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(Setting) G&K CafeBar /Re;Take/

| >Remaining in a small, easiy-to-miss alley, five minutes away from the Central District main street, for quite a while now is a G&K CafeBar. Small, warm, quiet haven with oldschool, 1960-th themed wooden furniture and yellow gas lamps.
>It is generally only known to a few chosen, but occasionaly a stranger finds their way inside.
>This cafe location has completely cemented itself inside of Springfield family members' minds, and remains their favorite meeting spot and safe heaven.

| >Being a relatively small cafe, it only features a couple of tables and a counter. Sleepy mafioso guard sits reading a huge holo-paper in the corner near the exit.
>Behind the counter stands a young woman in creamy white apron over chocolate sundress. Her waist long, chestnut color hair is tied up in twin tails, giving her a girly appearance. Soft smile on her face makes her deep, green eyes seem even deeper, diverting attention from the thin scar on her left temple.

| >A charming addition to the cafe interior, a young girl in waitress uniform is standung, ever stoic, by the entrance. Her bright red eyes shine in the hall's twilight, and shoulder blade length, fluffy blond hair is tied into a ponytail — a large lotus hairpin replacing her usual green ribbon.

| >Old musicbox near the bar counter is surprisingly quiet, silently mewling something nostalgic, but utterly incomprehensible.

| >It was... A slow evening, to say the least. The sole mafioso guard in the corner was pretty much the only guest, if he could be called such.

| > Maybe it was a ghost decision when the door opened, but a woman in a long, navy blue trench coat walks through the doorway, ever so slowly.

>Whilst the coat itself holds an official meaning, a sleeping soul drags eyes across the room to find a place to take part, deciding to sit at the counter.

| >Waitress girl was about to make a move to show the guest to a free table, but limited herself to a simple silent nod and a half-bow, aknowledging and welcoming the client — ultimately remaining by the entrance.

"Welcome to G&K," — >the bartender woman said, her voice soft and mellow,
— "what would you like?"

| >>669388

> A hollow and somber vocal returns a response, only matching a face deprived of rest that chokes without energy.

"I am rather new to this region. Could you so kindly give me something strong?"

"Matter of fact, make it numbing, so to speak. I'm having multiples- Auh, please."

| > The woman pitter-patters long, soft fingers on the counter.

| >>675289 >>675290
"Numbing, you say," — >mewled the bartender, closing her eyes with a sad smile while her hands shifted to turn on the teapot,
— "I don't recall your face, if you forgive me, so I assume this is the first time you're at G&K?"
>She stepped aside from the bar counter, opening the small locker just to the left of it — sound of flowing water immediately filling the room as her hands reached inside.

| — "We have a policy here, that we never serve more than two alcoholic drinks to a single customer per night." — >the bartender woman continued, couple barely audible snaps escaping from inside the locker,
— "Since this is a cafe first, after all~" — >she closed the locker and returned back to the counter, this time holding a tiny, still dripping water lily in her hands.

| — "so, how about this," — >the chestnut haired woman put the lily on a free empty plate and her eyes met the sleepy eyes of the woman in the coat,
— "I'll serve you something numbing first, but it would be numbing in a different meaning of the word~."

| >>675297

> The lady returns a look less empty, more or less surprised to the response, and freezing her motion. Shortly after, she gives a satisfied smile and resumes her fingers.

"My, I do apologize. Of course, I would greatly appreciate that."

| >>675576
"Great~" — >the bartender mused, disappearing below the counter and beginning to shuffle something around down there,
— "So, what is it you seem so blue about that you would try to drink it away?" — >Came her slightly muffled voice from the depth of whatever it was beneath the counter.

| >>675911

"Decisions, simple crossroads that... Well-"

> Her smile drops abruptly, quicker than it came, and shortly followed with her chin resting in her free hand.

"-I'm at a loss; whether or not I should try to get home, or make due here in this city."

>The woman keeps her gaze to the counter top, mentally admiring the finish and end design inbetween thoughts.

| >>676337
"Is that really that much of an issue?" — >the bartender murmured, clearly struggling to open something,
— "if you can still call your home 'your home', why would you not return to where you belong?"

| > A man fumbles with the door until he realises to push. His unkempt beard and coat with brown sewn-on elbow patches are juxtaposed by his polished shoes and bright face. He seems eager to shut the door behind himself.
"This is a cafe in more than name only, right?"

| >>677182

"You have a point."

> The woman peers over the counter to see the bartender; Only the arrival of the man sits her back down.

"It's the people there... I'm afraid I might not be welcomed back so kindly."


| >>677932

> Following him, a short girl walks in. She practically shoved him aside to make her beeline to the bar, her synthetic leather racing gear still warm. She knows this wasn’t at all polite but she didn’t care. Only one, make that two, things were on her mind. She finds a seat and lets loose

“Hey barkeep, can I get espresso and a big Sunshine Cloud? You can go heavy on the Karm”

> She stretches out, getting comfortable on her new perch



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