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(Setting) St. Miriam All Female High School

| >"-I have a few matters to discuss, regarding the upcoming events--"
>"Zay, Cynzia, do vu rememper Milly Markneith?"
>"President, please stay composed!"
>"...ᵢ'ₘ ₛₒᵣᵣᵧ... ₛₒᵣᵣᵧ..."
>"I chust vanted.. to help make zis place.. fun. Zis city is zo... cruel.."
Episode II
—————"Talks in the garden"—————

| >Many things can be said about Glitch City, most of them unpleasant. Hovewer, in the modern age of technological singularity, where progress outpaces the society's ability to adapt to it, there is one and one only system of education that due to some miracle keeps up the pace.

| >That is Glitch City Department of Education. And even amongst the many, surprisingly successful despite the constant chaos and destruction that reigns the city, educational organizations, like a beautiful jewel shines the Saint Miriam's All Female High School — a two kilometer square campus in the middle of Uptown.

| >Two large school buildings, a pool, a gym, a botanic garden and even a small park — St. Miriam All Female High School is one of if not the most prestigious school in the entire city. Your social standing, your money, your connection — none of it has any meaning within the school walls. Only one's merit, one's beauty and one's sharp mind will get you on the top here.

| >According to one of the most recent sociological studies, Uptown, of all the Glitch City's districts has been noted to have the highest amount of same-sex couples recorded. Whether this fact has any connection to the St. Miriam All Female High School's presence in the district is up to one's judgement — but looking at the school campus today one would simply has to agree, that among all the lilies diligently attending their classes right now, there is no way that love can't bloom.

| >One of those lilies, a frail looking 5'4" albino flower of a lady, with two large vermillion eyes radiating on her face, pale and lovely, surmounted by a waterfall of beige silky hair. Her indigo St. Miriam uniform was tastefully crafted and adjusted to signify the very standart of how a lady of St. Miriam's ought to be dressed. And it was only natural, for the doll-like lady being embraced by another girl on one of the benches in the school garden was Lily Liebesgarten —

| > — the St. Miriam All Female High School Student President. Many adored her, many envied her — but none could truly bring herself to hate the Student Council President, such was the charm of Lily Liebesgarten.

>The one embracing her was...

| > Not leaving a single thought, she presses her body against the President. Weak whimpers enticed her adrenaline — but her beating heart takes hold of no rhythm. She dissipated this in an earnest embrace.

"You are a hero, President..."

> Cynthia returned the feelings abound into the sentence.

"Don't let it get to you, okay? We.. have issues to handle, but it's for the sake of the students here."

| > The silver hair draping across her brushes until her chest. The indigo jacket itself smears what was once the President's emotions, and even now, Cynthia can still see the girl pouring out what the edges of this cup leaked.

> Her blue eyes, often mocked for their unfriendly, uncaring depth — and would so pierce the inattentive — is now seeing the very figure of her idolatry break into a human. A human, she can approach, and she does so to relieve of her own emotions.

| >Lily let out a tiny sob, completely resting herself on Cynthia — the weight of the girl essentially non-existent.
"Thank vu.. It's chust zo tough... To be zis... helpless." — >She pressed her head harder against Cynthia's chest, trying to run away from the memories assaulting her mind,

| — "It feels zee zame as it did vith mein mozer... Being unable to do hanyzing but... vatch her... vizer... avay..." — >the President's voice once again grew strained. Yet, this time the strain was not one born of the body.
— "I didn't know... I vas zis... veak..."

| "You are the most reliable person I know of. I'm.. sure everyone in the Student Council believes the same..."

> Enkindling this empty consolidation, she feverishly escapes her train of meandering by letting a point across. It's nothing she can do to help. After admiring, and admiring, she knew--

"Aren't we weak alone, President? This is why we hold hands. We-- we are both holding hands to make a bigger circle— and.. we rely on each and another.. like every students here—"

| >A movement, barely noticeable through the layers of Cinthia's clothing, occured on Lily's face.
"...thank vu." — >She whispered into the jacket as the other girl kept going.

| >>677186
> The visible smile wasn't wide. It was barely a smear on her face. Yet, this smile completes the radiant warmth. A feeling enveloping her and her wish for it to reach the President.

"... Please let me... us-- be shoulders you can lean on, President. When times are hard and when life forgets about you."



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