K-X83 Phys. Defence became +5
> Foe T-589's HP is now 990

| >>680247
>/skill 1,1,6
>/attack 2,6

| >>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (1)
>>>Foe T-589 received 180 damage!
>>>Ally Manaka attacked! (20, Critical!)
>>>Foe T-589 received 2464 damage!

T-589: "Commander... Farewell—.."

>>>Foe T-589 was defeated!
>>>Foe I-816 uses Lockup! (4)
>>>Ally K-X83 resisted! (14)
>>>Ally K-X83 uses Ascalon!
>>>Ally K-X83 cannot raise Phys. Defence anymore!

> Foe T-589 has been slain
> K-X83's Phys. Defence became +6

| >>680260
>/skill 1,1,4
>/attack 2,4

| > The looming Unit enters the battlefield. They begin to aim the gun at one of your ally!

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (4)
>>>Foe I-816 received 720 damage!
>>>Ally Manaka attacked! (6)
>>>Foe I-816 guarded! (16)
>>>Foe I-816 uses Paranoia! (12)
>>>Ally Levenweiss' Berserk rejected Fear!
>>>Ally K-X83 uses Solo!
>>>Ally K-X83 has all eyes drawn!
>>>Foe V-664 intervened!
>>>Foe V-664 uses Surefire! (7)
>>>Ally K-X83 received 1260 damage!
>>>Ally K-X83 is burning!

> ....

| Manaka: "We can do it!!"

K-X83: "That Unit.. It's a flamethrower! Be careful!"

Levenweiss: "Fufu..! This is a pleasant surprise."

>>>Ally Manaka has appraised the turn!

> K-X83's HP is now 2060
> K-X83 is Burning for 3 Turns
> Foe I-816's HP is now 280

| >>680346
>/info V-664

| > V-664 Cydonia [HP: 2250/3000]
> Demented: This Unit's skills and passives have degraded performance.
> Corrupted: This Unit cannot be commanded. +2 Phys. Damage, -2 Phys. Defence.
Class: Vanguard
> Rapid Fire: Move twice if there are fewer than three Ally

| >>680448
>/skill 1,1,7
>/attack 2,7

| Levenweiss: "...Commander?!"

> The 'hostile' Unit stops moving. They stare at you; a blank, aimless gaze, devoid of reason. You meet their eyes too, same cloudiness as Manaka's — or those cloudiness, before she came to a semblance of sense.

> However, there was no sign of surrendering. Only wonder, confusion, and a past memory repeated.

K-X83: "...! Is she.. awake!? Stop your attacks!"

Manaka: "Grr...!!"

| >>>Ally Manaka attacked! (5)
>>>Foe V-664 evaded! (15)
>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (1)
>>>Foe V-664 received 180 damage!
>>>Foe V-664 uses Surefire! (7)
>>>Ally K-X83 received 1260 damage!
>>>Foe V-664 attacked! (3)
>>>Ally K-X83 received no damage!
>>>Foe I-816 uses Lockup! (18)
>>>Ally K-X83 has been Stunned!
>>>Ally K-X83 is burning!
>>>Ally K-X83 received 103 damage!

> ....

| V-664: "Commander..?! Why—!!"

Levenweiss: "...!"

K-X83: "Speak some sense to her! We have to cease this!"

Levenweiss: "I digress! We must subdue the Unit first, she pressures too much risk..!"

K-X83: "This is an order!!"

Levenweiss: "Be quiet—! You dare command me, you lowly—..!"

> K-X83's HP is now 697
> K-X83 is Burning for 2 Turns
> K-X83 is Stunned
> Foe V-664's HP is now 27p

| [ >>>Error-Checking: Property 'HP%' of the Object 'V-664' has been corrected to 2070 (Confidence: 97%, Reason: NetworkHaltException). Please report this issue if it occurs again.]

| >>680538
"Focus on disarming her from her weapon! We'll try to talk some sense into her afterwards!"
>/skill 1,1,7
>/attack 2,4

| Levenweiss: "Mmhm..!"

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (4)
>>>Foe V-664 received 720 damage!
>>>Ally Manaka attacked! (19, Critical!)
>>>Foe I-816 received 3976 damage!

I-816: ".... Goodbye. Sorry."

>>>Foe I-816 was defeated!
>>>Foe V-664 uses Surefire! (11)
>>>Ally K-X83 received 1980 damage!

K-X83: "G-gah..! I— I will fight until the very end—!"

>>>Ally K-X83 gritted and restored 1000 HP!
>>>Foe V-664 uses Crash!(23)
>>>Ally K-X83 received no damage!

> ....

| >>>Foe V-664 Stunned itself!

K-X83: "To my allies, rejoice! I will show my enemy our strength!!"

>>>Ally K-X83 uses Chalk Wall!

K-X83: "Go forth, my shield!"

>>>Foe V-664 received 2720 damage!
>>>Foe V-664 was defeated!
>>>Ally K-X83 healed 680 HP!

Levenweiss: "Fufu.. Such a wonderful experience--"

K-X83: "—Geh. My wounds have never broken me apart!"

> All Foe has been slain
> Victory attained!
>>>Received Painkiller (Usable)
>>>Received Propane Tank (Summon)

| > ....

> Your screen fades. In front of you, the same battlefield, littered with four more Units. Wounds decorate them, as well as your Unit's, as a sign of a victory — or loss, for their end.

> K-X83 fell to a knee, she breathes heavily. The burning body was once healed by her own perseverance. The sweat and tears she shows seemed nothing compared to her endurance.

> Manaka is stained with blood. She shrugs them off, but grimaces whenever Levenweiss checks the wound.

| >>680619
>He runs over to check on his units
"Are you both alright? Can you move?"
>He looks towards the knight.
"K-X83, the fight is over, please come along with us."
>He makes sure to maintain an eyeline with the defeated units.

| >>681215
Levenweiss: "I am unhurt, but Manaka has—"

> The moment Levenweiss leaves the Reconnaissance Unit alone, she had made her way to you, happily putting her hands around you again in a ceremonious hug. Blood, again, stains your uniform.

Manaka: "Good work, Commander! I'm proud! Did I do good? Did I do good?"

Levenweiss: "Manaka.. now is not--"

Manaka: "Nooo! Stay away!"

> Levenweiss leaves her be, putting her eyes on you again.

> ....

| Levenweiss: "I hope our performance was satisfying."

> She seemed more polite now. Perhaps the twining of the two have made her act more coherently.

K-X83: "Ha.. even if you ask so... I will choose to stay. You have your resolve, your own goals, and your responsibilities. Likewise, so am I. Let us stay like this, to honour each other."

Levenweiss: "Do you wish to die like that...?"

K-X83: "I have fulfilled my purpose. As a weapon, you should know this well, A-X97."

> ....

| Levenweiss: "..."

> Levenweiss puts a difficult expression on her, casting it and dispelling it not long after. She shakes her head.

Levenweiss: "Wrong.. It's Levenweiss now. My Commander has taught me many things, in our short meeting... and that name is one of them. I'm a human-- so are you."

K-X83: "I'm happy; I have been proven wrong thrice... About this kindness of a Commander I missed. However, I have chosen this way. Please, walk and achieve your new goals, Levenweiss."

| >>681348
"You both did good, I'm proud of you two. Can you continuing walking Manaka?"
>He looks at K-X63
"K-X83... whether you stay or leave... the burden of command is over for you. If you stay however... who will be able to carry *her*?"
>He looks over to the knocked out V-664

| >>681406
> Manaka nods with jubilance. Her smiling face devours the thought of her once battling, but the sword she kept steady would also empower the same thought.

K-X83: "... My mind may change, but I'm left conflicted with my own thoughts I bear. In front of me are Units. The kind I swore to rescue. Now.. I have seen the lies used to puppet me. Was I saving Units from the hatred I bear for my Commander? Would I do the same otherwise?"

> ....

| > K-X83 pauses, perhaps expecting a rebuttal from Levenweiss, but receiving none. Levenweiss stayed and listened.

K-X83: "What was my reason for kindness? Is it any different from living as a shield... being only told what to act, and not what I chose to do?"

Levenweiss: "I can't answer that... I can't answer anything for you.."

K-X83: "So I thought. If you wish to save them... please. I will... think.. and ponder. Maybe, I will learn retribution for what I've done."

| >>681419
"...Very well. In the end I cant force you to decide. I will say this however, retribution seems like the cheaper choice to me. It is much easier to die here than to live on and try to do something about your past."

| >>681440
> K-X83 smiles at your understanding. She stands up, setting her shield aside.

K-X83: "If there is a chance for us to cross paths again, I wish you can say that to me again; as someone I can trust with my whole self."

Levenweiss: "..."

K-X83: "... Levenweiss.. and.. Manaka, was it? Lead a new life. Don't remember this as the day you betrayed The Resistance."

Levenweiss: "You—!"

K-X83: "Sorry! I can't keep secrets well. All knights are bound to an oath." (chuckle)

| >>681442
>He simply shakes his head, walking over to pick up V-664.
"Let's move then... Levenweiss, be prepared to pick up 9X5 on the way back to the infirmary as well. We do not have much time left."

| >>681452
Levenweiss: "What do you make of the rest.. Commander? Do you see anything in her?"

> Levenweiss refers to V-664, pointing to the Unit indirectly with her stare. She takes Manaka from her clasping hug, releasing you and freeing your hand.

Manaka: "Ehhh... Commander needs comforting!"

Levenweiss: "Now.. now, let's not trouble Commander much..."

> From the moments rose again the sounds of disintegrating explosives. The structure is beginning to take considerable damage.

| >>681454
"She... at least recognized me. If not me than some other commander. It's more than can be said than the other units in that battle. Either way the damage she can cause without her weapon in this state is minimal so it's worth try to save her at least... we'll see what we can do in the infirmary."
>He picks up V-664
"Let's move."

| >>681605
> Neither Levenweiss nor Manaka objects to your decision. Levenweiss helps you with V-664, but bats an even closer attention at Manaka, with the cuts and bruises that the Unit likely ignored.

Levenweiss: "..."

> She seems to have something to say, but along the lengthy walk, this had only been more obvious.

> You soon meet V-9X5. Awake, but shaking; vulnerable and improperly functioning. She spots you with an eye, along with your two Units.

> ....

| > Her physical state is unsound. There is little to argue; she is incapable for combat — no, not even the slightest mobility is allowed for her. Her eye is tender, a dash of tears run; she sees her old foe with a glimpse of fear.

V-9X5: "...—!"

> Her mouth moved. No words uttered. She panics.

Levenweiss: "Fufu... Exhilarating, isn't it? Fear not, my Commander has ordered us to ally with you... let's leave such things like.. 'past aggression' behind us, okay..? Fufu.."

| >>681617
"I asked Levenweiss to bring you to the infirmary. Please dont resist, time is of the essence currently. Sadly given the state of the base we'll only be able to stabilize before we get going but it's something. I have no intentions of fighting you."

| >>681957
> V-9X5 reaches to her trusty rifle, with the only functioning hand left. She points it to Levenweiss, but the Unit was already faster — she pulls the tip of the muzzle to her chest, gazing deep onto V-9X5's frightened eyes.

Levenweiss: "Brave... I award you for your bravery but.. now is not the time to make enemies. Come."

> V-9X5 hesitates. She panics as nothing comes from her mouth anymore — and she clicks the trigger!

> Jammed! Levenweiss casts a sly smile.

| >>681960
"*Sigh* We should had brought her back earlier when she was unconscious... Levenweiss you can let her keep the rifle while you carry her. Think of it is a peace offering."

| >>681963
Levenweiss: "Fufu.. understood. Aren't you a stubborn one? But I love a mind that doesn't change..."

> Levenweiss releases her hold. The rifle drops to the ground, having no support aside from V-9X5's own. While the scared Unit scuttles with the rifle, having nowhere to go, Levenweiss forcibly picks her to a fireman's carry.

Levenweiss: "My Commander is benevolent, to make me do this... If I am left independent you will be an easy one to break~"

| >>681967
"Levenweiss... p-please save the teasing until she can quip back at least."

| >>681970
Levenweiss: "Oh.. Commander... I only play a fair battle.. Fufu.."

> You notice V-9X5 weakly hitting Levenweiss with her rifle, though there isn't a slightest complaint from Levenweiss herself. She laughs them away, even though you seldom hear the hit becoming heavier and emphasised.

> Walking through, you see Manaka begin leading the way back. Despite playing with you, she has her eyes ahead, scanning one step ahead before your screen draws anything.

> ....

| > It's quiet. You have returned to the comforting sight of blood bath. The medical bay is only two turns away.

> Manaka skips happily. If you ignore the sword, a steel shining and reflecting the light, her smile would have meant a genuine innocence.

Manaka: "Hmm.. hmm..~!"

Levenweiss: "Commander.. I have a question, if it is allowed. Are you able to describe V-9X5's Commander...? This is.. a curiosity I have."

| >>681973
>He described the commander based off the previous encounters.
"Why do you ask?"

| >>681977
> Levenweiss shakes her head.

Levenweiss: "... So she is alive.. Fufu... To think, it wasn't my imagination.. V-228 and K-X83. Ah.. how nostalgic."

> V-9X5 have gone quiet. She continues to rest, sleeping peacefully. For one reason or another, her hand grips her rifle tight no matter her wakefulness.

Levenweiss: "..."

> Despite this, Levenweiss appears to have lingering words. She too, kept quiet, overseeing Manaka from behind.

| >>681987
>He says nothing, following Manaka into the infirmary

| >>681995
> You are greeted with V-228, pointing the gun at Manaka. She releases a sigh, after soon realising your appearance was warranted.

V-228: "You didn't die, you came back in one piece, and—"

> Her eyes open wide as she meets the wounded V-9X5 carried by Levenweiss. She ushers the two in, pointing to the vacant bed.

V-228: "Move her here, stat!! Is she still with us..!?"

Levenweiss: "She is well... Be at ease."

> Levenweiss did as ordered, putting down V-9X5 carefully.

| >>681999
"I also have another patient with me."
>He says, laying down V-664 on another bed.
"Erm... how long will it take for you to stabilize them both? The base is not in a great condition and we'll have to make our escape soon as possible."

| >>682009
V-228: "Did you come for an estimation? Because I left them in my other pants."

> V-228 checks on V-664. Her work is quick, shifting between V-9X5 and V-664 in a timely manner — even given no estimate, you can see she is doing her best to put both in a better track.

V-228: "So, who is Jane Doe here? Is she someone you summoned again? Depending on your answer, my opinion of you may decrease or increase."

| >>682013
"No. She was one of the units that was released by the Resistance. They attacked us. Before you ask, I saw her escape with your commander as a hostage through the cameras."

| >>682014
>>>Relationship with V-228 has been raised by +1!

V-228: "Eh. Good enough."

> She says offhandedly as she puts the IV for V-664, having already done so for V-9X5. There is a pause before she digest what you had said.

V-228: "Wait. Who is holding my Commander hostage? Why is she here?"

Levenweiss: "R-742. I'm sure the name rings a bell to your past, same as mine.. Fufu..."

V-228: "Have you remembered too, A-X97?"

> The two gave each other a hostile stare.

| >>682016
"It's a little cruel speaking of the past in vague terms when someone in the room has amnesia..."

| >>682021
Levenweiss: "I'm sorry.. Commander."

V-228: "Heh, I was being sarcastic. I remember jack."

Levenweiss: "..."

V-228: "Hey, if you're going to make this a staring contest, I'm up for it. Speak to your Commander if you have anything to tell. I'm not your personal therapist. Not licenced either."

> Levenweiss turns to you, holding to your hand.

Levenweiss: "What if..."

V-228: "Oh starting with a what-if. Great!"

Levenweiss: "... I-.. I can't say this."

| >>682026
"Levenweiss... why are you being secretive about this? Did I used to call R-742 Jack?"

| >>682032
V-228: "Pfft.. Haha!! That was a slang, Commander. You really lost a screw! I didn't mean it as a name.. I meant it like— Haha!!"

> V-228 bursts to a laughter, breaking the sensation of tight silence in the room. She keeps this laughter loud, distracting even Levenweiss. She waves her hand around, to excuse herself, going to one of the bed to do a faux check.

Levenweiss: "I want your promise... Commander. After knowing Manaka's identity, I am sure, I have to say mine."

| >>682036
>He frowns as V-228 disappears.
"...I promise Levenweiss. I can accept Manaka, and I can accept you. Theres no question about that."

| >>682038
>>>Levenweiss' relationship has been raised by +10!

Levenweiss: "Thank you... This is an understanding I wanted. I'm sorry.. if I ask too much from you."

> She pauses, showing you the chains binding her.

Levenweiss: "These chains.. do you know who ordered me to chain myself in that room..? I don't remember... Commander. How you can order such a thing, it must have been a lie.. correct? You are.. kind. You.. can't be what I remember. I-I am not another resource to burn."

| >>682039
"If I am the one who did this... I'm sorry. I don't know what kind of monster I became, to treat units like so but..."
>He clasps the hand holding his with his other hand.
"...I know as I am now, you are not a resource, but a person. In some ways I'm afraid what would happen if I remember. If you want, you have the right to be angry for me if I caused you all such suffering, but I will not stop treating you as I have been now."

| >>682045
Levenweiss: "..."

> Levenweiss pulls herself closer. Her face lowers down, unable to reciprocate anything directly to you.

Levenweiss: "... But my anger is what made this. I-.. Manaka and I-- our anger is what led to the unraveling you see here. I can forgive you.. but can you forgive me—? I.. am the one to have made The Resistance. Manaka, too.. You had your reason, in the past, to have trapped us here."

> ....

| Levenweiss: "I quarrel in my own doubts. I don't deserve this kindness.. myself, I should have disappeared alongside your past-- why was it..? Did you truly mean it... when you say I was to stay here; to become a Hud for you to advance?"

> Levenweiss looks to you, to the hands holding her now.

Levenweiss: "... Or was that a lie.. for you know your demise was near? If so... If that is so.. then— wouldn't I have made The Resistance mocking that ideal? Of something I don't know..?"

| >>682047
"I... really lack the knowledge to answer most of those questions, and as I am now, I don't want to give you false hope, only to it end up being something. However..."
>He pulls her into an embrace
"I do forgive you, you and Manaka had your reasons. Even so, if you truly were locked up due to this, then the actions of the resistance today are not your fault to bear. You are not the reasons the negotiations failed, or why the base is in the state it is now. All we can do is make the best of who we are now."

| >>682048
> Levenweiss' weep was heard to you. Your words only further broke her pasts, revealing a new path for her. She puts her arms tight around you, as each time she empties her lungs with a scream, she tightens.

V-228: "Hey, don't mind me interrupting. I'm not close with you in the past, but what do you think you were? Consider this an answer for your crying princess."

| >>682054
"I mean... I was a commander right? At least part of this base. I must had units under my command at the very least. This isn't one of those moments where you say I was just a janitor or something right?"

| >>682060
V-228: "I'm not that cruel. What do you make you of me? You helped us during that war. Doesn't that make you clear you were a Commander?"

> You feel another pair of arm wrapping around you and Levenweiss. Manaka unknowingly had joined the hug, for a various different reason.

V-228: "... Anyhow. I don't think you are as awful as you make yourself to be. I don't know why you chose to dive suicidally and helped us.. but... Whatever."

| >>682187
>He rubs the back of his neck, deciding to wrap it around Manaka afterwards since she joined the hug.
"Manaka you should rest too, you got hurt in that last battle. How are the other two V-228?"

| >>682305
Manaka: "I'm always okay, Commander!!"

> Manaka's bright smile felt like a separate contrast compared to Levenweiss. She has stopped sobbing, but tears haven't dried from her cheeks.

V-228: "I'm worried about V-9X5. I'm no magician, I can't fix fractures in this house. The other one you brought.. V-664, she's doing better than I expected. I see atrophies; par for the course if you're stuck in those confinements for two or three birthdays."

| >>682310
"Is it at least in places you can put splits on it? We may just have to wait for the fractures to heal over time. I'm not sure how much longer we can wait in the base."

| >He headpats the two

| >>682318
V-228: "Oh thankfully V-9X5 and I here planned on surviving, so that's what we'll do. Now, what will you do with.."

> V-228 goes towards V-664. She eyes something on the Unit, a dog tag, which she threw to you.

V-228: "... Next time don't tag someone when they aren't dead.. so-- what I was saying before I interrupted myself, what will you do with V-664 here? You are carrying one, two, three... Four, if.. Selene? If she's alive too."

| >>682329
"I-I didnt tag anyone... I just picked her up. Either way, cant we all just carry one of them, grab some emergency medical supplies, and escape?"

| >>682755
>>>Received V-664's Tag (Summon)

V-228: "We've ran out of med kits. These two will be my last patients before we go. If you want to lead ahead, don't feel burdened when I say you can carry that Infiltration Unit and V-664."

> V-228 walks towards the curtained bed, but as she does so, a figure rose — and you can see their bare shadows covered by the thin curtain.

V-228: "Rise and shine. Can you count to ten.. oh, sorry, no that was inappropriate."

I-922: "Where am I?"

| >>682793
"It's fine, I was planning on carrying them out myself if I had to after all."
>He turns to I-922, happy to see she is awake.
"Good you're finally up. We took you to the nearest infirmary in the base. V-228 here patched you up."

| >>682844
V-228: "Credit is all mi—"

> I-922 quickly retreats back to her bed, hastily covering herself with a sheet. The act surprised V-228, and even I-922 herself.

I-922: "P-pardon me, this display is inappropriate. Let me don my uniform..."

> There's a snicker coming from V-228. She awaits near I-922's bed, covering her from your sight.

V-228: "Look, I don't know where you swing, but I can't let a maiden's honour be tarnished."

> She begun to form a smile.

> ....

| I-922: "May I know the current situation report? What you have encountered, I will need to report to my seniors."

> She says as she finishes tying the last touches of her uniform. V-228 whistles near her, only stopping when she hears I-922 speaking

I-922: "... What traitor, that R-742..."

| >>682851
"Well this may be difficult given the correct situation ongoing."
>He clears his throat, doing his best to summarize the event for her.

| >>682875
I-922: "I see. I have grasped the general idea."

> I-922 looks to her hand, or rather, attempts to use it to straighten her monocle. Instead, she's met with a stump, bandaged and such. Her eyes widen, but was relaxed by a release of her breath.

I-922: "..... We shall proceed. Unlike R-742, my resolution of the event is to save every surviving Unit — and keep our peace safe, secure... Hearing this the great loss coming from our dead man's switch is.."

> ....

| Levenweiss: "It's difficult."

> Levenweiss interrupts. The gloom from the leftover tears has her appearance shaken, but the indifference in her voice is noteworthy.

Levenweiss: "If you are from the Resistance, I have never once saw you before my hiatus."

I-922: "Pardon? Who might you be?"

Levenweiss: "A-X97. I lead The Resistance from Annwn."

I-922: "!!!"

Levenweiss: "Behind me is R-974. 'Hero' of The Resistance."

I-922: "It's a pleasure to see you alive and well."

> ....

| Levenweiss: "... Don't be polite with me. I no longer think of that goal anymore..."

I-922: "... Is that so? Is it because you have received the Hud from this Commander?"

Levenweiss: "No... It's what I have forgotten.. not Hud.. not independence. It's.. the connection; us, Units, are made to be this way. I don't reject my nature anymore."

I-922: "Are you saying our freedom is unfounded?"

Levenweiss: "... Wrong."

I-922: "Then..?"

> ....

| Levenweiss: "I admit. I am no different from R-742. I forsake what I believed... but I don't believe a Commander is any less human than us, Units, would think."

I-922: "I.. never said they were..."

Levenweiss: "... No.. you may not. But, those that first gained their ranks in The Resistance thinks of it that way..."

I-922: "That is a generalisation!"

Levenweiss: "... You haven't seen it. Fufu... What they'll do if they see my Commander.. alive."

I-922: "This.. this is a lie."

| >>682885
"This arguing won't get us anywhere right now. For now we should be getting ready to leave. The base won't last much longer. Were just waiting to stabilize the other two patients and then were moving out of here."

| >>682895
I-922: "... There is a matter of discussion here. As pitiful as it sounds.. I have called the necessary support; we are to expect several vehicles to carry us landward."

Levenweiss: "Fufu.. so it goes.. Commander."

I-922: "If what A-X97 said was true, then I cannot have a contest for our innocence — and it further compounds your need to escape soon, before they see you."

Levenweiss: "However.. let my Commander decide. I will follow my Commander's decision.. above all."

| >>682896
"Who exactly would this support be? Are you sure you will be safe going back to the resistance?"

| >>682932
> You see V-228 coming to see the two remaining patients, frowning at each one of them, perhaps assuming their condition.

I-922: "The support will be the rest of my fleet. While I trust them, I can't say the same when I have a Commander in my side."

V-228: "Isn't it safer to go with this Commander? Going AWOL is great, you know."

I-922: "No, sorry. I can't disobey orders."

V-228: "... Shouldn't you 'resist' orders?"

I-922: "I never had a Commander. This is different."

| >>682944
"If you're certain on it I wont stop you but do you have proof they're really coming to get you? Our certain peace cutter may have escaped and lied to say that you had been killed by my hands."

| >>682966
I-922: "That is not out of my assumption. In the event that the dead man's switch is triggered, we consider the very worst has happened."

V-228: "Like half a building being blown?"

I-922: "Correct, and.. I.. haven't said my apologies for that—"

> I-922 bows her head low at V-228, but the Unit pays no mind; caring very little, or showing no signs for sympathy.

V-228: "... Not your fault. I'm just a Unit too; put that sorry for my Commander."

> ....

| I-922: "I understand. It's due to my oversight this occured, I feel my apology was long overdue."

V-228: "It won't.. bring the dead back to life. What's the point. I get your sentiment. Stand up now, we'll be getting ready."

> V-228 stares at V-9X5 with forlorn eyes. This was the time she hesitated, coming closer to pat her friend's head and streaking the dirty hair.

V-228: "... At least she made it out safely..."

I-922: "I swear I will put my best to right our wrongs here."

| >>682988
"That's all we can do now."
>He looks at V-228
"Are you close with her?"

| >>683114
V-228: "You can say that. Every Unit in my Commander's hands are my juniors; I'm the first employed and contracted. I know them. Every face. Doesn't make me care for her any less."

> V-228 didn't answer without any sarcastic tone, nor any dishonesty. She spoke without her mean-spirited attitude.

Levenweiss: "A recent contract...? Never have I seen V-9X5 in battle before today."

V-228: "We got her in a dumpster. I do mean that literally. It's like adopting a dog."

| >>683311
"I-I see... anyways."
>He clears his throat
"Where would the nearest escape route be?"

| >>683424
V-228: "We go to the viewing bay or the lift in UCC—... Unit Creation Centre — both are spread apart in the same distance."

I-922: "If you don't mind this interruption; I was stationed in the viewing bay. Members of my fleet should be there also."

Levenweiss: "... Fufu.. because I remember now.. talking to them will not be difficult."

I-922: "They will listen to me."

V-228: "You sure sound confident after hearing you've been severed like that from your party.."

> ....

| V-228: "Besides.. I don't mean to sound condescending, but what are you supposed to say in front of them? 'I have a Commander I made peace with— and will probably invite to bed later—'? Huh?"

I-922: "T-that is not what I will say! Please, behave. I intend to introduce the Commander as a sign of peace."

V-228: "That will get us shot."

I-922: "If you entrust me with this, I assure you, I can bring the non-lethal options to the table."

| >>683506
"While I'm not saying I dont trust you plan, we need to think about the possibility that a certain other unit is spinning her own tale with the other commander in her grasp. Is there a contingency for that in your books?"

| >>683738
I-922: "Yes. Yes, I have accounted for failures and worst-case scenarios."

V-228: "Even something as unlikely as someone cutting up your arm?"

I-922: "I admit, this one was a blunder. However! I assure you with all I have, this betrayal is not outside my calculation."

V-228: "Geez. I will play the devil for you then, for this advocate. The UCC hosts experimental and modified Units, like A-X97."

> ....

| V-228: "... Do you know that?"

I-922: "Yes."

V-228: "Good. This means your dearest hand-cutter will be there too. 'Freeing' those Units."

I-922: "Hence we must—"

V-228: "—Not done yet. Let me talk, okay? I'm playing the devil here. So, if we run to her there, while she happen to let a zoo full of defunct, malfunctioning Units onto us — guess what? Either we die, she dies, or we face mutual death. I like living. I want to avoid this route too."

| >>683745
"That said... I'm sure the UCC *also* has a lot of released units in them..."

| >>683804
V-228: "That's what I said. Thanks for the repeat."

I-922: "My suggestion will push us towards the viewing bay. My fleet, as disobedient as they are, will still be able to listen to my words."

V-228: "To get shot by backstabbers or to get mauled in seven different ways by malfunctioning Units. Wow, we really hit a wall. Pick your poison."

> V-228 stares at you, awaiting your assessment.

| >>683830
"*sigh* Well experience has shown that you cant reason with most of the malfunctioning units, at least until after you fight them. I-922 has the point that at least the resistance has a *chance* of listening to us first."

| >>684097
>V-228 shrugs. She prepares to transport her two patients, checking their conditions for the last time to make sure they are in a better state.

V-228: "It's up to you. I'm in no position to argue; I'll be in the back cheerleading for you all."

> V-664 shows signs of consciousness. Responding to the touches done towards her. However, her eyes remain shut.

Levenweiss: "Manaka.. are you not resting..?"

Manaka: "Oh.. huh? But I'm fine!! Look, I can fight, like Commander!"

| >>684101
"Manaka... you really should rest and get patched up too. I'm sure you can fight but I don't want you walking around hurt either if we can help it."

| >>684199
> Manaka outright refused the order. She snuck to your side, not at all resting, and rubbed her cheeks to you.

Levenweiss: "Fufu.. such rejection. Ahh... to think she has gained autonomy in a way I can't imagine.."

V-228: "Well, as much as I'm interested in forcing her to rest—"

I-922: "Can you evaluate her state?"

V-228: "Hmm.. have you ever wanted to snap the spine of someone with severe scoliosis..."

I-922: "I'm sorry?"

V-228: "She's dying and I can't help it."

| >>684219
"W-What do you mean she's dying!?"

| >>684275
V-228: "Do you see those wounds on her? I'm assuming you do, so my best assumption next is that you also know we have no more medical supplies left. Bringing the two together, she is not in a great shape, and should avoid fighting — because I can't help her. That's my advice as the armchair physician."

Manaka: "The greenhorns should sshhh..! Commander knows best for me!"

V-228: "You literally ignored the order to take a rest. What are you, a cat?"

Manaka: "Nya~!"

| >>684358
"I'm sorry Manaka but I do have to agree with V-228 in this instance. You got really hurt in that last battle. I don't want to end up losing you after all."

| >>684459
> Manaka pouts at you! She continues to stare, childishly moaning when Levenweiss pulls her from you. She struggles, but the strength of the Assassin Unit was enough to overcome the tantrum.

Levenweiss: "Now now.. Commander will be unhappy to see your performance degrade."

I-922: "We shall take no more than thirty minutes for rest. I fear our time may be less than I anticipated."

V-228: "These sleepyheads are ready whenever we are. I'll carry V-9X5."

| >>684465
"I understand."
>He sighs, looking over at the pouting Manaka.
"Tell you what Manaka, if I rest with you will you take the time to recover a bit as well before we head out?"

| >>684485
> Manaka's eyes glow with excitement! Her face reddens, but there is a sure sign of agreement coming from her.

I-922: "... I will assess our situation outside."

V-228: "The bed there is vacant now. Use it after you've wiped those blood, you hear? I want to help you, but she's carrying that.. sword... around— sorry. I don't want to risk it."

> As I-922 steps outside, she froze at the door. You can see her shaking, eventually falling to her knees and covering her mouth.

| >>684496
"I... understand. Can you check on I-922 as well meanwhile?"
>He says somewhat hesitantly going to rest with Manaka

| >>684691
> The bed greets you, having used and tidied by I-922. Manaka first enters, patting the remaining space for you to join in. You can feel the stare emanating from Levenweiss, even at this distance.

V-228: "Hey, what's wrong?"

I-922: "M-my.. these are my—"

V-228: "What are... Damn it."

I-922: "... W-why—"

V-228: "We had no choice but to do this, okay!? They were close to beating us dead. We were stuck in that room with no defence!"

| >>684696
"L-Levenweiss please don't look at us like that... you can come rest as well if you really want to..."

| >>684795
Levenweiss: "No. Please, enjoy yourselves. I will be helping V-228 with the--"

> You hear inane mumblings from I-922, but from where you are, you cannot see a glimpse of her nor V-228. The voices they make would indicate conflict, or fear.

V-228: "Stop it!!"

I-922: "Was it not possible to speak to them?!"

V-228: "What, do you want us to die? We nearly died!"

I-922: "These were my friends-- why must you—"

V-228: "Snap out of it! We have thirty minutes, didn't we?!"

| >>684945
"P-Please do... I dont think theres much I could say to I-922 right now that would help much..."

| >>684983
> You feel yourself being pulled by Manaka to the bed. She embraces you close, almost like a child — or perhaps, that is what her mind is — needing a simple intimacy to rest.

Levenweiss: "I-922, you can mourn but.. understand this-"

I-922: "..."

Levenweiss: "Each of us have lost some parts of ourselves.. and others, greater than that. This is war. To lose is to be a part of it."

I-922: "..."

V-228: "Stop crying."

I-922: "... I understand.."

V-228: "Good. Stand up."

| >>685062
>He gets in bed and gives Manaka some headpats while she rests.

| >>685332
Manaka: "Commander... Where have you been?"

> Between Manaka's smile and eagerness, she raises the question to you, looking at you with earnest eyes.

Manaka: "We waited so long for you!"

> You hear the sounds of whimpering from outside, likely I-922, then a sigh by V-228. She walks towards the bed beside yours, finally taking the measure to carry V-9X5.

V-228: "Once you two are done making out, please carry V-664. I'll be outside. Do you hear?"

| > Your screen fades before you can answer Manaka. A prompt shows to you, eligible after a few seconds of drawing.

> Prepare Yourself
You are recommended to heal and ready your Units before proceeding. You may have usable >>>/items or you may want to check the state of your>>>/units — if you are lost, consult>>>/help

If there is nothing to do, feel free to >>>/rest or>>>/sleep to passively heal your Units. A single>>>/rest takes 10 minutes,>>>/sleep takes 15 minutes.

| >>685350

| >>685646
> [0] Painkiller (1): Heals 25% of max. HP

>>>/use [ID]

> A-X97-Mod Levenweiss [5*]
HP: 1800/1800
States: Lethargic (-Phys. Attack, --Evasion Chance), Dazed (--Crit. Chance), Melancholic (-HP Recovery)
Items: Broken Hero's Sword (22 Phys. Attack)

> R-974-Alt Manaka [4*]
HP: 400/1100
States: Overjoyed (-Crit. Chance, +HP Recovery), Bloodlust (++Phys. Attack)
Items: Heshikiri (36 Phys. Attack, +30% Crit. Damage, +10% Crit. Chance)

| >>685651
>>>/use 0 Manaka

| >>685863
>>>Queued use of [Painkiller] on Manaka
>>>Emptied [Painkiller]
>>>Updated state for Manaka: Relaxed (++HP Recovery)

> No items left or bag is empty!
This indicates you have no more items under the following category: >>>ItemType.USABLE or>>>ItemType.Event.USABLE or>>>ItemType.Paid.USABLE

| >>685883

| >>685897
> Reprise
You will initiate the last scenario of this phase. Your game has been fully attuned towards your preference.

It is now safe to continue.

> Your screen briefly flickers and scratching audio comes to you in a buffer.

Levenweiss: "—Commander..?"

V-228: "Someone can sleep in this place? Color me surprised."

Levenweiss: "We should let them peacefully rest.."

V-228: "No, duh?"

> Replying will continue your journey. You are allowed another sleep or rest.

| >>685912

| >>686198
> Detected a future state. Marking as [].
> Future state will be applied after ending reprise.

> A-X97-Mod Levenweiss [5*]
HP: 1800/1800
States: Melancholic (-HP Recovery)
Items: Broken Hero's Sword (22 Phys. Attack)

> R-974-Alt Manaka [4*]
HP: 600/1100 [+275]
States: Asleep (+++HP Recovery), [Relaxed (++HP Recovery)]
Items: Heshikiri (36 Phys. Attack, +30% Crit. Damage, +10% Crit. Chance)

| >>686407

| >>686585
Levenweiss: "—Wake up.. Commander..!"

> You hear a deafening explosion upon your wake. You felt your body being carried by someone. A single person.

I-922: "Preserve formation! I will paralyse her!"

V-228: "Faster!! I can't.. gah—- this is too much!"

> Slowly, your eyes begin to open.

I-922: "We will arrive there!!"

I-922: "V-664! Maintain your acceleration!"

Levenweiss: "I'm—.. bleeding- too much—"

V-228: "I got you! I got you! Who says you can die here!?"

| >>686691
"W-Wha- what's going on!?"

| >>686719
> Your eyes are greeted by Manaka, carrying your body in a bridal carry. She smiles at you, replying to your panicking question.

Manaka: "You are safe with me, Commander!!"

> Before you can soon realise, Manaka begun to move — and you can then see the Units; V-228 carrying V-9X5, a wounded Levenweiss, V-664, and lastly, I-922. Their spirit seems to have broken before you could be awake.

I-922: "The viewing bay is nearby! Prepare to eliminate the remaining Units!"

| >>686729
"W-Were we attacked!?"
>He looks around
"What happened to Levenweiss!?"

| >>687064
V-228: "Are you awake?! Get down and start running!!"

> V-228's stare met your own. There was terror in her. The other Units have started to retreat, disengaging from the source of the attack.

Levenweiss: "Commander..!"

I-922: "Is your Commander awake? That is a wonderful news!"

> Several gunshots surprised I-922. She squeaked, but persevered.

I-922: "Please dismount and go to the viewing bay with your Units.. I will hold our enemies here!"

| >>687077
>He stands up
"No you idiot! You're coming with us. I didnt waste all that time to save your ass just for you to stay behind!"

| >>687390
> As you stand up, you can feel an oppressive weight of the atmosphere. What is ahead of you is an enemy of a higher caliber — several Units stand, one grasping a spear to surely penetrate your defences, the others with a strangely loaded armaments - old and new.

V-228: "Yeah, the Commander is right! We didn't wait in that room for nothing, you brain-dead!"

I-922: "But this is..?"

V-228: "Save your death flag for later!!"

> ....

| V-228: "Handle this situation, I'm going to heal in the back! You.. come with me!! You're going to die any time!"

> V-228 passes the metaphorical baton to you, pulling Levenweiss along with her — as she musters the strength to still carry V-9X5. You are now left with Manaka, I-922, and V-664.

I-922: "Do you have any information for the Units opposing us?"

> The opposing Units had waited no more, several rounds fired made Manaka instinctively push you to ensure your safety.

| >>687397
"Find cover!"
>He tells his group to hide from the incoming fire, addressing I-922.
"If you're asking me that means they arent friends of yours are they?"

| >>687438
> The hallway is sparse of position to hide, or any cover that can be meaningful.

I-922: "They are not. They ambushed us during our rest and began to violently attack us!"

> Your Units sprawl to duck, dodge, and evade any attack — though, this stalling would only last several minutes as their efforts are overwhelmed by the enemies' abilities.

Manaka: "Grrh—!"

> While you are safe, your allies are beginning to run out of breath. Anymore waiting appears futile.

| >>687461
>He looks around for anything he can use to distract or slow down the enemy force

| >>688004
> As your gaze moves, a spear misses you by a hair's breadth, firmly planted right in front of you.

Manaka: "Commander..!"

> A yelping Manaka is shown, her hand damaged — seemingly after deflecting the spear — and her effort was not in vain, as you manages to keep hold of your life for longer.

I-922: "V-664! Regain position for Mana—!!"

> A shot strikes true, wounding I-922.

I-922: "...!"

> Behind you, you hear a commotion; the voice of Levenweiss and V-228.

> ...

| > Your search comes empty, aside from bolted doors you likely have no chance of removing. You find no usable item in you, and your Units begin to lose morale. Slowly, your defences grow weak, and weaker.

> It seems that, for whatever reason, your only choice is to run. However, you can still see a glimmer of fighting spirit in some of your Units.

> Uncaring of your situation, the floor starts to rumble again. You too, are running out of time.

| >>688012
"Tch, Manaka! Keep them busy until Levenweiss is stable, then were moving out!"
>He tries to shield I-922.

| >>688178
> More shots. A number of them grazes you, and some were deflected by Manaka. V-664 has ran out of ammunition, leaving her purposeless aside from being an additional distraction.

> As the tide turns against you, you hear another Unit approaching. Your Units are aware of this, too — same with the opponent. Did they not expect anymore arrival?

> When the attention has been drawn, you see a single arrow flies and pierce an opponent, taking them down.

| >>688192
"Who is that!?"
>He turns to look at the source of where the arrow came from

| >>688377
> Your answer came in a hulking figure that lands from a running jump, coming from behind you, and now standing far before you and your opponent.

> The figure is drenched, dripping water from their attire; your memory can recall the name of this Unit: Orion.

???: "That was one hell of a trip."

> However, you can see Orion is carrying another person. You spot wet strands of blonde hair and a grey jacket, stepping down from Orion.

???: "I'm late, aren't I, Commander?"

| >>688401
>He surprised by this sudden development.
"Late or not we can talk about that later, help Manaka please!"

| >>688746
???: "Turn back. You have things to do, don't you?"

> The figure that Orion carried turns to you. In that instant, you see a speck of smile, from a face you have been searching.

???: "I damn well know you, after all!"

> Equipping a knife, she charges ahead alongside Orion — whose arrows support her from behind.

???: "This is Unit A-383; Arleen! Ready to fight for you again, Commander!!"

> Her voice echoes, her passion reliving the moment.

| >>688754
>He can't help but spend a moment smiling at his reunited companion.
"Yes I suppose I do but we can't leave your new friend behind now either can we?"

| >>689283
Arleen: "Leave this to me! Orion and I will WIN this one!"

> You see her dancing in the battlefield, dodging and evading attacks as Orion empties a quiver, returning the fire. However, this is only the start of a battle — as the three opponents are far from being worn out.

I-922: "Pardon this interruption, but we have to mobilise. Unless.. you trust we can end this battle shortly?"

| >>689293
"I just found Arleen. I'm not leaving her alone to complete this battle. We assist to buy time for the injury then we leave. Together."

| >>689537
I-922: "... Very well. I trust your decision. Onwards, then!"

> Your screen fades. By now, the transition to battle is nothing strange to your terminal.

> However, a blaring red text flashes now, filling your screen.

Advent Battle (1/2)

> Silence disappears. A heroic music plays from your output device. You see your Units, and the list you're always familiar with.

> ....

| Ally:
> [1] A-383-ST Arleen
> [2] I-922-Alt ???
> [3] V-XX3-Div Orion

> [4] V-591 (Demented)
> [5] V-874 (Demented)

> [x] V-664 ???
> [x] V-228 ???
> [x] R-974-Alt Manaka (Injured)
> [x] A-X97-Mod Levenweiss (Injured)
> [x] V-9X5-Div ??? (Defeated)

>>>/info [WHO]
>>>/attack [WHO, TARGET]
>>>/guard [WHO]
>>>/evade [WHO]
>>>/swap [FROM, TO]
>>>/skill [WHO, SKILL ID, TARGET]
>>>/sync [SYNC ID, TARGET]
>>>/equip [WHAT, TARGET]

| >>689572
>info 1-5

| > A-383-ST Arleen [HP: 950/950]
Equip: Combat Knife
Class: Assassin
>>>ID:0 Flurry: 4d6 Phys. Attack to 1 Target
>>>ID:1 Focus: Increases Critical chance
>>>ID:2 Reduced Earth: Gains Perfect Aim for 2 Turns
> Momentum: Adds +1 Evasion chance for every Critical
> Tempest: At full Evasion chance, attack with +4 Phys. Attack
> Serenity: First-turn moves are more likely to cause Critical

> ....

| > I-922-Alt ???
Equip: None
Class: Infiltration
>>>ID:0 ???
>>>ID:1 ???
>>>ID:2 Disarm: Disables a Foe's attack for 1d8 Turn. Fails if the Foe is guarding
> Alter Ego: Ineffective orders are ignored
> Prediction: Foe's Critical attacks are more likely to miss
> Sworn Duty: After slain, allows for one more Skill use

> ....

| > V-XX3-Div Orion
Equip: False Artemis+S (Bow)
Class: Vanguard
>>>ID:0 Afterglow: 2d12 Phys. Attack to 1 Target, inflicting additional 8d6 Elem. Attack if Critical [Charge]
>>>ID:1 Twilight: 1d6 Elem. Attack to 1 Target. May inflict 1d4 Stunned
>>>ID:2 Moonlit: 1d4 Elem. Attack to 1 Target. May inflict 1d2 Guard Break
> Grand Hunter: Boosts Phys. Attack when using ranged weapons

> ....

| [ >>Error-Checking: Property HP% for I-922 has been set to 1800. Property HP% for V-XX3 has been set to 1500. (Confidence: 99%, Reason: NetworkHaltException). Please report this issue if it occurs again.]

| > V-591 [HP: 800/1300]
> Demented: This Unit's skills and passives have degraded performance.
Class: Vanguard
> Warcry of Struggle: Greatly boosts normal attack when HP falls below 750

> V-874 [HP: 500/800]
> Demented: This Unit's skills and passives have degraded performance.
Class: Vanguard
> Tertiary Attack: Low chance of increasing last damage dealt

| >>689900
>skill 1,0,4
>skill 2,0,4
>skill 3,2,4

| >>>Ally Orion uses Moonlit! (4)
>>>Foe V-591 received 2000 damage!
>>>Foe V-591 was defeated!
>>>Ally Arleen uses Flurry! (15)
>>>Foe V-874 received 360 damage!
>>>Foe V-874 attacked! (5)
>>>Ally I-922 received no damage!
>>>Ally I-922 ignored order!
>>>Ally I-922 uses Aim Assist!
>>>Ally Orion received Perfect Aim!

Arleen: "Ha!! Way to go, Commander!"

> Foe V-591 has been slain
> Foe V-874's HP is now 140
> Orion has Perfect Aim for 3 Turns

| >>690428
>skill 1,0,5
>skill 2,0,5
>skill 3,2,5

| >>690431
>>>Ally Orion uses Moonlit! (3)
>>>Foe V-874 received 1500 damage!
>>>Foe V-874 was defeated!

I-922: "We are victorious, for now..."

> All Foe has been slain
> Flawless victory attained!
>>>Received Panacea (Usable) - x2
>>>Received Fragment of Corruption (Equip)

> Your screen shakes, colours brim to red, fading and collapsing to a bright and uniform crimson.

Arleen: "Commander!!"

> You felt a radiating pain in your chest.

| >>690435
>He looks down at his chest

| >>690438
> You see blood dripping slowly, as you soon realise bullet had lodged from behind. A cry from your remaining Units, all behind you, can be heard as the fight ahead of you continues.

R-742: "You still refuse to give up... Why? Why?!!"

> The fiendish voice ruptures your attention, but your consciousness have begun drifting in and out.

Levenweiss: "You..! How dare you!!"

> You still need to support Arleen and others. However, should you?
: [Y]es, [N]o, [S]ilence

| >>690442

| > As you struggle to breathe, you too, struggle to see. There is an enemy threatening your Units, but your concentration fails to notice anything than its blurry shape.

R-742: "Don't ignore me! I said— don't ig—!"

Levenweiss: "Silence! Consider this your last chance."

> Behind you, you hear arguments that devolved to a fight. You first stood in the middle of these two conflicts, moving to help Arleen instead.

> Your screen fades.

> ....

| >>>DANGER!
Advent Battle (2/2)

> The music turns somber. An octave lower, playing an octave lower. It is no longer heroic.

> [1] A-383-ST Arleen
> [2] I-922-Alt ???
> [3] V-XX3-Div Orion

> [4] T-8X9-Mod ??? (Berserk)

> [x] V-228 ???
> [x] V-9X5-Div ??? (Injured)

>>>/info [WHO]
>>>/attack [WHO, TARGET]
>>>/guard [WHO]
>>>/evade [WHO]
>>>/swap [FROM, TO]
>>>/skill [WHO, SKILL ID, TARGET]
>>>/sync [SYNC ID, TARGET]
>>>/equip [WHAT, TARGET]

| >>690449
>info 4

| > T-8X9-Mod [HP: 12000/12000] [DANGER]
> Berserk: This Unit's Phys. Attack deals two times more damage when provoked.
Class: Tactical
> Fierce: Normal attacks can inflict 1d6 Bleeding
> Metaprojection: Normal attacks are treated as Elem. Attack
> Guts: Recovers 2500 HP once in a pinch

| >>690477
>skill 1,0,4
>skill 2,0,4
>skill 3,2,4

| >>>Foe T-8X9 uses All Trade!
>>>Ally Orion uses Moonlit! (4)
>>>Foe T-8X9 evaded! (16)
>>>Ally Arleen uses Flurry! (13)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 372 damage!
>>>Foe T-8X9 is berserk!
>>>Ally I-922 ignored order!
>>>Ally I-922 uses Disarm! (20)
>>>Foe T-8X9 is disarmed!

> Foe T-8X9's Critical chance became +4
> Foe T-8X9's Evasion chance became +4
> Foe T-8X9's Guard chance became -4
> Foe T-8X9 is Disarmed for 4 Turns
> Foe T-8X9's HP is now 11628

| >>690485
>skill 1,0,4
>skill 2,0,4
>skill 3,2,4

| >>>Foe T-8X9 uses Failnaught!
>>>Ally Orion uses Moonlight! (4)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 2000 damage!
>>>Ally Arleen uses Flurry! (21, Critical!)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 2064 damage!
>>>Ally I-922 ignored order!
>>>Ally I-922 uses Illusion!
>>>Ally Arleen is camouflaged!

> Foe T-8X9 has Perfect Aim for 6 Turns
> Foe T-8X9's HP is now 7564
> Arleen's Evasion chance became +1
> Arleen has Perfect Evasion for 2 Turns

| >>690488
>skill 1,0,4
>skill 2,2,4
>skill 3,1,4

| > Your attention begins to blur. Your reaction slows. You are weakening.

>>>Foe T-8X9 uses Warcry!
>>>Ally Orion uses Twilight! (2)
>>>Foe T-8X9 evaded! (19)
>>>Ally Arleen uses Flurry! (20)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 1002 damage!
>>>Ally I-922 ignored order!
>>>Ally I-922 attacked! (10)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received no damage!
>>>Foe T-8X9 is berserk!

I-922: "This is a difficult foe!"

> Foe T-8X9's Phys. Attack became +4!
> Foe T-8X9's HP is now 6562

| >>690767
>skill 1,0,4
>skill 2,2,4
>skill 3,1,4

| > Your heart races.

>>>Foe T-8X9 stepped back!
>>>Ally Orion uses Twilight! (4)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 2000 damage!
>>>Ally Arleen uses Flurry! (12)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 264 damage!
>>>Ally I-922 ignored order!
>>>Ally I-922 uses Aim Assist!
>>>Ally Orion received Perfect Aim!

I-922: "Stay alert!"
Arleen: "Are you doing okay, Commander!?"

> Foe T-8X9's HP is now 4298
> Orion has Perfect Aim for 3 Turns

| >>690855
"Focus on the fight first!"
>skill 1,0,4
>skill 2,2,4
>skill 3,1,4

| > You momentarily lose your consciousness, almost bending to your knees, but soon you regain balance.

>>>Foe T-8X9 uses Warcry!
>>>Ally Orion uses Twilight! (6)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 3000 damage!
>>>Ally Arleen uses Flurry! (2)
>>>Foe T-8X9 evaded!
>>>Ally I-922 ignored order!
>>>Ally I-922 uses Perfect Evasion!
>>>Ally Arleen is camouflaged!

> Foe T-8X9's HP is now 1298
> Arleen has Perfect Evasion for 2 Turns

| >>691276
>skill 1,0,4
>skill 2,2,4
>skill 3,1,4

| >>>Foe T-8X9 uses Assail! (10, Critical!)
>>>Ally I-922 received 9270 damage!

I-922: "This.. is... all—"

>>>Ally I-922 was defeated!
>>>Ally Orion uses Twilight! (6)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 3000 damage!
>>>Foe T-8X9 persevered!
>>>Ally Arleen uses Flurry! (24, Critical!)
>>>Foe T-8X9 received 2620 damage!
>>>Foe T-8X9 was defeated!

> All Foe has been slain
> Victory attained!

> ....

> Your eyes are shut.
> Your terminal is pitch black.

| Uh... what happens now? -CN

| > Your screen flickers. A rupturing, deafening explosion follows. Soon, the sound of water sloshing around can be heard.

Arleen: "Shit..! The explosives—!!"

> You hear the quick clash of a blade, ending with an abrupt halt.

Levenweiss: "... You wretched..! Look at what you have done!"

R-742: "I.. did my best.. for you.. Commander--"

> R-742's voice met silence.
> Where have you gone, Commander?

[ https://afterschool.neocities.org/misc/dawn_demo_end.html ]

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