(Setting) Operation Manhunt

| >The location sent by Impulse leads to a small workshop just outside of the Flooded District. A few shady characters hang around the front, heavily armed and armored. Two of them hold a secured case in their hands.

| "Hey. How's it going?"

> A man with height no less taller than 6' casually struts to the location. At first, his hands were tucked beneath the side pockets of his jacket. He slates a smile when pacing closer to the workshop, yet casting an aura of alertness to the eyes analysing him.

"Are you in to find the missing eye too?"

| >a fully operational VMBR griffon armored personnel transport rolls in and parks outside then shutting down its engines

>from there a single person dismounts and approaches the men as the rumbling hum of thrusting engine blocks slowly die down, standing attention and saluting
"Reporting for duty"
>he has brown hair and is wearing a SF issue FELIN infantry combat system all colored black for better use in night operations
"Whats my objective"

| >>676842
"We're the representative Impulse sent."

>One of the man, probably the leader, said.

"So yes, you could say that we're in"

| >>676843
"Let's slow down a bit and get inside, then we can get on with the introduction while we wait for the last guy."

>The same man said, gesturing inside.

"After both of you."

>He said politely before turning to other guy.

"Echo and Seth, stay here and look out for the last guy. Mike and Shaft let's get inside."

>Echo and Seth just nodded and take their place outside. Mike and Shaft was the ones carrying the item cases, and wait for the others to get inside.

| >>676850
"Oui monsieur"
>the boy nods and follows along mumbling something or other in French for a brief moment along the way

| >>676857
>One of the people at the front follows you into the building.
>The building you steps inside has a fairly minimalistic decor, a few steel furnitures, various tool hang from the racks that line the wall inside. A man is sitting at the steel counter. He eyes the newcomers stepping into the shop.

| >The guy with you just nods at the shopkeeper, who must have done something under the counter, as one of the racks slowly moves out of the way to reveal an automatic door with an eye scanner.
>The guy with you moves up to the door and put his eye up to the scanner and the door noiselessly slides open, revealing another, wider room which was set up with a holo planning table, an empty weapon locker, and various communication equipments

| > Ceasing his curiosity, the tall man glances at the room and its various trinkets. He hadn't thought of anything, until now, as he sees the degree of preparation inside.

"Nifty. I take it this isn't a part-time job for you."

> He comments, up straight to the air, and almost offhandedly towards no one.

| >>676861
"Comm room...i take it, you utilize it for command and control?

I may have something to add if so, a nessesity if you have a commander you wish to assign to me and my forces"
>he stands at attention on standby for when they give a response and accept

| >>676862
>The leader guy and two others, who were holding the cases, step inside after you.

"Well, let's step inside."

>He and his guys walk on inside the room. The two people lay the case by the planning table before one boot up the table.

"...and what is that 'something'?"

>The man asks.

| >>676865
"I will need a recap. The board was sure to be limiting; is there anything else you can report here that the board can't have?"

> The man puts ahead his attention to the table. He crosses his hand, readying to temper away his cognitive understanding of the case.

| >>676865
"Felin suit tactical projection screen and helmet and visor camera"
>he tosses a small sphere into the ground, it glows before emitting a hologram of a 3x3 screen and another empty box at the bottom followed by another interface currently blank
"9 displays in a three by three square, simply drag and drop the desired feed to the desired square and voila, you see what we see"
>he explains before picking it back up
>currently However it only shows his own

| >>676870
"That might come in handy. We will use it if you took enough for your soon-to-be squadmates."

>The man said, looking at the device.

"Let's get the introduction out of the way first, then we will do a recap before briefing just to wait for the last guy."

>The man said. The holo table slowly flicking alive.

"I'll go by Grach. I'm assigned here as the representative of The Impulsive Ones and to lead you in your tasks as to be able to successfully see it through."

| >>676872
"R-386. Call me anything for convenience sake. I will be assisting the operation for the time being."

> R-386's answer is swift; he darts his attention at Grach. Hearing 'last guy' made himself rise his interest.

"Last guy? You don't mean you trust CN to be here, right?"

| >>676872
>he nods and hands the orb so the representative

"I have 9 more people people in the APC"

"Even if he was, that fellow isnt exactly specialized in a fight, what more a cqc slug like a building clear?"

>he shakes his head

"Thats assuming he shows up at all of course"

| >>676874
"I don't dismiss the value in a good recon and system infiltration force. Having more head is always better."

> The man pauses, turning towards the respondent.

"Besides, we don't know the extent of the action site. He may surprise us."

| >>676873
"Not gonna lie, I personally didn't really expect him to show up, but we're gonna let him join if he show up. The more, the merrier."

>Grach replies

"If he doesn't show up by the end of the briefing, we are authorized to go without him. The girl ain't rescuing herself."

"Alright then, now, mind introducing you and your people?"

| >>676880
"Oh no those are just robots, no personality to speak aside from whatever dumb voice line i programmed in, one to drive, one to be my meat shield and the rest to act as medical personnel.

Assuming your girl is alive, given her captors i wanted to he prepared for if she was in critical condition"

>he shakes his head

"Only a meat shield and a medic will be joining me, you can Probably guess why"

| >A young man in a blue trenchcoat and a deck on his back approaches the meeting location, approaching the two remaining outside.
"Uh... hello. You with Impulse?"

| >>676899
"Well, hey, CN, is it? Come on in, we were expecting you."

>One of the two people at the front said, before opening the door and get inside.

| >>676885
"Cool, cool, now let's get on with the briefing."

>Grach says, waiting for CN get properly get into the room and settle down before continuing.

| >>676900
>CN simply nods, before heading inside.

| >The same image of Iskra, the missing girl, shows up on the holotable. Grach starts speaking

"This is the girl we're going to be looking for. Rosa Melnyk, although she usually goes by 'Iskra'. Her tasks was to gather info on the 'Sawtooth' scavenger gang and report their activites. Two days ago, we've recieved a distress signal from inside the gang territory and our connection with her was cut."

| >The holotable boots up again and the image was replaced with a 3D holographic map of a series of warehouses and factories. Grach gestures towards one place in particular, an unfinished building on a construction site.

| "This was where the distress call had come from, might be a good place to start investigating. If our recon drone iformations are to be believed, the place is guarded by a few thugs, so you may need to take those out first, or try to capture some alive and get information from them. We will transport you via unmarked vehicle to a few blocks south of the objective, which was relatively unguarded."

| "Any questions?"

>Grach asks as he finishes the briefing.

| "What do we know about the hostile's armaments? Are they well-equipped?"

> R-3 studies the map, making a few notes of the spots and walls. He plots the rough points of the map — and began noting them in a small book.

"There is also a risk of our presence being intercepted. They are holding our VIP hostage, right? If they don't need us, or her, they will put a lead through her."

| >>677057
"Our intel suggest that their equipment are wildly inconsistent, they use whatever they have their hands on, mostly hunting rifles and crudely manufactured SMGs, but some of them also have ARs and Kalashnikov platform rifles."

>The holo table show a few images of thugs walking around the perimeter. One is dressed in basically civilian clothing and carrying a crude-looking SMG, while another is holding an AR-15.

"These ones are actually snapped by Iskra herself."

| >>677071
"Hmm so we got a page on the majority of their equipment huh? Good good..."

>Cassius's eyes glow blue for a brief moment while he thinks, presumably looking for something in augmented reality

"What about the building? Any prints for the floor layout? Knowing our way is always the difference between a success and failure and all that"

| >>677071
"How much intel did Iskra take before she goes to radio silence?"

> R-3 jots down the weapons used. His expression is a timid and reserved, his pen strokes more words than his own presence.

"We don't have their entire arsenal documented. These are offensives only. They might be brutes, but if they can think like this and not bother with money, then..."

| >>677075
"-its equally safe to assume they are smart enough to use complex tactics...
Thats why im asking for the floor plan, for all we know they could have set rooms that can be used for ambushes and traps.

One must never underestimate the humble AK after all~"

| >>677075
"Not much, she relayed a few images and some info about the gang's strength. As for the risk of target's execution. They have no reason to believe that the captured personel is of any value and most likely wouldn't expect a rescue attempt. Just try not to compromise your real objective or overexpose yourself."

>Grach replies.

"As for the floor plans, we have no real intel on those, Iskra was compromised before it could be relayed."

| >>677078
"If you are suggesting that, then it's better for us to come in waves."

> R-3 notes the element of surprise possible in their action.

"We can infer they don't shoot on sight — or don't execute on sight. I am expendable enough to test this assumption. If I can break in, be captured, then I can relay the information from inside — and provide a floor plan."

| >>677078 >>677087
"Hmmmm no need for anything risky like that if you ask me.
If anything in my experience its more valuable that they remain unaware of our existence for as long as possible."

>he pulls out a strange looking headset and puts it on

"And i can get a decent idea of nearby rooms with echolocation anyway.

Push comes to shove we can just take down a lone guard and put them through some interrogation"

>he adds to the list of approaches

| >>677087
"Well, we don't actually know if they execute on sight or not. Iskra could be 6 feet under for all we know. That would be putting you too much at risk."

>Grach remarks

"Besides, as he said, keeping them clueless would be best. If you were to be seen walking around and let yourself be captured, they might set up more guards to secure the area."

| >>677089
"What makes my risk the same as everyone? We can save resources if we know the state of our VIP. If her foot got cemented, then we can pull the operation — if not, then we can be assured that the foregoing operation has some value. All of you take time to deploy. I don't."

> R-3 focuses on Grach. He stresses some words, particularly to put his emphasis.

"I have confidence in myself. It's not as if I will get captured immediately, but that is the end plan."

| >>677090
"The operation would have value regardless, R-386, or whatever your name was, since your mission was to either rescue her or destroy the documents that could be traced back to Impulse. I wouldn't recommend risking your life for what is basically pointless to the mission. We would be better off if you help with the actual objective."

>Grach objects again.

"Even if you value your life less, having a one-man down is still bad for the overall operation."

| >>677093
"Considerate, but I prefer if the risk is minimised for others. I'm not incapable to doing either of the two objectives."

> R-3 stuffs his book and pen back, staving away his attention from Grach and towards the holo table. He grimaces, thoroughly considering something at the back of his mind.

"If our VIP is all-okay, would there be possibility that the documents be with her — or will we need to destroy it, unrelated to her state?"

| >>677097
"She's likely to keep the documents on her at all time, but if she's compromised, the thugs would probably prioritize her equipment over some paperworks."

>Grach answers.

"That why your job is to destroy the documents before they start turning their attention towards them. You might have a good chance to destroy them before they could work out who hired the girl. Maybe even intercept the paper-deliverers before they reaches the mob boss."

| >>677100
"Then, we need two separate units. One in stand-by for her rescue and the other to intercept the possibility of the documents leaking. Is that more agreeable to you?"

>R-3 rests his hand on the table, leaning slightly towards it.

"One day is long enough to mutilate someone or take their entire possession. As I said, we don't know the intelligence of our opponent."

| >>677097
>cassius sighs
"Look buddy if you have a death wish or whatever that's on you and you alone, but just grow a pair and hang yourself in your own time.

I will not discount your idea as Completely meritless but, and no offense, i see it as kinda fucking stupid."

>he rubs between his eyes thinking

"You go in there and they know we are here, a that makes it more dangerous for the rest of us, even if you don't care about what it means to yourself"

| >>677105
"Stay in the loop. Where were you the past seconds? We have moved over from that topic. Instead of critiquing character, why don't you stay awake and pay attention -- and say something meaningful?"

> R-3 keeps to himself a reason. He shrugged the debate, much less caring for the matter.

"If you are hot over a construed plan, I'm starting to doubt your performance in flight. Don't get angry when you miss your shot."

| >>677104
"More agreeable, but I still think that you shouldn't split up, especially that you won't be getting any support from us. The odds are already bad enough. Let's not get greedy and try to do two things at the same time. We'll decide what to do once we've confirm whether the girl's alive or dead."

>Grach continues.

| >>677110
"Forgive me i just want to nip the problem in the bud just Incase it came back up again

A lot of people would join the army with a death wish, when a mission came up they would throw themselves into the fire and in doing so dooming their squad mates in the process"

>he shakes his head

"Ive seen it happen too much to count.
Lets hurry this up though the more we spend planning the less we spend actually putting it in motion"

| >>677111
"There was no implication one unit will be by the lonesome. I'm only reducing the chance of surprise for us."

> R-3 returns his sight to Grach.

"However, if we are insistent on your plan, I wouldn't mind. Better be careful and offer insights than mindlessly arguing about an ideal..."

> He then paces to Cassius. A dead stare as the repeat of what he has heard became clear by the minute.

| >>677117
"Its not an ideal its was a proposed tradeoff, in the hypothetical you would intentionally captured it would also alarm the opposition of our presence most likely causing them to ramp up security and getting yourself, another hand to fire a gun endangered in the process.
this would also make it harder for us as we would have to work past more patrols then needed

But yeah you are right im kinda biased against tactics like that.."
>he sighs
"Im sorry"

| "Look lets just hurry this up yeah?
So lets recap,
Our objective is to destroy the papers on the girl, and if she is alive take her back with the documents instead.

We know they have cheap but serviceable firearms and equipment snd that we should expect advanced tactics

But we don't know what the floor plan is However i can get us a rough idea as we go

We know that the more time we spend the more at risk the VIP is

...hmmm whats the projection for enemy numbers?"

| >>677120
"If Iskra's intel is to be believed, roughly 20 thugs are reported to be guarding the area, patrolling in groups of 4-5 men. There could be lookouts on top of buildings carrying rifles with optics, look out for those."

>Grach says.

"But the gang could possibly increase security around there since she was compromised."

| "Few more things before you leave."

>The two men with cases, who had been listening in the background, came forward. One open his case, revealing 4 sets of military-style hand radio.

"This is what I will be using to communicate with you. If you have your own radio set you want to use, copy the channel from these and it'll probably work fine. The extra set's for in case you find Iskra, would be handy if we can communicate directly with her in case she's still operational."

| >The other open his case, revealing 4 weapons. 3 suppressed firearms, a SIG MPX-SD, an AAC Honey Badger, a HK MP5SD, and curiously enough, a FN 303P Less-than lethal pistol. All with 3 magazines for them.

"Impulse told us to offer you these. You don't need to accept, but a firepower boost could always come in handy."

>Grach picks up the FN 303P and hand it to CN.

"You don't need to take this, but it might be more useful than that taser in a straight fight."

| >>677132
"It's fine, I'll stick with the taser. I'm not here for the fight I'm mainly here for support anyways. Speaking of, do you know if the place has cameras? It can also be to our advantage if I can hack in and get a better layout that way."

| >>677134
"Alright then, the others could probably cover you."

>Grach put the pistol back in its place in the case.

"I'm not sure about the camera, I don't think the thugs installed any cameras themselves, but nothing stopping them from taking over the already-installed ones, so you could try those."

| >>677119
> R-3 stays silent. He eyes the man, leaving not without much thought to be — perhaps as a form of care, or a form of professionalism, he didn't speak his thought.

"I will take the pistol, if CN isn't taking it."

| >>677136
"I'll try and take advantage of it, hopefully I will also be able to take over any electronic defenses they may have as well."

| "So expect 20 plus? Hmmm then lets assume around 25 maybe 30? Alright anyone have any final checks?

Oh and Im good with my famas thank you"

| >>677139
"Sure, you can also take a normal suppressed pistol if you want."

>Grach take the 303P out and hand it to you, and take out another pistol, from his own holster, an MP-443 'Grach' with a modified threaded barrel with a suppressor and a flashlight.

"Here, take what you want."

| "Last thing, what do you want your codenames to be, our comms are typically secured, but we should prepare for the worst."

>Grach says.

| >cassius picks first
"Ill go with blue, nice and simple

My medic and tank will just be their roles. Medic and tank"

>he takes a radio with a silent tanks and a curt gesture

| >>677148
"I won't be greedy. I know what makes noise and what doesn't."

> R-3 puts a small smile, taking the 303P and leaving the rest. He stows it inside his jacket's side pocket, alongside the radio device.

"I will be Six; not creative with names, right now."

| "As for me, I'll be going by 'Rook'. Iskra's callsign before she went radio silent was 'Night Owl', so maybe keep that in mind. Now, how about you, CN?"

>Grach says, putting his pistol back in its holster.

| (Sorry, I kinda glossed over that reply)
"I'm sure that will come in handy, good to have you with us."

| >>677168
>CN debated giving his normal callsign but decided against it.

| >>677177
"Alright Echo and Mike over here will be piloting your vehicle and your means of exfil, just tell him whenever you are ready, and you guys can roll out."

>Grach says.

"Check your equipments, ammunitions, and also check if your radio's all good. Six, here's the additional ammo for the 303"

>Grach says, handing R-3 the extra magazines for the pistol.

| >>677179
"I'm pretty much good to go."
>CN simply states.

| >>677179
"Got it."

> Upon accepting the magazine, R-3 stores them around the pockets of his jacket too, few in the front, the rest by his side.

"I will be scribbling. Tell me when everyone is ready; I'll follow your heels."

> He goes to take his book again, writing a number of details he missed — or deletes some that are debated in earlier conversations.

| "Im better off as support more then anything"

>cassius adds in while donning a Japanese kitsune mask

"Just tell us where you want us and we'll get it done"

>as he says that the orb he gave displays its hologram readout again

>one can see blues sight, presumably from the fox mask as well as two other feeds that are currently connected but blank, medic and tank waiting in the apc with all that medical stuff obviously

| "I will take that as a ready sign."

>Echo speaks up.

"Now, if you would follow me, I will go get us moving."

>Echo and Mike leave the room.

| >>677343
>CN silently follows along.

| >>677343
>blue nods and follows along

| >>677429 >>677490
>The pair leads you out the backdoor of the establishment, which was actually right there in the briefing room and lead straight to a garage. Inside the garage is a hovercraft, exact model's unknown. The vehicle's plating doesn't seem to be a normal ballistic plating; these one seems too light to stop any bullets. Echo opens the door and went straight to the pilot seat. Mike follow suit, taking his place at the co-pilot seat.

"Hop on in."

| >>677523
>CN rasps the side of his knuckle on the outside of the vehicle, before stepping in.

| >>677523
> R-3 admires the hovercraft — not for the effort nor its construction. He gives no thought afterwards; he hops onto the vehicle, looking back at the few remaining members not yet in.

| >>677523
>with medic and tank already waiting outside, they join blue as they board the transport, the command screen showing their feed as they hop on

| >>677547 >>677828 >>677866
>Having all boarded the vehicle, the door slowly shuts. The sound of engine starting was actually fairly quiet for what it usually is.

>The pilots fliped a few switches and the transport let out a small, almost inaudible noise as its plating shifted into place, rendering the craft almost invisible.

"Rook, this is Phantom-1, ready for tasking."

>All of you heard from the comms.

"Roger that, Phantom-1, the operation is a go."

| >The travelling take about 15-20 minutes, and before long, all of you are dropped off at the destination. The hovercraft disengage its camouflage and the door of the craft reopens for all of you to leave.

"This is the destination, we'll be ready to extract you once the task's done. Good luck, all of you."

| >>677884
"Alright, well unless one of you want me to turn into swiss cheese, someone else should take point."
>CN chimes

| >>677884
"Six here. Comm check. One two, one three."

> R-3 — Six — takes his radio and speak through it, familiarising himself to the controls and nuances available.


| >>677991
"Rook, here, clear as day, Six. Over."

>You hear Grach saying over the radio.

| >>677884
>blue and co disembarked
>they all have the same equipment as blue, save for tank who uses a UMP 45 and a bullet resistant riot shield

"Hotel echo double-lima oscar.
Clear on my end, looks like we are clear to proceed"
>blue confirms

| >The hovercraft's door closes after all of you dismount and the vehicle's cloak system turns back on and it flies away.

>You are dropped off by a small road on the edge of a block of buildings. You could see sandbags and other improvised cover a few blocks down the road to the south. Although nobody seems to be on them.

"You are clear to proceed towards the objective. We have a recon drone covering you. We'll notify you if anything approach. But you're on your own indoors."

| >>678683
"Six here. Roger that."

> Six begins to scan the area with the naked eye, being careful as he leads the trek, though not by a significant distance. He let his mind loosen with the ongoing walk, preparing to move out as soon as he nears his destination.



| >>678928
>You and the rest of the team moves in through blocks and blocks of buildings, inching closer to the objective area. Any of these buildings can hold an ambush, so you'd better keep an eye on your surroundings.
>Fortunately, no real threats present itself during your walk. As you find yourselves only a block away from the objective building, a chatter comes through the comms.

"Be advised, the drone spotted a few thermal signatures moving in and out of the objective."






| >>679957
>CN switches his aug to thermal vision

| >>679957
"Six here. Can I get approximate distance between them all? How far apart are they? Over."

> Six replies through the communication device. His tries to see any possible entry points, and whether any route of escape is visible here — from this distance.

| >Your group walked through a dark alleyway, at the end, you could see the objective building, a two-storied barrack. The building itself was clearly damaged, having a part of the second floor's walls reduced to rubble, might've been some explosive work, might've been other means. Either way one room of the second floor was wide open save for a few sandbags piled over as a barricade.

| >>681961
"Signature suggest they are patroling the objective building in groups of 2-3 people, we are not sure how many groups are patroling the area as they keep moving in and out of our drone's sight."

>The barracks' windows are broken, but most of them are either blocked with wooden planks or had metal shutter.

| >>681959
>You can see one thug standing behind the sandbag on the building, possibly a lookout for his group. You can also see glimpses of thermal signature through the blocked out windows from inside the building. You may also notice a presence of CCTV cameras, athough these seems to be unpowered.

| >>681965
"Roger that. I see one hostile ahead of us.."

> Six scans the thug, judging for his equipment and his alertness, giving time before he finishes his response towards the comm.

| >>681968
"Copy that, Six, try not to alert them, if you need to take them out, take them out silently."

>The thug seems pretty oblivious of his surroundings for a lookout, he seems almost bored. The guy seems pretty normal, civilian clothings and a simple crafted vest to hold weapon magazines His rifle, though, seems like a really high-end piece, a sniper rifle with an integral suppressor and a high-powered optic. It looks completely out of place in the guy's hand.

| >>681969
"Understood. I'll initiate first blood. Over."

> Rifle. It takes time to load one. Six logic bears their unseen position. He digs to find his combat knife, preparing it as well as himself.

"What's your call, team?"

> He looks over to the rest, although appearing hesitant, his voice proves otherwise.

| >>681974
>blue and medic silently take aim with their FAMAS rifles, silencers already screwed on the ride in

"Ready to fire on mark"
>he reports

>tank Meanwhile keeps close to anyone that needs such meatshields

| >>681974
"Hold on, Six, that lookout's gun look like Night Owl's rifle, maybe you could try interrogating one of them if they know anything about that."

| >There is a road in between the alleyway you are looking out from and the objective building, which the lookout is watching over. You could possibly cross from cover to cover without being seen as the lookout is watching further down the road away from you.

>Another pair of thugs walk out of the main door into the road, it seems they are having a smoke break. It might be harder to sneak closer now.

| >>681978
"Hmh. Copy that."

> Six sees the new pair, then looking down at his knife. Knife don't cut three people at once, and he has to spare one alive.

"Blue, confident you can reach the two there? I will takedown my front and leave you in charge for the rest. Let Tank be with Mage."

| >>681992
>The pair just turn right towards your group, but stayed on their side of the road, they didn't pay too much attention towards you, they leave their weapons, one rifle and one SMG haphazardly by the door of the building not far away from them. They take out their cigarettes, light them up with a little zippo lighter and put it in their mouth. One puff out a cloud of smoke and have some quiet talk with the other.

| >>681992
>upon receiving instructions his eyes shortly glow blue as if transmitting orders, tank nearing mage and medic changing targets to cover six if needed

"This is a felin model. Skipping the tech babble its capable of sharp shooting so yes."

>Probably could be used as a shorter range sniper if needed

"Don't stop till they are on the ground"
>he advises
"No telling if they could get back up if your not thorough with the kill"

| >>681994
"Well, got our chin done with the tutorial? If so, on my mark—"

> Six raises his hand, holding his knuckles together. He gathers time with his breath, before he immediately drops the signal.

"—Let's bring her back."

> Six starts to make a sprint, springing his feet to make the least sound. True, he manages to cover the distance to the idle thug. He traces his steps forward, judging the distance.

| >>682000
>You sprint fup to the building past the two thugs, who definitely noticed you and was about to shout out warnings to the lookout, but was shut down by Cassius's and medic's shots. Their bodies thuded to the ground. You sprint quietly past the door and attempts to climb up the wall to the second floor platform where the lookout was.

| You climbs up one of the pipes on the side of the building over the half-broken wall. Narrowly avoiding falling face-first down to the floor and landed over the wall down to right beside the lookout thug. The thug tried to aim his rifle at you, but before he could do so you already have your knife up to his throat.

| (That was supposed to be red, but nevermind)

| >>682011
> He stops his knife before the contact was made. He glares up, giving the man a second chance to enact a smart move.

"Don't waste time. You know I want answers and you know you have them."

> He alters his voice to come down two octaves. His accent his thick with German-like influence.

"You have funny ideas, I have a cruel knife up here."

| >>682015
>The thug eyed the rifle, knocked a few feet away, he decided against it.

"What do you want, who even are you?"

| >>682018
"How many people are inside? Use your head and count them while you have it."

> He ignores the question poised for him. His eyes didn't blink. They try to pierce the defences of this one sod.

| >>682024
"Fine, fine, I'll talk, just spare me!"

>The man starts spilling out informations, although he's raising his voice to be louder than you would prefer.

"There's 6 guys inside, not counting me."

| >>682025
> The knife digs deeper. There is a radiating pain and seeping blood now, as its blade starts to lightly puncture the skin of the man's neck. He puts a finger on his lips; 'quiet', he signals.

"6? Okay. You can at least count that much. What's your rank here? A spittoon?"

| >>682028
>The thug is clearly scared now and lowered his voice.

"No, no, I'm just a normal grunt, the groupleader's down stair, I'm nobody important, you won't achive anything by killing me."

| >>682124
"Downstairs. Interesting. Did I hear that wrong? How many floors does this home have?"

> Six smiles widen. It's sickening now.

| >>682189
"Just two, then there's the basement, I-I've never actually been down there."

>The thug is now fighting the urge to scream, his eyes are filled with a mix of fear and hatred.

| >>682211
"Heh. Fitting. Now, if I give myself in, what will you do?"

> Somehow, Six starts to pull the knife. Not enough to prevent the man from grabbing it, but it's not at the reach where it will directly harm him anymore.

| >>682214
"Intruders like you? We take you down to the holding cells, they never tell me what they do with them down there, I don't expect anything good."

>The thug look confused when you mention giving yourself in. He dared not to move yet, still he glances at the rifle again before turning back, one of his hand goes to his wound on his neck.

| >>682218
"Of course, that won't happen."

> Six ejects a momentum with his knife, landing it square back to the neck, and into a slash — cutting apart the man's life without hesitation. He immediately turns the man to face another direction, trying to prevent any blood from dirtying him.

| >>682279
>The man went wide-eyed, the expression was as if he had been betrayed. He tried to says something but he couldn't. He eventually just give up and his sign of life slowly fades away.

"How are thing's going, Six. Blue's cam lost sight of you. The drone can only see you with that lookout guy for a while now."

| >>682284
"Six here. I have new intel with low confidence. Possibly six people inside the main doors, and possibility of VIP still alive underground. Over."

> Six makes sure to check for blood drips again. His eyes stayed nonchalant to the dead body, and are now staging a plan for entry towards the objective.

| >>682286
"Copy that, Six. Feel free to pick that rifle up, I suspect Night Owl will be wanting it back."

>You can enter the building through the door from the impromptu balcony you are standing on, or through rhe front door. You haven't seen every part of the building yet, so there maybe other entryway you have not discovered.

| >>682317
"Roger. I'll check in with Blue before we rush objective. Over."

> Six takes the rifle, inspecting it thoroughly for its status. He holds it to his hand, never intending to fire a shot from it, however, he uses its scope as a makeshift binoculars — checking through if anything is visible from his height.

| >blue is standing near the entrance while this is going on with medic
>he retrieves a snake camera from his equipment pack and uses it to look under the entrance door in preparation for a breaching action

| >>682330
>The rifle itself is in decent shape, seems the thug barely had any opportunity to use it. It was a high-end Russian-made rifle chambered for .40 caliber. The optic was made by Sig Sauer and had 4-12x magnification. Looking around, you couldn't see anyone approaching from where you are.

| >>682354
>The snakecamera shows the inside of the building. The first floor was a simple barrack with metal bunkbeds lining the walls and lockers, obviously thoroughly searched evidented by the wide open door and its contents on the ground.

| >Two men are standing and another sitting on a bunkbed.


| >>682458
"Six to Blue here. Do you have any good news for me?"

> Six puts down the rifle, holding it idle in his hand. He bares a watchful sight still, even as he cleanses his knife from any droplet of blood.

| >>682459
>he activates his headset and creates a sort of 'bubble" around the area of the room that prevents any sound from escaping the bubble
>then tank tosses blue a half pound shaped breaching charge that he sets on the door
"we're ready to breach at any moment. No risk of alerting thr rest of the complex"
>blue medic and tank all stack up on sides of the door with medic readying a 9 banger
"Awaiting order"

| (Feels like CN is getting left behind here.)

| >>682804
"Six to Blue. Watch your surrounding before breach. Remember, possibility of six hostiles inside. I repeat, possibility of six hostiles. Do you copy?"

| >>682804
>Using a breaching charge for a thin metal door seems like an absolute overkill, especially because it's not even locked and you can just kick it open or you know, use the doorknob and just toss in the 9-bangers.
>But hey, who am I to judge, maybe those thugs will just get killed by the blast and you wouldn't have to shoot a shot.






| >>683112
"Six here. Approaching objective—"

> Six begins to descend from the lookout, his eyes track the house again, steeled by its size — and the very possibility that he may need to execute a few plans on his own.

"—I will lead and report. Set.. 'brunch' to be my SOS signal. Does anyone copy?"

> He pauses, again looking to his objective and recounting what needed to be done.

| >>684727
"Rook copy, the craft is ready for exfil, distress signal set to 'brunch'."

>Grach replies over the radio.

>You can almost hear some guards talking downstairs right beneath your feet. Although you can't really make out what they are saying.


| >>684870
> Six straightens himself, remembering the position relative to the voices beneath. He scans his area, finding an optimal spot to break in.

> The rifle in his hand is steadied, but he doesn't seem to be in position to fire it. Instead, he holds it to ready for a butt stroke — hoping its owner wouldn't mind a wear and tear.

| >>684974
>From your improvised balcony the only way in was a thin sheet metal door, seems it took a hefty toll from whatever explosion created the balcony, the door itself was half charred, the lock was lazily put back together and doesn't even seem like it could hold itself together. A good kick would have pushed it open, if it was close, that is. Seems the thug didn't bother locking the balcony, most likely because there would be no use doing so.


| >>685090
> Counting the steps, Six tries to see a way to the door. Analysing if there is any plausible way to open it gently, not letting him use more force than need be. His attention is alert to the sounds around, hoping no ambush is possible from his position.

| >>685579
>A few steps along the concrete floor and broken tiles of the room would be sufficient to make your way to the door. The door was barely standing upright, gently pushing it should be enough to open it.


| >>685778
> He tries to make the least sound stepping atop the broken tiles. The door was nudged; Six's eyes immediately adjust to what is behind, as his hand prepares for a stroke — or worse, he may have to ready his knife, for the excuse to come.

| >>686411
>You could see into the room of the second floor, which turns out to be the rest of the entire second floor, looking around, you couldn't see anyone from where you are currently.

| >>683112
>that would be exactly what blue is hoping for, perhaps the immediate directed blast will deafen the occupants and the resulting dust will blind them!
>armed with the knowledge of 2 more possible enemies not visible they blast the charge then preform a breaching maneuver
>tank in first taking anyone on the left
>blue second to take the right
>and medic last to take anyone straight in the center
>the military standard three man breach move

| >>686632
>The breach went smoothly, your group manage to take out all three of the occupants before they could react. Their bodies now laying on the floor where they once stand, their weapons still in their hands.
>You could hear a curse coming from upstairs, followed by a shout.

"What the hell was that!?"

>You could hear the noise of the breaching, followed by the same shouting behind the door to your left, outside of your view.

| >>686697
>marking tally thats 3 out of 4 that were spotted and 2 more unconfirmed in the area
>if his hunch is correct those two will come down to investigate and enter the room

>with a breif hand motion the team actually exits through the breached door and stacks on the wall again?
>then medic preps that unused 9 banger to throw in to ambush the guards coming down when they enter the room

| >>686703
"Hey, you guys good down there?"

>One voice shouted from the second floor.

"Jeff! Tom! Hey!"

>Another shouted.

| >>686411
>The conversation continues, although not loud enough for the guys downstairs, only you can hear this.

"Fucking hell, I think they are gone."

"Maybe we should run for the basement? Get more guys before coming back?"

"Hell no, those fuckers gotta pay."

"Ross! Come here, let's go wack some bitches, and you can test that new piece of yours."

>One guy shouted towards your location.

"Ross, you hear me? Come on!"


| >>686740
> Six steps back from his position. Instead, he stays beside the door. His eyes pry for any incoming figure, coming through behind the door. He gazes at his communication device, shrugging off the need to report at this time.

| >>686738
>putting his hand over his mouth blue makes a muffled yell and subsequent call for help, the muffling and distance hopefully fooling them into thinking its just what their friend sounds like from that distance
""Mmmmaaaaaa! Holy shit help there some druged out crackheads aa!
Mother fuckers downed tom and started humping the poor bastard! G-"
>then throws a spent shell on some nearby sheet metal or something
"-guhfuck down here and help! Cant risk shooting tom!

| >>687607
>After a while you hear a set of footsteps rushing down the stairs.

>After Cassius's little show, you hear the pair talk in hushed voice.

"Something isn't right, no way a crackhead make that explosion sound. This is a trap."

"You don't know that, crazy shit always happen here."

"Go then, I'll grab Ross."

>Only one guy rushes downstair, the other run over to your position.

| >>687626
> Hopefully catching the timing correctly, Six strikes the rifle hard, aiming to target the man's head and incapacitate him — or, at the very least, disable him — with no intents to completely end his life, yet.

| >>687640
>Your rifle strikes true, the thug gets knocked out cold without a single word out his mouth, his body softly thudded to the floor, the noise doesn't seem to atttact any attention from the thug that just went downstairs. The thug's gun — a fairly standard flat top AR with its KAC flip-up sights ready for use — also fall by his side.

| >>687657
> Six takes the gun, unloading its magazine and throwing away what is left of it. He analyses the man, making sure nothing of note is out of his sight or awareness.

| >>687660
>You unloaded the magazine from the gun and cleared its chamber. A bullet ejects out into some unseen corner of the balcony, you throw the rifle away with a clang or two as it hits the ground. Looking close you can make out a tip of a knife poking out from under his crafted rig.

| >>687661
> Six appraises the knife, taking it from the man, perhaps not intending to return it to its rightful owner.

| >>687668
>The knife itself looks decent, but really is nothing special or fancy. A nice, sturdy steel blade on an aluminum handle with some simple texturing for grip. You can't find the sheath for it anywhere on the thug, the knife itself is strapped to the back side of his improvised rig with a strip of cloth. The thug's body starts to stir as you pick up the knife.

| >>687677
> Eyeing the moving body, Six kicked at the man — not confirming anything, but still in lust for information. The knife he held was kept firmly in his hand; he is unwilling to let go of another armament.

| >>687678
>The thug let out a rough grunt as you kicks him.

"What the-"

>There's a shocked expression on his face as he tries to go for his rifle, but you already toss it a good few feet away.

| (I meant to add "he opens his eyes and look up.")

| >>687679
> Six stomps on the man's hand as he reaches for the rifle. His expression didn't respond in proper, staying flat to the occurrence.

"How was Ross? Was he a good man?"

> His voice comes to sound closer to a feminine, androgynous tone. There is a tinge of sarcasm, only audible to the perceptive audience.

| >>687626
>medic simply times the 9 banger toss to blast when they arrive allowing the rest to hopefully just waylay into them via Famas
>or ump45 in tank's case

| >>687689
>The man screams as you break his hand with the stomp.

"Who the fuck are you!?"

>The guy tries to pull his hand out, and fails. With his other hand he feel for his knife, only to realize the knife is also in your hand.

| >>687691
>Your team toss flashbang into the room, which surprises the single thug coming down. He immediately dropped the weapon and all of you shoot him until his body was on the ground. His gun also took a couple shot and doesn't seem to be operational anymore.

| >>687695
> Six flaunts the knife the man misses, occasionally performing one-handed tricks with it. He does so as he stows it on his pocket.

"Questions. Questions. People need to start asking what matters."

> He keeps the man's arm pinned, showing no tolerance for error to keep his entire body in check.

"First Ross, now you.. I'll repeat my question here. What is your rank in this place?"

| >>687701
"-rank? We have no rank here. Ugh. Let my arm go, you are crushing it!"

>The man screams in pain as you pushes his hand down even harder.

| >>687706

> Six's eyes squint, not listening to the pained scream.

"... Do you see this gun?"

> He brandishes Night Owl's rifle. An item surely the man should know.

"Where can I meet the owner of this.. piece? Because as it stands.. you are meddling my business with her."

| >>687720
"That's Ross new piece, the girl we took it from?"

>The guy says, eyeing the rifle.

"She's down in the holding cells, I expect."

| >>687757
"Good, you know your place. You have a mouth, and used it."

> Six releases his hold of the man. Unlike before, he is more forgiving — or perhaps, he is more wary.

"If you think this is a chance to run, take it. If not, I will tell you what happened to Ross."

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