| [VisciousViper]: Yo, you guys heard what happened?
[XIII]:We did, yes?
[VisciousViper]: I still can't believe it, the old man was an idiot, sure, but he wouldnt fall for such a stupid sting
[Corvus]: Well you'd rather believe it, just saw him get brought into Barzul this morning, it wasn't some clone or some decoy, it was him.
[VisciousViper]: Shit dog...
[Corvus]: The peeps in Danchou's crew are thinking their spider was bought out, but then again he got arrested too.
[XIII]: Hear

| [VisciousViper]:Their spider was the lady with all the arms right? no way that bunraku loving scumbag would fall to helping the fuzz.
[XIII]:Hear, once again, the lady was odd? but not a snake?
[Corvus]: Just parroting, omae, I ain't the one making the assumptions here...
[User Mirror has accessed (11:21)]
[Mirror]: Sup y'all chummers, just came back from the lonestar stakeout
[XIII]: Henlo
[Corvus]: Chiisu'
[VisciousViper]: Heya Mir, just talking about the Dawn sting thingy

| [Mirror]: You mean the botch-job down in midnight? I hear the old man got sloppy Harr Harr!
[VisciousViper]: You know as much as me that it doesn't sound right, Weren't you under the old man too for a few years kyoudai?
[Mirror]: Yea, but age dulls you man, augs or not.
[Corvus]: That's a quote
[XIII]: Is it?
[VisciousViper]: So then you're just saying he slipped cause of old age?
[Mirror]: Yep, that and Smoke running off into the night.
[VisciousViper]: What?
[XIII]: ...

| [Corvus]: You mind explaining plox? the guys in Danchou's kai didn't say drek about this Mir
[Mirror]: Well of course they wouldn't, info ain't public, and the old man didnt speak about it, again, proof that old age softens the human parts of even a veteran runner, www
[VisciousViper]: So you're telling me their Street sammy ran off on them and the old man just shut up about it and still took the job?
[Mirror]: Nah, he ran off DURING the job chummy
[XIII]: Reason?
[Mirror]: Idk.

| [VisciousViper]: Drek omae... I told the old man that mask wearing bastard was a snitch, kuso!
[Mirror]: Softness omae, you'll get there too at 50 something
[Corvus]: I got no info on Smoke joining up with them tho?
[Mirror]: Yeah, well Lonestar knew, Jackson is getting that data to you as we chat.
[Corvus]: Lonestar did? weren't they just consultants in GC? Real shit?
[Mirror]: I wouldnt lie to you handsome.
[XIII]: Gross?
[Mirror]: that hurts Xir.
[XIII]: Keep hurting-?

| [Corvus]: So basically, you're telling me the Dawn took in a legendary Street Sammy and that while on the job he just skipped out and ran off into the night? why the fuck would a guy of Smoke's caliber do that in the first place?
[VisciousViper]: Because Maskies are easy to impersonate chummer! That's why you don't trust em' shit dog, you saw what happened with the fake justice wardrobe back in the day!
[XIII]: Hear.
[Corvus]: Except they did manage to get into the compound-

| [Corvus]: Which means their skills weren't as halfbaked as to be able to get imitated by some razorkid who got a forged mask and a saw blade oscillator.
[VisciousViper]: Fair, I guess, but luck is a thing chummer...
[Corvus]: Not on a run it aint.
[Mirror]: Well, if you wanna know the reason, either 1(one): Things went sour and he saved his own skin, 2(two): He was bought off by another rival group seeing as he would never be an agent and 3(three) He got injured and had to scram.

| [Corvus]: Injured? I mean, didnt the Dawn guys have a medicus in their squad? Skitter?
[Mirror]: One word omae: Falschen
[XIII]: Did they show up?
[Corvus]: Bullshit, wasn't it just Bunker and someone mistook the armor? hell might even be red mask if we're going to full Fringe territory.
[Mirror]: Just saying my thoughts, chummer
[VisciousViper]: Falschen's that vigi witht the powersuit right? aren't there like 25 powersuited vigies in this town anywho?
[XIII]: Unforseeable?

| [Mirror]: Hey, so what do you guys believe then, that Manbat raped him while he was holding guard?

| [XIII]: Maybe CN showed up and geeked em?
[Corvus]: That's painful to imagine, i'm laughing now, fuck you Xir.
[VisciousViper]: Sounds more legit, could of also been a super GCPD unit like those Observers we heard about, or Weisswind.
[XIII]: The return of pheonix corp makes sense?
[Corvus]: Now y'all are just trolling...
[Corvus]: Wait...
[Corvus]: We got a connection in here folks, didnt even notice, but this is being broadcast, DREK

| Hmm... -CN

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