weird symbol?

| I lost an estranged family member recently, and was asked by the executor of his will to help clean out this big ass storage container he'd rented and filled with a bunch of drek while he was alive. While I was sorting through it all, I found something that looked like a weird... paper roadmap? Not sure >>>where it's a map of, definitely not GC, maybe some place where the streets are organized on a grid system like Neo York?

| Can you send them here? -r386

| All the writing on it is in fucking chicken scratch, basically impossible to make out... not really helpful in figuring out what it's supposed to be. To make it even more confusing, there's a bunch of symbols on it I don't recognize. We're not talking the pattern for a merge or some stop or yield sign or anything, this is like... really foreign looking to me and not even vaguely familiar.

This is where I was hoping some of you chummers could lend me a hand.

| Thanks in advance to anybody who wants to help me make heads or tails of this shit.

Send what here?

| Can you upload an image of it or something? -CN

| >>672142 >>672147
... oh. THAT'S what you meant, my B. Give me a mo to draw it out, I'll warm you I'm no artist, though.

| >>672147 >>672142

Here's one of them. Looks like a roundabout to me? Not sure why there are lines through two of the exits...

| >>672157
Crude drawing aside, I support the idea of this belonging to a place outside GC. That is.. unless Uptown is more organized than what I remember. -r386

| https://imgur.com/a/QVBFdb2
This is the other one... I'm stumped. Are the branches rest stops or something?

At least we've got that established, then.

| >>672171
I asked an intel on my end. They looked bewildered and said the letters 'U', 'S', 'B'. I'm sure they were missing the point. -r386

| >>672173
"USB"... That's all they said? Maybe they were initials... but, whose?

| >>672178
*or, for what?

| >>672178
Three-letter initials are common in this board. Strange glyphs are even more common. My other intel says something about ancient technology, but she is not in the right mind either.

Keep an eye out for your back. -r386

| >>672182
... Fuck dude, I knew it was a shit idea to help empty this damn thing out... My family cut ties with him for a reason, but I never learned what that was and I never bothered asking since it seemed to make people uncomfortable.

How "ancient" are we talking?

| >>672185
"Older than all of us combined". Not.. really following her myself.

You should lay low for now. I will have the first map identified, but scratching intels have been rough on my end. Leave it to those NDSec bastards to keep life difficult. -r386

| Oh boy another strange happening!

Anyone feel like taking some bets?
Its either this leads to something and explodes somehow, or nothing happens at all

Im putting 100 zen on the latter

| I've tried digging into this myself but I've found nothing.
Have we considered that U, S, and B could be three people's initials instead of one?
Perhaps it's an ancient group of some kind or an old mega-corp.

| >>672898
So like, this kind of "branching paths" symbol could be something leading to each of their places of business or hideouts or whatever?

I wish this damn thing had a legend. Aren't maps supposed to have those? Unless you don't whatever's on them to be found easily I guess...

I'm thinking about asking some members of my family for info but at the same time I don't want to accidentally land myself in hot water...

Don't trouble yourself too much.


| >>672943
Don't bother worrying about me. I crave intels.

Not all maps have legends, if they are shared in a common circle. Makes it harder to read.

It's possible. It can be a shorthand for anything. Initials are less likely. I'm leaning towards group. -r386

| Maybe try asking subtly about the estranged family member in their younger days. Maybe they lived outside GC or frequented a specific city.

From there we might be able to align it with maps.

If this is as old as it sounds your family member likely didn't know USB themselves, maybe they were investigating too.

| >>672951
As long as it's not too much of a pain in the ass...

I'll try prying them out of them gently. Very gently. Lots of finesse and all that stuff. I'll look through the bin again for any other things that look like they go with this map too. I'll see if I can throw the whole thing here after.


| >>673050
If you are doing that, can I suggest never doing it in the open? We don't even know if this is plain paper or not.

Do you have any way to uncloak invisible ink? Maybe.. that will show the legends. Or additional paths. -r386

| If we find out what this place is I'm willing to venture out to see what's hidden there, dunno about anybody else.

I'm down for ab ancient treasure hunt

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