Business Venture

| Hey, LT's set up a little barter point in one the safehouse. Sellin' valuable information for money of course. Since LT's a bit "out of commission" she left the brokerage duties to me. Meet at the enclosed coordinates if your in the interest of knowing more than you should.

Coordinates: [DATA ENC

| Sorry about that, feed cut out. Connection here's a bit spotty on account of it being set up in "The Sticks".

Coordinates: [DATA ENCRYPTED]


| Info on who exactly? -CN

| Depends on the thing you wanna know about. We ain't a mega corp but we can get some pretty nitty gritty stuff on people, places, businesses, etc etc.


| >>671819
Got anything on VitaLife? -CN

| >>671822 Yeah I know a few things. If you can find me, let's meet up and see if we can strike a deal.

((You can contact me at @LoveTech#4719 on discord.))

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