Seeking equipments.

| Good day to you, the people of the Glitch City.

I'm Noel Pearce, and I'm representing the Syndicate of the Everlasting Night. We are a group of experienced military contractors that would soon be offering mamy kind of services to you, the people.

We will be offering firearms training and security counselling, as well as providing security to personel or location. We aim to offer these services to you, the people, and not the corporations and elitists.

| But before we can offer you these services, we would like to ask for a small favor. We are currently lacking individual equipments for our syndicate operatives; ballistic vests and helmets, radio equipments, firearms, among other things. We would like to procure these equipments before we can set up an effective force capable of carrying out tasks as intended.

| Anyone capable of manufacturing any of equipments mentioned above, we would be happy to buy them off your hands, for a good sum of money, of course.

If you have any questions related to us or our request, we would be happy to try and answer them.
-Noel Pearce

| Is it possible you- Er... The Syndicate of the Everlasting Night, could cover most of the transportation of some of your requests? If so, there's a small portion that can be covered.


| >>673746
If you could drop off the equipments in one of the locations you are comfortable with and sent us that location, we might be able gradually recover them ourselves. Would you mind if we check the quality of your equipment on offer?
-Noel Pearce

| -----------ONLY 589ยง-----------------
Selling High quality scaling equipment can be used for a multitude of surfaces
>>Glass vulcanized and silica
>>Steel and certain alloys
>>Concrete Weather guarantee
>>All rock surfaces (35% of rock types are not included in form)

- Solaris INC(tm)

| >>673761
While we don't doubt the quality control of your equipments. Our group currently have more pressing needs for more general purpose equipments needed for our tasking. We would definitely contact you in the future should the needs arise for your offer.
-Noel Pearce

| >>673757

Of course! I don't mind at all. Only reason I asked was because I'm the LMS from a fairly large crew, so... Moving it will take awhile, nevertheless I can have a location set up easily.


| >>673767
May I ask what kind of equipment do you offer?
-Noel Pearce

| >>673836

Of course! I can provide radio equipment and ballistic equipment.


| >>673907
Great then, if we could arrange some location where we can send over some of our people to test your goods, that would be ideal.
-Noel Pearce

| >>673982

Of course, sending now...



>.Loc_file[Desc: Isolated Industrial Factory, partway into the Flooded District.]

| >>673989
Perfect, we will send some people your way. If the testing went well, we will have a deal.
-Noel Pearce

| >>674013

Of course.


| I can offer firearms for your lads, if you are interested. I have a manufacture capability for quite a few small arms platform and attachments.

| >>674443
We would definitely be interested in taking a look at weapon systems you have to offer.
-Noel Pearce

| >>674884
Splendid, then, you can send some of your men to take a peek.
>[A Location File is posted]

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