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(News) Construction Dispute in Neon

| Some of Neon's more aged population probably still recall Old Theos with fond memories. Indeed, the old underground mall complex was once the largest and most modern of the whole district. However, the mall has now been standing derelict for over 30 years.

Until now; Yhule Logistics has recently bought the land from it's old owners, the Crimson Research Institute's Real Estate Office.

| Yhule has shown their new construction plan to city hall last week. A new set of office towers, meant to house businesses and revitalize the zone that was all but destroyed in the December Riots. Yhule is dreaming of a future where the old neighbourhood could rival even the fanciest corners of downtown.

If the plan goes ahead, construction is expected to end in around 5 months.

But the plans have begun drawing the ire of a very vocal group.

| Old Theos, in all it's derelict glory, is a host to a large community of homeless individuals, all of which have begun protesting Yhule's plans. They say that the corporation is only doing this to chase them into other zones, in order to corral and control the entire homeless population and hide their plight from the general public.

Yhule Logistics dismissed the complaints, and plans to go ahead with their plans no matter what. Refusing to even comment on the matter.

| We have interviewed some of the members of the Old Theos community, and in stark contrast to the corporation, they seemed more than eager to actually talk it out and settle the dispute like adults.

"We're not going to be selfish, they bought the land, and we're freeloading. But we'd like them to actually consider what this means for the thousand of people down here who can't live properly anywhere else." Said George, 34.

| We will keep you updated if the situation develops, but would also like to hear your opinion on the whole matter, not only of Old Theos, but of the plight of the homeless all throughout GC.

-Anzu Yaritaka, Correspondant for Basara News

| Mmm... this isnt the first time a corp has done something like this. -CN

| Hm. I was holding off on checking that part of town out, but if this is the case...

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